• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 91 - The Wisdom of the Sisters

Finally, it was time to get back on track and go get the favor of Celestia, which should then make it easier to get Luna’s favor, and then you can move on to Cadance. This would have to be handled delicately to be sure, as you knew no matter what Celestia had told you about understanding and how she hurt you, she wouldn’t let this easily slide. Given that she knows, she probably already has some kind of strong defense. Well, whatever she had planned, you’d not give in.

And with that, you literally just… Pop right into the Canterlot Castle dining room, as in, you just pop in with a ‘pop’ sound, right on a chair. You had teleported earlier back at the school to the place you knew Celestia might be if she wasn’t already out and about, the dining room, where she will usually enjoy some sort of delicious treat or pastry and why is there a huge stack of pancakes in your face?

Were you on Celestia’s seat? You slowly move over the plate, to see Celestia in a middle seat of a grand table within the unnecessarily decorated and colorful dining room. She was just calmly using her magic to cut into the pancakes she had, take a piece with a fork, and bite into it. Odder still, there was a third plate of pancakes in front of an empty seat at the other side of the table. Celestia stopped for a moment, cleaned her chin with a handkerchief, and looked to you with a smile. “Well, I guessed right that you’d be here, Anon. Though… Erm, I expected something a little more grandiose. Are you feeling ill? Or are you still upset with my sister?”

Wut? “Ok, don’t creep me out like that, Celestia. How did you know I’d be here?! How’d you know I’d be right here in this specific spot? Do you know what I’ve come to talk about?”

Celestia nods “Twilight sent a letter about your meeting with her, so I do know what you’ve come for. As for knowing where’d you be, I guess you can say that I have the amazing power to meld my mind with yours to see and know exactly what you’re thinking. In fact, Anon, you are probably already feeling defensive thinking we’d have a debate on whether or not I’d allow you another chance to reform Queen Chrysalis. But, going through your mind and what you’ve gone through, I can already tell you that there is no debate to be had. I already support your decision, and wish you good luck.”

WUT?! HOLY FUCK! WHEN DID SHE HAVE THAT POWER?! OH GOD, THAT’S WORSE THAN LUNA’S DREAM SHIT! “W-woah… Hold on, when did you have the ability to do that?!” Is that why she wasn’t truly affected by her dream self last night? Because she… Knew you? You put your hooves to your head, trying to feel if she was in your mind. “Stay out of there, Celestia! You don’t know what you’re getting into! Ok?! What kind of ridiculous power is that anyway?! Geez! Because there’s no... “ Wait, there’s no way she could do that, or else a lot of Equestria’s problems would have been solved a lot sooner. You knew she could be clairvoyant, but that’s it. “You’re just joshing me, aren’t you?”

Celestia giggled to herself, and nodded again. “I am, but it was still funny to see you react like I did have such powers, and I only guessed where you’d be by placing the plates in the two spots I’d think you’d appear in due to your, ahrm, high confidence within yourself, which was either in mine or Luna’s chair. In any case, I do mean what I say. You have to remember, Anon, that we already had a chat and an understanding of one another not too long ago. I know what you wish to achieve and you have proven yourself to be capable. You managed to reform the Storm King’s commander, after all. A unicorn with a broken horn that had managed to defeat all our royal guards and three of the four royal princesses. You have come a long way since you arrived in Equestria, and I feel confident enough to allow you more of a chance this time. Also, the syrup is in that little pot right next to your plate, use as much as you like.”

Wut? “Wait, hold on! What about a discussion? Like, what? You don’t have any problems with it whatsoever?”

“Convincing Twilight is already quite a feat when it comes to Queen Chrysalis, so I feel there’s no real need to discuss what I already know. All I can really do now is just wait for my sister to arrive so we can discuss it with her. I’m hoping these pancakes will help ease her mind and make her more understanding of the situation, I made sure the best ingredients were used to make them, and that includes the syrup we have to make them deliciously sweet.” Celestia says as she begins to eat again, taking a bite and cooing to herself as she brought a hoof to her cheek “I admit, even I’m quite taken with this particular batch. Go on, Anon, give them a try.”

Well ok then, it seems this was a lot easier than you thought it was going to be. Though, as easy as Celestia was to convince, you knew Luna would be difficult as fuck to get her to see reason. You ponder to yourself, trying to figure out what to say to her as you use your magic to slice the pancake stack with an invisible knife, cutting them into small bite sized pieces you can bring to your mouth with your magic. Huh, these really were quite delicious. You start happily munching away until a thought hits you in the head. “Wait, so we’re just gonna do this right now? Shouldn’t we give her some time to calm down?”

“Luna doesn’t calm down, Anon. That should have been clear when she wasn’t willing to leave your personal thoughts alone. No, best we tackle this now, with a delicious breakfast waiting for her to brighten her mood.” Celestia said as she took another bite of her pancakes.

“I guess, but aren’t you like that too?” You ask, because you knew she fucking was.

Celestia actually seems to take offense to that, slowly putting down her fork as she looks at you with a slightly less pleasant smile, giving a small little chuckle as she speaks. “What do you mean by that, Anon?”

“Well, I mean not calming down. I mean, once you get pissy over something you don’t seem to back down from it. I mean, geez, you held a lot of things over me harder than Luna did at times. Heck, given how the whole thing with Thorax and Scrappy went when she first met them, she calmed down real quick about the whole Scootaloo thing. You? You took my horn away over something dumb, which nearly got me killed, by the way… By a chimera. I’m sure you had heard about that, and yet I still didn’t get my horn back until the end of the week anyway. I’m sure Twilight had to have sent some letter to you on the same day, right? I mean, she sent one to you over this.” You explained. Like really, you remember that chimera and how he almost killed you. How could Celestia not have realized at the time that your horn was your only means of defense and that you should have gotten it back that same day.

