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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 117 - "And so it's decided..."

“...And that’s what happened, Everypony. Thank you all for listening, I know how hard it must have been to hear that. But that is the situation, and as much as I know it upsets you all, there was nothing I can do to fix things after, well, I messed things up.” Twilight said with a shamed sigh.

She really did it. She explained everything that happened, minus the details about being gripped by your magic, her fetish, and some of Chrysalis's evil quips. It seems she didn’t want you to be seen as the bad guy, or as overreacting, given how heavy the information was.

“Waaaaaait a second…” Pinkie immediately let out before anyone could say anything. “Are you saying you over analyzed a documentathingy instead of just enjoying it? And then got into a whole friendship tiffy with Chrysalis?! Twilight, that’s not like you, you always know how to party! What happened?!”

“Pinkie! Are ya kiddin’ me?! Twilight just explains that she’s a fish in a barrel right now and ya gonna criticize how she does her partyin’?! How is that important?!” Applejack calls out, annoyed with Pinkie that she could seem so nonchalant about Twilight's predicament.

“I mean, I was just saying.” Pinkie shrugged “Must have been a really interesting documentary. Like, super interesting to get ‘Research Twilight’ going. I could kinnnnnd of see where Chrysalis was coming from, sorta. She does seem to be kind of loopy now given from what we know. I mean, Scrappy told me Chrysalis was probably kind of coocoo after the whole ‘reform the changelings’ thing. It’s not like I enjoy Twilight being in super bad ultra dangerous danger! No, that’s not it! I want to protect her like everypony else! I just thought it was kind of weird, that’s all.”

“Applejack, Pinkie is right. I think if I had simply enjoyed my time there, things would have gone smoother. Chrysalis was obviously very sensitive about what happened to her, as well as sensitive about her beliefs. Despite her taunting, she really was insightful, and a few times, even fun. Like I said, I should have listened to Anon from the start.” Twilight said, looking down, feeling rather ashamed of her failure.

“Speaking of Anon. What gives?!” Rainbow Dash said as she flew and stopped directly in front of you. “Why would you even set something like that up, Anon?! I get you want to help Chrysalis out, but she’s clearly always going to be evil if she wants to destroy Twilight! It’s over, ok?! She’s never gonna see the good side of things! I kinda held off on it because we’re buds and stuff, but this is crossing the line! It’s super uncool! And not what a good friend does! Didn’t I teach you better than that?!”

Your eye twitched at that. Dammit, where does she get off telling you that?! “It wasn’t my fault that she lost her kids, Rainbow Dash! It’s not my fault she is losing her mind! It’s not even my fault that Twilight is in danger, ok?! Look at my legs! Ok? These are legally binding shackles that make sure Twilight is her only target! Are you telling me we somehow can’t protect Twilight?! Who can, by the way, protect herself too! I’m sorry that this happened, but Twilight told it how it was, It wasn’t my fault!”

“It was yer fault! You were so reckless with yer wanting to help Chrysalis that ya put Twilight in danger. Colt or no colt, yer friend is still a big time enemy of Equestria, Anon, and that ain’t something we can all overlook. Besides, we all know yer smarter than ya look, so what made ya think this was a good idea at all?!” Applejack then looked to Twilight, pointing at her, making sure she shared some of the blame. “And ahm sorry, sugarcube, but ya should have known better than to be so trustin’. The fact she seems so happy about gettin’ a chance at you is enough for me. If ah catch her, I’m gonna smash her like the bug she is, ah promise y'all that much!”

“M-Maybe we should all calm down. T-twilight also explained she was still willing to help Chrysalis once we stop her, and it’s not like it’d be hard to do that, Chrysalis is very weak right now. A-and that’s just it, deep inside, she’s just a scared and hurt mother who is stuck in her ways. Anon has been her friend for a very long time, so I trust him and Twilight in believing that if we stop her, we can reform her.” Fluttershy said, feeling meek that her friends were seeming so aggressive. “A-and let’s not go pointing hooves either, ok? What’s important now is figuring out what we’re going to do next.”

“Fluttershy is right. What’s done is done, right no-” But Twilight is cut off as Rainbow Dash flies up, interrupting her with her yelling on top of her words.

“Are you kidding me?! Are you seriously telling us that it’s absolutely ok that a crazy bug queen wants to stroll right up to you and hhhrrrrk!” Rainbow Dash makes a gesture implying a choking neck. “That is totally CRAZY! What we should do is just go right up to her now and do what Applejack said she was gonna do!”

You jump up onto the table, you were not going to take that shit. “Try it! Go ahead! If you even step into the forest to find her, I’ll make sure you come back wingless, you get me?! What is even with you?! You didn’t get this crazy over Dad or Starlight!”

