• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 51 - The Truth!

And so, there you both stood, in your room, ready to descend the gravity stairs to tell the truth of what happened with Chrysalis to a little foal who may not understand. Discord looked down at you, showing a fatherly expression on his usually smug face as he gave you a head pat. “Are you ready to face your destiny, Anon?”

Those words, it felt a little too over dramatic and annoying to you. “Do you have to say it like that? You make it feel like it’s the last thing I’ll ever do”

Discord shrugs, obviously not understanding what you meant. “What? Destiny doesn’t mean the end, it’s simply a course of events that usually lead to a foretold path.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. You’re really gonna help me with this though, right?” You ask him, wanting to make sure he was going to keep his word. “No poofing away?”

“Yes, Anon, Yes!” Discord groans as he throws his arms up in the air in frustration “You and Starlight made it very clear how important this is. I may like to toy with you from time to time, but I understand the gravity…” Discord flattens into the ground at a quick pace, becoming a puddle “Of the situation. You can count on me” He says as he reverts back to his usual self.

“Yeah…” You say, partly to yourself, as a thought clicks in your head. “Y’know, Discord. I’m gonna be serious with you this time. Why don’t you marry Fluttershy?”

“Oh… This again.” Discord says with a groan, annoyed by the question “Must we do this now? You already know Fluttershy and I are friends. Friends who enjoy tea together. Friends who will have a picnic together every now and again…”

“Friends that if she was in danger and you knew, you’d probably raise hell just to get her back safe and sound.” You add to his list, not even smugly, but rather seriously in tone.

“Friends that if she was in danger and I knew, I’d probab… Hold on.” Discord stops, taps the air a little bit, then realizes what you were leading him into. He then begins to wiggle his talon at you dismissively “Anon, no, just no.”

“Even though you WOULD do that?” Now you begin to get a little brave and cocky as you look at him with a smirk.

“Mnnngh.” Discord crossed his arms at you, and grit his teeth as he spoke “You know I would.”

“Then? You obviously love her.” C’mon Discord, why did he have to be so stubborn?

“Noooo, I am obviously her best friend is what you mean. Higher than Twilight even, if I do say so myself.” Discord says, arms still crossed, nodding his head in assurance.

“Discord, think about it. If you married her, then you could live with her and everyone else wouldn’t be able to say shit about it. Every night, she’d be there waiting for you, ready to cuddle with you and massage your head to help you sleep. And besides, I wouldn’t mind having a little sister or brother. It would be pretty cool to teach a younger version of you and Fluttershy a few human tricks.” Yeah, that actually sounded pretty alright.

Discord took a deep breath, put his paw and talons together, brought them to his forehead, then pointed at you with a serious look. “One, Fluttershy can cuddle with me just fine. Two, I don’t care what her friends think-” But you cut him off right there.

“Right, that’s why you didn’t bring me here in the first place, right? Because you didn’t care what others thought? What her friends think? I mean, we did harass Twilight about it.” You remind him

He takes another deep breath, and starts to growl as he speaks “Three, producing a child would require acts I’d rather not think about. And four, I’m fine with just one child. That child being you, Anon, my son.”

Fine with one child? You? Ergh, you had to put a hoof to your chest. Sure, he’s said this many times before. But for him to put you over what would essentially be his child by blood, it stunned you there for a moment. “You mean, I’m good enough to be considered, like, your birth son?”

“Yes, Anon” Discord calms himself, and puts his paw on your shoulder as he leans down to look at you “You are. You are an expert at chaos, you treat Fluttershy with as much respect as I would, you treat Twilight with as much respect as I would, and most of all…” He then gives you a cheeky grin “You really are a child, always whining about something, so what else could I consider you?”

Ugh, you walked right into that one. Still, that was a really nice thought. You let out a light hearted chuckle as you nudge your leg into him. “Alright, alright, fine, I’ll drop it. So, um, we should probably go down now before she gets antsy about us”

“Indeed” Discord says as he begins to slither through the open door, downwards towards the living room. “Allow me to go first, I think it’ll soften the blow when she starts inevitably jumping to conclusions.”

“After you, dad” You say, with a polite bow, as you follow down after him.

As Discord and you entered the living room, Diamond Tiara stood at the ready, flustered, with her patience strong but wearing thin. Silver Spoon was… Wait, where was she?

“Where did you two go?” Diamond asked, looking sour that she was just left there without much of a word. “I want to know. Something fishy is going on now, and I want to know what it is.”

Discord stops, and bows to her apologetically “I’m sorry, my dear, I was just making sure everything was just right for what Anon and I are about to tell you. As for the fish part, well, I do have a failed aquarium somewhere in this house if you’d like to see it.”