“Ahrm, when you put it in such a way, it does make it sound as if I was being a tad stubborn and overly judgmental. But I had sent a reply to Twilight stating to keep you out of danger for the rest of that week, which surely happened.” Celestia said, eyeing you more closely now that you were calling her out.

“And yet you were still judgmental, Sister…” Said a voice as a familiar figure stepped through the double doors into the dining hall. It was Luna, looking upon her sister with unamused and bagged eyes. “I agree with Anon, you are quite stubborn, much more than I. I remember when you blamed me for taking your cookies once, only for the truth to arise, showing you had not realized that you ate your entire container of said cookies. You still felt, even after that, that it was somehow still my fault.” Luna said as she noticed the pancakes, and went to go have a seat on the empty chair.

“Sister, nice of you to join us… Also we were foals, that happened a long time ago. I wouldn’t say that is a good representation on how either of us are today.” Celestia said, narrowing her eyes at her sister. “In any case, this isn’t an important discussion. What is important is your feelings on-” But Luna raises her hoof to stop her sister, to finish the sentence she was about to say.

“On Queen Chrysalis? I think she’s a monster, plain and simple. But I have decided to allow it, with no hesitation or reluctance.” Luna said as she calmly began to use her knife to cut through the pancakes. “Indeed, I had decided upon this decision once I had come upon the information about it.”

“What? And how did you come upon this decision? How did you know about it? You don’t read most of the letters I receive from Twilight. And I certainly hope you aren’t making this under-prepared decision just to spite me over something that isn’t true.” Celestia just further narrowed her eyes towards Luna. At this point, it was clear they were both having an attitude with each other.

“Because it is true, sister. Especially when it comes to Anon. While my anger towards him was just due to his negligence with the foal, Scootaloo. You took away his only means of defense. Just like you had a dream you shouldn’t have had. And just like you tried to have me be calm with the promise of pancakes while trying to spring this information on me during breakfast time. You are judgmental, but your analysis of situations isn’t always right, and your coy tactics to have a laugh here and there will not work this time.” Luna raises her head, and looks down at her sister with a very stoic look. “MY judgements have been more fair and right, while yours have been naive. I will let Anon have my blessing to reform Chrysalis due to his magnificent efforts in defeating the Storm King, befriending his commander, and his improvement of his character.”

“Really, because I think I said something similar when I allowed him the same thing. Also, my dreams are my business AND I only partly wanted to play a small joke on you with this matter given the fact that you had misjudged everything when it came to Anon and his thoughts while also having me worried for days about you. I believe you know that we play small tricks on each other from time to time, and I had already figured you were going to agree with me anyway. AND, annnd… I thought Anon was an actual foal at the time. And even then, the clairvoyance I do have didn’t allow me to realize he’d be attacked by a chimera.” Celestia was just staring hard at Luna now, not liking her tone or her words.

“...Which makes your judgement poor. At least my insistence for Anon to change his thought process was because, and we both can agree on this, it is highly degenerate and disgusting. Also, my decision sounds more official and royal.” Luna says, eyeing her sister as hard as she was doing to her.

“Hey! There’s nothing disgusting about those thoughts. They’re hot!” You shout out. Goddamn Luna, still not understanding… Oh god, she is suddenly giving you a death glare. “O-ok, maybe it’s a little d-degenerate.” Oh god, what did you get yourself into? They looked like they wanted to kill each other. “S-should I go?”

“Yes, I think my sister and I need to have a mor-GAH!” Suddenly, Celestia’s pancakes glow a dark night blue as one flies up and slaps her face. “Sister! Did you just initiate what I think you initiated? Do you not realize what you have done?!”

Luna just lets out a cackle as her own pancakes begin to hover around her. “Do you think I forgot about the rules of a royal food fight? No, despite it being too long, I will never forget such a game. Classic rules, my sister, the winning strike will decide who is truly the most wise within this room. Will it be you, will it be I, or will it be Anon?”

“Wait, did you just say me-AGDSFSDFD” Suddenly, the pot of syrup slams into your face and knocks you off your seat as you get drenched in syrup.

“Well, that’s Anon taken care of.” Luna cackles out as she rises in the air, ready for a fight. “Are you prepared, sister?”

Celestia nods, her horn glowing as carts of food started to roll in from the doors that led into the kitchen. “I am, sister. And I have brought my reinforcements.”

Luna smirked as she prepared herself “Reinforcements, hm? Well, let’s see how much that helps you. TO ARMS, MY SISTER, TO ARMS!”

Holy shit, next thing you knew, the dining room table flipped over as food suddenly started flying every which way as the sisters cackled, taunted, and hurled whatever was around at each other. Holy fucking christ, they were insane! You tried to run away, but you were so sticky that you ended up tripping forward. “Ugh, geez… Maybe if I EFSDFSD” As you turn around, you suddenly get slapped by a watermelon breaking upon your face. As the sweet and sticky taste of watermelon and syrup dripped off your face, you became silent and upset at yourself when you realized you had your horn at unlimited use that you could have used to avoid all this. You reach for it to put on your head, but geez, ugh… You felt so gross and sticky, eyuck. “Ogh, I feel so-SHIT! NO, WAIT! WAIT! I’M NOT A FOODSDAFDFSDFDF OMPH!” You suddenly felt grabbed by a magical force as you were hurled towards Luna. She managed to dodge as you just, ugh, slammed into the wall and very slowly slid down due to the syrup’s stickiness. You slowly land head first onto the ground as you gently flip onto your back. You just look up, unamused, groan, and place the horn on your head. “... Ok then, sisters are still capable of arguing with each other… Noted…”

And with that, you teleport yourself to the Crystal Empire. God, you felt like a tossed salad right now, geez.

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