Rainbow Dash flew down, and looked you in the eye, almost like an oppressive overseer. “Anon, when Fluttershy was first reforming your Dad, none of us liked it! Twilight was even trying to get a reform spell to use on him. And Starlight? We still had to be super careful when it came to her! And I don’t know if you noticed, but the friend you're protecting is one of the biggest evils in Equestria! She still wants to destroy Twilight, Anon! Hello!” Rainbow Dash knocks on your head. “Did you suddenly forget that destroying somepony is a permanent thi-GYAH!”

Suddenly, there is a horrible high pitched whine that fills the room, causing you all to cover your ears. The source of the noise? Well, you all look over to see Rarity, closing her mouth and sitting there calmly as she prepares to speak. “Sorry, everpony, but this meeting was becoming much too hostile for my liking. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, I can fully understand where you’re coming from. The situation is quite dire, and it is clear that emotions are high given that one of our best friends is in mortal danger. But yelling at each other isn’t going to solve anything. Anon, please take your seat as well, I do not want to see a gentlepony like yourself reduced to such barbaric mannerisms, you are much too young to be showing such tendencies.”

“Rarity?! How can ya be so calm about this?! Rainbow Dash is right, this ain’t a situation that can be taken lightly!” Applejack said as she slammed her hoof on the cutie map. “This ain’t a time for talk, this is a time for some good ole fashioned bad guy buckin'!”

“Miss Rarity…” You stare at her, becoming calmer and yet melancholic, was she really going to speak against you too? “She’s my friend. I’m this close. Twilight understands, she does! I just need help, that’s all. We can protect her, she even thinks so!”

“I know she does, Anon. And I never said I was against you either. But even you must understand the tension the situation causes, on top of the fact that your dear friend is the infamous Queen Chrysalis herself. But given all we know now, I couldn’t help but stare at those gaudy things on your legs. Tell me, is the spell Chrysalis tricked you into casting as binding as you say?” Rarity asks.

You look to your shackles, then back at her as you slowly back up to your seat. “Yeah, even dad said it was.”

“Peculiar…” Rarity stood up from her seat and began to circle the room. “Everypony, let me ask you all a very important question. Why would Chrysalis, so bent on her revenge, make a deal that is clearly not in her favor.”

“Uh, because she’s evil, duh!” Rainbow Dash calls out.

“Evil, perhaps. But Chrysalis has always been known to be an intelligent and cunning schemer, and yet she binds herself to a deal that means her very existence if she brings harm to anypony but Twilight. It seems to me that Chrysalis truly isn’t herself if she’s willing to make a deal that doesn’t benefit her in any capacity. Furthermore, it is a deal that, while still dangerous, has an overwhelmingly high chance of failure. Now, this may sound like I truly agree with Anon, and I actually do. When I knew her as ‘Nymous’, she was actually quite insightful in dress design and public desires at the time. Why, if she was truly evil, would she give me such helpful information if she does not desire to be our friend?” Rarity ducked down behind the cutie map, and then came back up in her ‘detective’ ware “I’ll tell you why! Because Anon has indeed made progress with her! She has shown signs of changing, and she has noticed as well, and is trying to resist! And this very deal is her ‘All or Nothing’ play to avoid her feelings! Either she gets what she wants, or she finally gives in and allows her dear friend Anon to finally help her come to understand the magic of friendship!”

Everyone was quiet on that one, even you. Up until Pinkie started to clap her hooves and cheer Rarity on. “Woo! Amazing! Spot on!”

“Thank you, darling, I had pondered on it quite a bit while Twilight was telling her story.” Rarity said as she began to carefully declothe herself and fold her outfit.

“...Rarity, ya do know that one example ain’t no thing, right? Her entire game is to pull the wool over everypony.” Applejack reminded her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! But there’s more than one example! I happen to know she was also super friendly with Anon’s marefriend too! Like, she never had anything bad to say about her or anything! Also, also, at the party we threw for her, I had seen her getting super friendly with Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, and especially Scootaloo! They all seemed so happy! I bet she was just really happy too since they take such good care of Scrappy!” Pinkie chipped in.

Ah yes… When she was drunk. Whatever, Rarity and Pinkie seemed to be on your side, as was Fluttershy and Twilight. This was your in. “See?! I know why you’re both upset. But Chrysalis has shown signs of changing! And this is it! This is the final push! Please, I’m sorry that it went this far, but-” But then you are cut off by Rainbow Dash, who still wasn’t ok with any of this.

“Like Applejack said, she can clearly fake it! What makes you so sure she’d even reform if we stop her? She could just go and try to plan something else!” Rainbow Dash says.

