• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 79 - Four's Final Moments

Upon stepping out of the front doors of the castle, you stand tall as you take a deep breath, more than ecstatic that everything went so well. “Fuck… I can’t believe that actually went well.”

“Was there any doubt? Twilight isn’t too unreasonable a pony, she’s just very neurotic at times. Either way though, I’m glad I was able to lend my assistance to you and make sure this all went smoothly. Now, if you excuse me, I need to go somewhere and rest my eyes for a little while.” Discord states as he takes a stretch, exerting himself a little too much as you hear a few snaps in his bones.

Man, as you looked at him, you noticed parts of his body were starting to crack, revealing a more withered body within. You were sure now that this wasn’t truly Discord, but one of his clones. And since Five can’t talk… “I know it’s you, Four.”

Discord, or rather, Four only looks mildly surprised as he snaps his talons at the fact he was discovered. “Aha, seems you truly are more perceptive than you appear. Well done, Anon, I do hope this doesn’t make you think less of my originator. By which I mean that’d I’d come to help rather than him.”

“More like I’m wondering why you’re here at all. I thought you were spending your final moments with Scootaloo. Why did you come to help me?” You ask, appreciative, and yet curious as to why he was here.

“To make things brief, Five didn’t last too long after his rousing loss. He gave his goodbyes in the form of hugs and a trophy to Babs and her team. While this was going on, I too could feel myself fade from the scene. And as I fade, I could feel that our originator was feeling… Doubtful, and even worried, that you may not be able to achieve your goal. As bad as I feel about it, I made my own early goodbyes to young Scootaloo and her friends. It shatters my heart, as she truly wished for me to stay… And I even would if I truly could… But I digress. I came because our originator wouldn’t, simply because he was too afraid of overextending himself. He truly does have trouble resisting teasing Princess Twilight.” Four explains as his body continues to deteriorate.

Wut? “So you put off Scootaloo to come help me out? I…” You could say you didn’t need his help, you did feel you had some sort of handle on it. But what if you didn’t? Ngh, the way you yelled at him when he even appeared told you your temper was running high, and that maybe you’d have had a screaming match with Twilight had you made a misstep. “Mnnn, but why would you come help me on Discord’s behalf? I don’t think he really cared about me succeeding when compared to Twilight having a spaz.”

“He likes the latter to be sure, but it seems you once again forget that Discord does care about you and will help you when you need it.” Four says as he begins to flick off a few pieces of his ever peeling body.

“I didn’t forget, I just don’t think he does it as often as everypony thinks. Or at least would really want to help me over teasing Twilight.” You really don’t think Discord could resist that.

“Suri, Spoiled, your horn, allowing Chrysalis in his home when she overstayed her welcome, bringing you here, feeding you, and MOSTLY respecting your privacy despite his urges to pry. He even let you give the Storm King his punishment despite a rage most furious for what he had done to you and nearly did to Fluttershy.” Four explained to you, making his point. “He truly did well hiding his anger on that one. Finding out how badly he hurt you? Oh yes, he was willing to do things that would surprise even you. He thinks your punishment you gave him truly isn’t good enough, but he let you have it anyway, simply because he likes you that much.”

Did he really? Ugh, thinking about it now, when Discord isn’t being an ass then he’s actually being helpful. Hell, if it wasn’t for him, you’d have died during the final part of that test. He truly was as helpful as he was a fucktard. “Huh… And you came to just help me out because he was worried he’d foul it up? Really?”

Four nods “That’s right, just as I said.”

Ogh, now you started to feel really bad. So did Four have the helpful parts of Discord without being an asshole? Does it truly mean Discord himself is actually always there? Even without him here at this moment, it actually felt like he himself was putting himself out there for you by proxy. Hmm, maybe you shouldn’t give him a hard time about Ogres and Oubliettes. You could do him the favor of enjoying the night with him if this truly was the case. Ngh, really, do you even show him the same courtesy he seems to show you? Sometimes, but probably not nearly enough. “I see… Umm, Four. Um, thanks for the help, I really mean it. But how long do you have now?”

“A few moments, I’d wager. Without wasting anymore time, I’d just like to say that it was a pleasure to exist, to know you and young Scootaloo, the rest of your friends, and learn to enjoy a simple game of Go Fish.” Four began to turn ethereal as he outstretched his talons to you for a hoofshake. “And so, farewell Anon, try not to give our originator a hard time, alright?”

“Yeah, thankOOMPH” As soon as you touch his talons, you are blasted with a cloud of flour, turning your entire body white, causing you to cough and sputter. “What in the?! What just happened?!”