That’s when you noticed it, the large popcorn bowl started to shake as if frightened by Discord’s words. That was probably where Silver Spoon was hiding. “Diamond, ummm. Is Silver Spoon in there?” You point to the popcorn bowl, and await her answer.

“Yes, now tell me what’s going on.” Diamond said, as her patience began to waver even further.

“Diamond!” Silver Spoon popped her head out, startled and angry that she had been called out. “W-why would you t-t-tell them where I am!? That film box thing, it wants to eat me, I know it! That’s why it went running around the house!”

The fuck? Actually, when you looked around, you did notice the TV was missing. Then Discord himself began to chuckle as he put a paw to his cheek and shook his head. “Oh, oh, my my my. You really can’t sit foals in front of the television these days. I’m guessing it saw her as a rich pony and tried to sell her something in earnest.”

Diamond nodded “Mhmm, it tried to sell us both something, actually. Something about sets of boxes and,like, ten seasons. Pretty sure we only have four so I don’t know what it was talking about. Then when Silver hid, it started running around looking for her, and now it’s just gone. I have no idea where it went.”

“Diamond! Shhhh!” Silver Spoon ducked her head, shaking as she darted her eyes about “It’ll hear you.”

If the situation wasn’t as touchy as it was, you’d laugh. But at this point, Silver was just being annoying and a detriment to the situation. “Silver, do you just want to go home?” You ask her.

“Y-Yes! D-Diamond, C-can I go home, please? T-this really has nothing to do with me, right? Right?” Silver looked to her friend with big frightened eyes as tears slowly began to flow from them.

Diamond could see it too, her friend was simply too afraid to take the insanity of the house any further. Although, to you, everything that has happened has really been rather standard and mundane. Diamond nods, then looks to Discord. “Can you send her home, please?”

Discord nods, and doesn’t hesitate to snap her away. You’d think he’d do one last thing to terrorize her, but it seemed he really was going to take this seriously. “Your wish is my command.”

And with that, Diamond planted her butt on the ground, and looked to the both of you with a demanding stare. “So is anypony going to tell me what’s going on? Why is everypony is being so secretive?”

You take a moment to compose yourself. Here you go, Anon, about to tell her something that might shatter her. But before you could say anything, Discord steps forward, and holds his paw towards you to keep you from stepping forward, as he really did mean to start this first. “Again, my apologies, but the story you’re about to hear will be quite a doozy. So…” Discord points to Diamond, lifting her up gently with his magic as she lets out a small 'eep'. He places her slowly on the couch, right on top of a pillow. She didn’t seem startled for long as she quickly made herself comfortable, laid on her belly, and continued her stare. “There we are, comfy?”

Diamond just narrows her eyes at him, and says in an inquisitive tone “Stop stalling, or are you trying to hide something from me?”

“Oooh, things have gotten rather serious, haven’t they? Then again, I suppose I would be acting the same way if things suddenly seemed so mysterious and ominous. Well, Diamond, what do you think about Queen Chrysalis?” Discord asked

“Queen Chrysalis? I thought this was about Luna.” Diamond, said, confused as to what Discord could have meant by that.

“Ahh, we’ll get to that eventually. But this is much more important. So again, what do you think of her?” Discord asks, taking things more seriously than you anticipated.

“Easy, she tricked everypony, including Anon, and tried to take over Equestria. But that King Thorax guy managed to make all the changelings good with what he learned from the princesses. Then Queen Chrysalis somehow escaped… Wait” Diamond came to a realization “Do you guys know where she is? If you do, you have to let me know! I want to give her a piece of my mind! Using Anon like that? Using me? And everypony else too! That’s just despicable!”

You look to Discord, wondering if you should speak. But he just holds a single talon to you, and prepares his next set of words. “Well, your attitude on that might change when I tell you there was a little more to it than that. Furthermore, that you have no reason to get angry at Anon at all about it, as it was my decision that caused all of it to happen in the first place.”

“Cause all of what? And what do you mean get mad at Anon? Why would I get mad at Anon? Even I was fooled when she was acting like his sister, so I could see how he’d get fooled too. D-daddy Discord, why are you even blaming yourself? Is that the secret? That you blamed yourself for everything that happened? Because I can tell you, that is totally not true!” Diamond said, shocked that Discord himself would blame himself for something, that she felt, was out of his control. Even she knew how manipulative and evil Chrysalis could be. Well, from what she had been told and what she felt anyway.

“Diamond, it’s a little more than that.” You finally take your chance to take the lead, and decide to just start with one of the biggest bombs of the conversation. “I knew Chrysalis way before she showed up as my sister, I was living with her before that.”

