• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 109.5 - Knocking On Bughorse's Door

Author's Note:

an appetizer chapter, if only due to the fact the hurricane will be hitting very soon.

You and Twilight appeared in front of the rather quaint lair of Chrysalis. The exterior of the home you made for her looked like a very small but cozy cabin, minus the chimney.

“She lives here? Hmm…” Twilight began to look at the home as she gently placed her hoof on the door. “That’s nice of you to do this for her, Anon. I can see why she considers you a friend.”

“Trust me, Twilight, this is not something she’d consider when it comes to our friendship. It runs much deeper than that. The way me and Chrysalis work is just understanding one another, sharing a laugh together, doing something we both would like, even if it is something ponies wouldn't accept.” You explain to her, calming your mind. If this was going to happen, you’d also not have to take Chrysalis’s shit either. You begin to paw at your horn, ready to defend either Chrysalis or Twilight at a moment’s notice.

“So, like a regular friendship? I just don’t understand it then. If she is capable of being a good friend, then why? Why still be evil? Why would she purposely make herself lonely if she enjoys the company of others, like you and her children?” Twilight asked, unable to figure it out.

“Because she has ambitions, Twilight. They may be evil, but they are still hers. Hopefully, with this meeting, we might be able to fix that. But, Twilight, seriously. I need you NOT to go on some friendship monologue, tirade, or crusade, ok? Like seriously, don’t be too goody goody here. Just stay down to earth.” You explain, because dammit, you did not need Twilight going off on some spiel about goodness and niceness.

“Anon, I think I can handle it. I think I know enough about friendship to properly manage the situation, considering I am the princess of it.” Twilight said, feeling sure of herself.

“Yeah, well, you’re about to learn a whole new lesson in friendship when it comes to me and her. So again, just don’t be so righteous and we should be fine. Chrysalis is going to say a lot of things that are going to set you off. Just don’t let yourself get bothered by it and it should be fine.” Christ, it really is amazing that Diamond can handle the fucking situation better than Twilight can. “I’m going to knock on the door now, ok? Let me do the talking. Remember, she’s my friend, let me take the lead here.”

Twilight nods “Alright, I understand. This is to help her, I got that. It just seems so strange to me how different this seems already.”

“Yeah, well, Twilight, friendships come in all forms. Didn’t you realize that with my Dad and Aunt Fluttershy?” You ask her.

“I did, it’s just, Mnnnn… It just seems so weird even saying it, even after everything. You and her being friends, it still seems surreal.” Twilight replies before steadying herself, looking determined to make everything work. “But I can do this. You can count on me, Anon, I won’t let you down. We will make this work.”

Damn better, because this could go all kinds of wrong if a misstep is made. But, nothing would happen at all until the first actual step is done. So, you finally knock on the door, and make yourself known. “Chrysalis? Hey! It’s Anon again. Um, I know I’m here after I just saw you this morning, but I really think we should talk about the whole ‘evil scheme’ thing.”

“Ah, Anon, I have been expecting you, though not so soon. Are you alone? We could just spend some time watching another documentary instead. Or, perhaps, you could add a shower for me to use, luxurious in nature of course.” Chrysalis says from behind the door, seeming well natured and much more calm than she was when you ran into her with Diamond. A-and a shower? How could you forget that? E-especially… NO, ANON, NO!

“Actually, I brought a friend that I think you should really speak to.” You say

“Ah, now this is much sooner than I expected indeed. If my guess is correct, it should be Princess Twilight Sparkle, correct?” Chrysalis said, her tone becoming a little darker as she says Twilight’s name.

W-what?! You expected a sudden rage, an opening of the door with her scowling at the other end, something. B-but, she was expecting this? Was it a trap? You gulp, and grip your horn as you and Twilight look to each other silently, confused.

“That silence, you weren’t expecting that, were you? I did say you could tell the Princesses after all, so I knew that little snoop of a princess would want to investigate eventually, I just didn’t expect it this soon, didn’t even have time to prepare myself for the little negotiation we’re about to have. If you’re expecting any kind of trap, don’t, I’m not foolish enough to try anything against you and an alicorn.” Chrysalis says with a very low chuckle.

Well, that wasn’t exactly true when it came to Twilight snooping, and you just didn’t want to go and say…

“Actually, this was my assistant’s suggestion. And I’m glad we listened to him. Chrysalis, I would love to have a negotiation with you. I think it’ll be the start of a new friendship between us.” Twilight said, cheerfully and proudly before looking to you with a wink and whispering. “How was that?”

Oh god, this will not go well. You didn’t even know what to say to that, and neither did Chrysalis it seemed, as she said nothing nor did she go and unlock her door. You gulp, whisper to Twilight that it was ‘fine’ despite it not being that, and then call out to Chrysalis. “Chrysalis? You alright? Are you going to let us in?”

“Y-yes, I just suddenly felt ill. I’ll just… Get the door.” She said, her dominating mood suddenly extinguished by Twilight’s friendly nature.

“Ill? Chrysalis, if you nee-” Twilight tried to be just a little more friendly up until the door opened, Chrysalis staring at her with a less than pleased stare.

“I’d appreciate it if you stopped caring about my well being and step inside” Chrysalis said as she turned around, mumbling to herself. “Tch, her assistant she says. There’s no way that’s right, if it was, then I’m a flower loving filly.” However, she also didn’t realize she was still quite audible. That was pretty cute, actually, being flustered that her prediction was wrong. Hopefully though, this doesn’t explode in your face. Because the air right now was all kinds of off.

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