Four let out a tiny chuckle. “A little amusing, I can see why he enjoys teasing you as much as he does. Farewell, Anon, take care of yourself and young Diamond, as well as your family and friends.” And with that, Four exploded into blue sparks, his very existence returning to Discord, wherever he may be.

You wipe your nose some before exhaling to remove some of the powder irritating your nose. You then look into the vanishing light with a downhearted expression. “Yeah, seeya. I promise, I won’t let them down and-”

“G-G-HOST! AIIIEEE” Yelled a mysterious pony from behind, startling you enough to cause you to jump up and then fall on your face.

What in the? When you turn around, you notice a blonde mane, darkish pink pony with a flower in her hair. Lily, you remember her name being, and she was in the middle of falling over.

Christ, how the fuck could she not see you were just covered in flour?! Would have saved you a slammed jaw. Where in the fuck did she come from anyway? It was like her entire life was to just fall over from fright. Or maybe she just has multiple heart attacks. Who knows?

You also didn’t have much to do until nightfall. You could find Lyra and Bonbon and find out what they went off to do, but you didn’t. You returned home instead, to reflect and rest yourself after such a stressful yet successful day. You took the time to look around your room, and how cozy and restful it actually was, down to the enchanted and cuddly warm bed. A portal door, able to take you to any important place within Equestria, or places it has on it’s dial anyway. You reach into your saddlebag and take out the locket with you and Chrysalis… Or, you thought you had it. It’s not there, did you drop it? Or did Chrysalis… Hmmm. Heh, Diamond didn’t even really talk about the locket you gave her during the wedding. Then again, she seemed content just hanging out with the real deal.

Yeah, Four was right, you owe a lot to what you have to Discord. Hell, if you wanted to put it in a perverse human way, his shit that got you with Diamond guarantees you future pony pussy, so there’s that too. Really, the only thing that made you feel worried and uncomfortable at this point was the thing that was missing when you decided to raise your blinds. The X-Captain was still gone instead of being in his usual spot. Was he planning something? Or did he somehow get lost? You’d have to investigate it when you have unlimited magical power. For now, you had to get it out of your mind.

You could spend your time playing your arcade game and try to beat Big Mac’s record, but that didn’t seem fun to you at this point. No, you’d resist the urge to play any game and just relax and ponder, and let time pass until it was time to return to Twilight’s castle for an O&O session. Hell, you could even take a nap. But to not risk ruining your sleep schedule, you opt not to. Man, now you know why all that meditation training was so tough for monks and crap. Doing nothing was very tough and super boring. Still, you had a lot to be positive about. You had Twilight’s ok, Fluttershy’s ok… Hell, pretty much everyone’s 'ok' at this point. Damn, Anon, today really has gone well for you. You really wish Four could have stuck around a little more, you both could have probably had an interesting talk about Discord himself. But ah well, things will be fine either way. Just relax, Anon, and be fair to Discord. You were sure tonight would go as smoothly as the day.

As your alarm clock reached seven, you decided to hop out of bed and go to Diamond’s manor. An easy enough walk to be sure. Grabbing your saddlebag, you use your portal door to appear near town hall. As usual, the sky was blanketed in a beautiful sea of stars, a sight you always tend to enjoy.

The thing was, as you began to near the front gates of her home, you began to feel a creepy suspicious feeling of being watched. “Hrn?” Nothing past the gates, nothing above you, the road is clear, and the nearby shrubbery… Huh? You go to investigate the bushes, noticing them tremble as you grew near. And upon spreading the leaves apart, you notice a pair of adorable blue eyes looking back at you. “Diamond? What are you doing?”

“Ugh…” Diamond Tiara stepped out of the bushes, brushing herself to remove any sticky leaves, and obviously frustrated she was caught. “So much for being the stealthy Moonlight Garnet.” She pulls out a sheet of paper, and gives it a look over “And I thought I had everything well planned out too. I think I filled this character sheet out properly, but I just can’t tell.”

Wut? A character sheet? She actually got one of those? “Diamond, you have a character sheet for O&O? When did you get one of those? Why’d you spy on me like that?”

“I could have just th- huh?” You break Diamond out of her frustrated train of thought, only for her to realize that she must have looked so foolish getting angry about being found in a bush. she shook her head to and fro to shake off any agitation she might still have, then looked away from you, sounding rather self important. “Oh, well, all of those questions are easy to answer. I told Silver Spoon about it and we were both able to hunt down a rulebook of the game, along with character sheets, at the local hobby shop. We didn’t read all the rules of course, no way we could get that done in a day, but we totally made characters for ourselves and started practicing. Of course though, as soon as Silver Spoon learned who else we’d be playing with, she suddenly had to go. Egh, Daddy Discord isn’t even a bad guy, he’s just...Um, well… I don’t have a word for it, but he’s that. So, figuring you’d come get me soon, I hid in the bushes for a whole hour, ready to pounce on you like a stealthy thief. I think I did it right, but your barbarian senses must have found me out. Hmph, in other words, you got lucky.”