“Well, I mean, she could. But also, if she didn’t make the deal, then she could have just hidden in the forest and then we’d never know if she was planning something evil and then she could have planned that evil thing without any of us knowing and she could also hurt anypony she wants while she is doing her evil plan and she could have even joined other evil bad guys we have beaten before to make up a super evil plan that could doom Equestria forever and we would only have a super small chance of winning unless something happens like it usually does but it might not that time because reasons so since we know she’s going to attack and it’s like all of us against her and she can only hurt Twilight then I think it’d be better like this than if we didn’t know and if she didn’t make that deal because then things might have been a lot worse.” Pinkie explained, without breathing, nearly choking herself, as she then looks to everyone with a squeeing smile.

All of you, including yourself, just stared at her.

“What?” Applejack asked.

“I think she said that Chrysalis could have been more of a danger if she never made the deal. She could have decided not to tell anypony she was going to try something, and she could have hurt anypony she wanted by doing so. Pinkie is right, and so is Rarity, and Anon, and Twilight.” Fluttershy says as she stands, finally taking a strong stance as she looks over to Rainbow Dash and Applejack. “Twilight needs us, Chrysalis needs us too. This is her way to ask for help. It’s not the best way, but if we pull together as a team, I’m sure we can make it happen. Think about it, she basically is asking us to stop her. So please, won’t you at least consider it?”

Twilight nods. “I’ve seen her up close, and I’ve felt her magical presence. She’s nowhere near as strong as she was when she raided Cadance and Shining Armor’s wedding. Besides that, I think she was really trying to be friends with me, she just couldn’t hold back her tendencies when I pushed too hard, that’s all. I know I’ll be ok if you all got my back. As friends, nothing can tear us down. And in this case, the one who wants to do just that needs our help. Please, everypony, I truly am ok with this, I have no doubt that we can pull this off. Applejack, please, I will especially need your help with this.”

“Me? Mmmnnnn…” Applejack slowly took off her hat and looked down on it, she didn’t know what to feel now, it was two against five, and it didn’t seem any of them were going to budge. “Twi, are yer sure there ain’t no other way? This is crazy, it just is, alright? I-if ya need mah help, of course ah'll help ya, but ya gotta see nothin’ about this is right.”

“I know how you feel, Applejack, I think I would have reacted the same as you and Rainbow if any of this happened to you. At least, before I came to understand how Chrysalis and Anon’s friendship works. It’ll be ok, I promise. As for what I need, I need you to ask Scrappy to live at the castle until Chrysalis makes her move.” Twilight said. Hm, seems Discord wasn’t the only one to consider that option.

“Scrappy? Whatcha need him for, Twilight? Ya know he gets all sensitive when ya mention Chrysalis, don’t ya?” Applejack asked, feeling a little hesitant to just hand Scrappy over.

“Exactly. I’m only asking you to ask him to come for awhile, he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to. But I know he still holds a special bond with her, to the point that he has mentioned before that he can sense her when she’s close. If he can help guard the castle, then we’d know for sure when Chrysalis is about to make her move.” Twilight explains.

“...Ah guess that makes sense. If she’s as weak as you’re sayin’, then there’s no way she’s gonna be able to do nothin’ if she’s found out. But Twilight, ah still dunno, this is all still mighty suspicious soundin’.” Applejack said, finally easing up and giving in to the idea.

“I know. But it is the only shot we have, and after what happened, I want to be able to give it a try.” Twilight said, trying to stay optimistic despite the gloomy aura of the room.

“Look…” You sigh “I already told myself I’d deal with Chrysalis if this doesn’t work out. Yeah, that’s right. If even after all this, she wants to be evil… Then I’m just gonna give up. All this isn’t worth the trouble at that point.”

“Oh my, Anon, no, you mustn’t do-” But you cut off Fluttershy as you look at her with a sad frown.

“It’s the only way, Aunt Fluttershy. I can’t help her anymore if this doesn’t work out. I’m willing to do everything I can for her, but I’m at my limit. She’s my responsibility at this point, so it’s my job to do it, no matter what anypony says.” Ngh, that one hurt to say.

“Sheesh, that’s kinda harsh.” Rainbow Dash said as she hovered back to her seat.

“What? What do you mean?” You ask her.

“I mean, I didn’t know it was like that. I, uh, just sorta thought she was just a big bad guy who was just pulling your strings the whole way. Listening to all that, and you getting serious, and stuff… Er, I mean it’s all pretty heavy. I remember her being pretty scummy and all.” Rainbow Dash then finally asks that question, the question that you wanted all to hear the answer to. “So, like, what kind of friendship did you both have, anyway? I heard you both saved an Equestria, so, there’s that. Is that even true?”