“WHAT?!” Diamond said, shocked and even appalled by your words. “You knew her before she was your sister?! What’s that supposed to mean?! Wait…” Diamond’s expression became venomous, soul piercing, and full of anger. Hell, it almost felt she could eat your damn soul with the way she was growling. “You didn’t fall for that hussie, did you?!”

“What?! No! Never! That’s not what happened! I didn’t fall for her, not even once!” Well, you did, but it wasn’t that kind of relationship! “Diamond, I tried to help her! Geh! “ Wait that sounds even worse! “I mean, Help, as in, reform her! Like how Aunt Fluttershy helped reform my Dad!”

“It’s true.” Discord said with a calm shrug “Don’t get mad at him, little Diamond, I did force the both of them to be roomies of a sort for my own personal amusement. And then things changed, odd friendships were formed, worlds were saved, and things were actually more pleasant than one would think. We even got a demented mutant pet out of it, but that is neither here nor there.”

“B-but… Why, how, when?” Diamond went from angry, to hurt. To know you were friends with such a vile creature, to have even maybe colluded with her, all behind her back. She didn’t know what to think. “She’s like, the most evil thing in Equestria. Why would Anon ever try to help her? Even her hive hates her. So why?”

“Diamond, things aren’t so black and white when it comes to all that. Look, relax, please? Let us tell you everything, from the beginning to the now, and then hopefully you’ll understand.” And so, began one of the hardest moments you had in this world. Explaining to a very volatile foal your relationship with an evil tyrannical queen. You and Discord took turns explaining to her nearly every detail that was pertinent and safe for her ears about what went on between you and Chrysalis. Discord even called back the TV to show visual representations, all acted out by alternate versions of himself, of what you and Chrysalis would do together. You both answered all of Diamond’s questions the best you could, and kept her calm on any moment that sounded more shady than it ever had any right to be. Hell, Discord even got the bright idea to have most of what happened in the other Equestria played out through the television, still acted out by other Discords. But even with that performance played out by silly looking Draconequus, one moment stook out to Diamond that pierced her heart. A moment she had to ask about after it was all over. “W-was that supposed to be Daddy? The guy in that car thing? S-so, he really did lose me and mother? T-that’s not an act?”

“Yeah, I know I mentioned it to you before. But this is how it really went down. Even I don’t know what’s happened to him now. But I’m pretty sure he has to be ok. Thanks to me and Chrysalis, and everypony that helped out.” You explain to her, and notice she was starting to get it. She looked sad, but she looked like she was beginning to understand as she just stood there, thinking.

“Hmmm, mnnnn…” Diamond murmured to herself before looking upon the two of you again. “Keep going. B-because it sounds like she was just having trouble being good because she was just used to being evil so much. B-but then, why would she pretend to be your sister? And why would she still want to rule Equestria after helping save one? And that other Chrysalis, she didn’t seem so bad… so erm… Erm… I-I dunno what else to think about, it’s all so confusing.” She really didn’t seem to know what to think about everything she has heard thus far.

“Relax, my dear, relax.” Discord slowly approached her, and began to gently massage behind her ear. You notice Diamond ease her head into his scratching talons slowly, but then went back to a depressive slump as her thoughts began to trouble her once more. “Now then, as to the whole sister fiasco. Well, that would also be my fault…” And again, the explanations continued. This time going into Chrysalis’s goals, how she also saved your life from the X-Captain, and even the fact she actually had a form of respect for you and Diamond’s relationship. Even the fact, that in some way, you really did see her as a sister, and that it hurt you that you couldn’t do more for her and help her see that being evil was a pointless endeavor at that point. The more the both of you spoke, the more Diamond seemed to calm down, nodding along with all your words.

Then finally, it came to an end. “And that’s what happened. So erm, if you have any questions… Y’know…” You were nervous at this point. She was calm, her eyes somewhat watery from the sadder moments, but still she was calm, and most likely processing everything Discord and you told her. “I-I mean, if you’re angry with me, I’m sorry but… mnnn” You hang your head in shame, you really should have told her, given the fact that in the end, she was going to be the one you would marry.

“As I said, you shouldn’t be angry at him. Not all beings that were and are still evil are as refined as I am. It was simply too much for either of us to handle. As much as I hate to admit it, even my charms failed to win her over.” Discord says, trying to act rather humbly as he speaks in your defense.

“I’m actually not angry.” Diamond said, plainly, calm, and collected.

“What?!” Both you and Discord said in unison “You’re not?!”