Ha! What the hell was this? This was as adorable as it was funny. Hell, she looked so cute, being flustered like that. And the fact she had the locket on? Oh it made it complete. Although, as you giggled, she started to frown before puffing her cheeks in anger. “Anon! It’s not funny! I tried really hard to be like how I imagine my character… I mean, I at least had you fooled for a little bit, right? I saw you looking around for me before you found me.” Her anger began to subside to a yearning of validation, to know she at least did some good for her character. Hell, you didn’t expect her to get that into it. But you guessed if she thinks you love it so much, then she felt that enthused to get into it herself.

“Oh, um, yeah, it’s just my senses, that’s all. But we’re not even playing the game right now, so you could call it my hero senses. Trust me, anypony else wouldn’t have spotted you at all.” You say in a way to bring back her spirits.

“Oh, yeah! You’re right about that… Um, Hmph!” Diamond once again raises her head, smirking arrogantly as she brushes back her mane. “Indeed, I forgot that your hero skills are super beyond amazing. As your partner, I naturally have amazing abilities too, the kind only you could see within me.” Oh god, she was trying to sound heroic while being arrogant at the same time. Your heart couldn’t take it, it was so damn cute.

“Yeah, I totally agree.” You walk up to her and give her a smooch on the cheek “You ready to go? We’re playing at Twilight’s castle after all, so it's a bit of a walk from here”

“Hnnn!” Diamond’s ears and coat perked up at that kiss, causing her to blush deep as she immediately went up to nuzzle her head under yours. “I totall- OH WAIT!” She raises her head in surprise, nearly forgetting about what happened earlier. “How did it go with Princess Twilight? Did she go with it? Is she willing to help?”

You nod to her, giving her a reassuring smile. “She did. Yeeeep, really didn’t have any problems too. Heh, gotta thank you though, you going right in really helped break the ice.”

Diamond blushes, and waved her hoof at you dismissively “I only said a few things. Though, I really was scared she was going to be against it, against you even. Was she really that stressed about her school? Does Chrysalis really scare her that much?”

“Oh… Um, yeah, it’s kinda both those things. Like I said, there’s a history there.” You answer.

“Oh. Well I really do hope everything works out. When Chrysalis becomes good like us, it’ll be super awesome to hang with her.” Suddenly, Diamond giggles as she looks at you with a sly look “Maybe she could tell me things about you even you don’t know about yourself. Maybe I could do something with that kind of information.”

Oh, you almost broke into a sweat on those words. Both from fear and curiosity. Sure, she didn’t mean anything lewd, maybe. But whatever it was, it could still be fun… Or not. “Haha, um… Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna be anything super informative. B-but if it is, well… I… Hmmm.” Best not to tell her what you’re thinking, don’t want her to learn about anything super lewd.

“Acting shy? Hm, maybe there are a few secrets you’re not willing to tell me too. I know about those kinds of secrets. We fillies call it ‘colt’ secrets, the kinds all the boys only share with each other. Well, I’ll know what those secrets are…” Then Diamond snickered joyously “Then I can tell all the other girls. Then we’ll all know. Meaning we’ll know all the secrets of the boys, but you won’t know any of the secrets of the girls. How absolutely scandalous.”

Yeah, not what you were expecting. Although, if you were a little more deprived of morals, you’d show her a real ‘colt’ secret. “Y-yeah, well… For now, those secrets stay safe with us colts.”

“And our secrets stay with us fillies. And I can respect that.” Then Diamond leans close so she can whisper in your ear. “But I’ll eventually find out anyway. But I really wanna get to playing right now, so let’s just go have an adventure.”

Haha… God, why can’t you just consummate the crap out of her?

With that, you both head on towards Twilight’s castle. Along the way, you asked if you could look over her character sheet. But Diamond was being coy about it, not wanting you to know anything more about her character until she actually becomes said character. A tease to be sure, but man, you knew to expect an Alicorn as soon as the game starts.

You both arrive at the front doors of the castle. Again, it wasn’t locked, so entry was easy. And upon stepping into the Cutie Map room once more, there sat Spike on Twilight’s seat, looking over some of the paper pieces of the game while making sure whatever sheets he was looking at looked correct. Oh yeah, he was ready to go. But where was Discord?

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