…Here we go. “It is. As for my friendship with Chrysalis, it’s one of understanding first and foremost. We get each other, and the fact I was able to look past her evilness allowed us to share moments we still remember and times we both have a good laugh about. Maybe a lot of things isn’t what a pony would call ‘good’, but it allowed us to bond in such a way that we could be honest, or mostly honest, with each other, and experience things we’d never be able to experience with anypony else. In fact, Chrysalis has saved my life, more than once. She even had a chance to steal the horn, more than once. And uh, she did try sometimes, and sometimes she didn’t. Look, the point is, we became such good friends that we managed to be the perfect team when things got heavy. She really is like a sister to me, Rainbow Dash. That’s why I want to save her. And If I can’t, then it’s my responsibility to stop her.”

“Geez… I uh. Um…” Rainbow Dash didn’t know how to reply to that “Really is like that, huh? yeah, hm…”

And then Pinkie Pie began to cry as she slammed her head down on the map “IT’S SO SAD! I’VE NEVER EVEN HEARD OF A FRIENDSHIP LIKE THAT AND THE FACT EVERYTHING IS SO EXTREME MAKES ME WANT TO CRY!”

“Indeed… Given she has gone as far as saving Anon’s life on multiple occasions, I find it difficult to believe there is no good in her. Anypony with that kind of fashion sense has to have good in them somewhere.” Rarity remarked.

“Applejack? W-what do you think? Now that everything has been said, do you still feel the same way?” Fluttershy asked, hoping Applejack would become more understanding.

“Considerin', I still feel mighty uncomfortable about all this. But if ah just stew in mah own hate then that just leaves one less pony to help out. I only really wanted to help out Twilight, but if everypony wants to help Anon too, and Anon, if ya really do feel that way, if everything ya said was all true. Well, ah guess I’m in too. I’ll talk to Scrappy tomorrow about it. That changeling don’t got much sense in him though, really does prides himself as Applebloom’s dog, but he’s as loyal as they come, so ahm sure he’ll help out.” Applejack said, finally giving in.

“Thank you, everypony, I really appreciate this. I’ll be sending a letter to the princesses tomorrow morning to update them on the situation and set a definite time for us to meet. Anon, Fluttershy, you’re welcome to join me if you want. I know the situation is sensitive, so I think it’d help if you both came along.” Twilight asked as she looked to the both of you, relieved everything was finally working out.

“Of course, Twilight, if you need my help, then I’ll be there… Erm, I-I just hope the princesses don’t get too upset.” Fluttershy said, feeling a little shaky about it.

“Don’t worry, Aunt Fluttershy, I’ll be there too. I’m sure everything will work out just fine.” Probably not, but whatever, progress!

“I agree with you, Anon. Everything will turn out alright, and I’m sure we can help Chrysalis. Everypony, it’s getting late now, and I don’t want to keep you all from your beds. I think we’re done here, unless anypony has anything else to say.” Twilight says as she gives out a small yawn.

“I do!” Pinkie Pie says as she zips away, and comes back with a sleeping bag. “As in, I’m not letting you even have to worry about being by yourself tonight! I say we have a sleepover!”

“Aww, Pinkie, it’ll be ok. I do have Spike, you know?” Twilight says, feeling touched that Pinkie would do this, but not wanting to burden her with worry.

“Yeah, ya do, but you can also have us too, Sugarcube. Friends stick together, no matter what, and considering what ya got on your plate right now, a sleepover doesn’t sound half bad.” Applejack says, joining in with Pinkie Pie. “Though, gonna need a place to-” But then Pinkie dashes away, and somehow comes back with just the right amount of sleeping bags. “Ah, never mind.”

“She’s right, Twilight. Can’t let you go solo now that we got this mess on our hooves. I’m in!” Rainbow Dash says.

“Oh my, given the circumstances, I couldn’t possibly say no.” Rarity joins in.

“Anon, would you be comfortable sleeping here with us?” Fluttershy asked.

“Could, um, could I still snuggle up with you and-” and that's when you could suddenly hear snickering coming from… Oh goddammit. “Shut up, Rainbow Dash! I like cuddling, so what?! I could still wreck all of Equestria with my magic if I wanted to!”

“Yikes, alright alright. I’m sorry. Heh, whatever, it’s kind of sweet actually. But uh, wait, doesn’t he have school tomorrow? Or technically his last day of school, or whatever, before he transfers?” Rainbow Dash asked.

WUT?! SCHOOL!? “Ahh geez! Is it?! I completely forgot!”

“Not to worry, Anon. Being, well, me, I can totally have you prepared for your last day without issue and on time. So don’t worry, alright? Just get some sleep.” Twilight said with a cheerful smile.

“Oh, I… Ok then.” Heh, that won’t be so bad.

And so, it was decided to move up to Twilight’s room for everyone to set up and get to sleep. You? You got to snuggle up with Fluttershy, who held you close, her warmth and snugglyness helping you ease up and cool down. The situation was finally working out, you had the support of the six, you had Discord’s support. Hell, everything was working out and you hadn’t even talked to Starlight about it yet.



Ahhhhh damnnnnn.

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