“No, why would I? You both explained it pretty good. Daddy Discord, you went and pulled a bad trick on Anon because you don’t know any better.” And then Diamond looked to you, as her eyes became ever sharper, a venomous glare that made you take a step back “And the only dumb thing Anon did was not even tell me that I let one of the evilest evil bad guys into my house.” Diamond then hopped off the couch as she stepped towards you, her eyes never leaving your own “Nope, I’m not mad at all about any of it. I’m not even mad at Queen Chrysalis, since it looked like she really was trying to be good in some ways, which I’ll get to in a second. No, the one thing I’m mad about is…” Suddenly her glare becomes fiery as she gives you a heavy slap on the cheek “THE FACT YOU DIDN’T LET ME HELP, YOU DUMBY!”

You nearly fell to your side on that one. Damn, she hits hard when she’s angry, you had trouble re-orienting yourself from that.


Both you and Discord were silent. Holy shit, she was on a tirade. And what did she mean she could have escaped at anytime? Chrysalis herself said she couldn’t, so how could Diamond just say that? “I mean… Erm, like we said. She was pretty much stuck, and we could track her movements.”

Diamond then angrily points at Discord “Except I know that he doesn’t like to do actual work most of the time, and you weren’t checking that map twenty four seven! If she really wanted to leave, then she could have just convinced some wagon pulled by some strong stallions to take her where she needed to go, with some sob story as to WHY she needed to go there! Uggggh! How could you have not thought of that?!” Diamond groaned angrily as she brought her hoof to her forehead “Boys, I swear, sometimes they can be so dumb! She taught you to dance, Anon, TO DANCE! WITH ME! SHE WAS ACTUALLY TRYING! I COULD HAVE TALKED TO HER!” She growled at you, stomping up to you again as she pointed directly at your face “SHE REALLY WAS PLAYING A GAME WITH YOU! GIRLS DO IT ALL THE TIME! HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THAT?!”

You shifted your eyes left and right, shaking and sweating, and just shrugged.

“Ugh, I just can’t believe anypony didn't tell me. I know even the princesses wanted it to be a secret, but come on! I mean, they totally aren’t innocent either. Ok, maybe the changelings becoming good was a good thing, but Queen Chrysalis could have probably become good too with a little more time AND WITH MY HELP! Anon, just... “ She gives you a lighter slap this time, as she begins to wind-down, and start to sniffle and cry, until finally hugging onto you, weak “You could have told me, she didn’t seem so bad, she kind of felt like a real sister to me too…”

You just gently nuzzle onto her, letting her rest on your side. You had no idea she felt that way, nor had you ever considered Chrysalis truly had a chance to escape her confinement. Was she just blind to it? Or was she just trying to find a reason to stay a captive. If Diamond really felt this way, you really should have said something. But really, how could you have known she would have been this ok with it? “I’m sorry, Diamond. I didn’t really know what to do either, y’know? I had a lot of pressure on me, I didn’t even want the Crusaders to find out either, it just sort of happened.”

“I know, I just wish I had known. I guess I kind of cared about her too, even if she was just acting as your sister. I-I mean, if I’m wrong, then she really does need to be imprisoned. But you don’t think she’s one hundred percent bad, do you? Do you think she could still be reformed? You said she tried to save you during the test, that’s a good sign, right?” She asks as she continues to nuzzle onto you, now hugging onto you to support herself.

“Yeah, I think there’s still a chance. I really didn’t expect you to care this much either, Diamond. Everypony else pretty much wants her gone, even her own children.” This was true, even the changelings, sans Scrappy, wanted her to be gone forever.

“I know, and that’s sad to me. If she is anything like that other Chrysalis, then she really does care about them, even if it’s an evil kind of caring. Moms always care about their foals, even if they don’t know how to act themselves… Kind of how Mother used to be. I can’t imagine how hurt I’d feel if my foals suddenly just hated me. I just feel kind of bad for her too, even if what happened was a good thing for them.” Again, Diamond was pretty much right on that. Those were her kids after all, and she was fucking pissed when they all basically turned on her. She was always the first to infiltrate, always for their sake, just to provide them food. Even if your heart is evil, you still have to have one to care about such a thing.

“Yeah, you’re right, Diamond. If I see her again, and I can get something set up, I promise to let you help. But only if it’s safe. I don’t know what her state of mind is, but if she wants to confront me over what happened, or vice versa, I still have to make sure everything is ok before I involve everypony else, alright?” You gently rub your hoof through her mane, to help her calm down.

“Alright, I trust you. Please, don’t break your promise, alright?” She asks, with a small whimper.

“I won’t…” You hoped, anyway.

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