• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 44 - Diamond's Dream

The empty void, a telling sign that Luna was inside your head. At this point, Luna never tried to hide her visitations inside your head given you entered lucidity whenever she did. If something was amiss and you were aware of it, then it meant the Lunar Princess was somewhere nearby. But why this time? Dammit, it was getting so tiresome. Why couldn’t she mind her own damn business! “C’mon Luna, I know you’re there. What? Why are you bothering me this time, huh? I already spoke to your sister about Chrysalis, alright? I’m aware of the stakes this time, I’m aware I can’t give her an inch, and I’m aware I can’t falter just because of my friendship with her. Geez, please, just leave me alone about it. I get that I messed up before, but I promise, I have a handle on it this time. She can’t even take me on at this point, I’m more powerful than she is.”

“Anon, please relax” Luna’s voice echoes through the void, a gentle,soothing, and understanding tone vibrating through your ears. “I am aware of the situation, and as usual, I am wary. However, I have come to trust, to a point, in you. That, I still owe you a debt for saving Equestria from the Storm King, something my sister and I should have been able to do from the start. You have matured quite a bit since the first incident with Queen Chrysalis, so you deserve one more chance. As for why I am here, it happens to be two reasons, none relating to what you fear.”

Huh? So, she’s ok with it this time? Well, to a point, as she said. So what was she here for then? “Well, thanks for that, I guess. But if you’re not here for Chrysalis, what are you here for? Is this the fact I’m helping that weird Neighsay guy?”

“No, it’s unrelated to that as well. In fact, I was completely unaware that Chancellor Neighsay had any contact with you at all.” Luna said, her presence to you still a mystery.

She didn’t know? Then she wasn’t even searching around through your head for secrets. A respect to privacy? Or does she only really pry when she feels it’s important. Also, was it a good idea to mention that guy? Actually, maybe it was, since you barely knew anything about him. You could ask for some information, but you should probably keep what you’re doing to yourself, if only not to stir any trouble. “Yeah, he’s been asking me to help him on a few things. The thing is, the guy is a little creepy to me. I’ve never even heard of the EEA or anything like that, do you know anything, Luna?”

“The only thing I know about the chancellor is from my sister has told me. He apparently has a powerful sense of justice, and wishes to protect Equestria and lead those willing to learn to their true potential. However, he is also arrogant, and prejudiced to those he sees as a threat, mostly any being that isn’t a pony. A good pony who seems rather short sighted in some areas, if I do say so myself. But I assume that since he has asked for your help, then it must be something important. I’ll leave that business to you as I am limited on time, and I have come here for very specific reasons.” Luna tells you as stars begin to align into an image of herself. There is then a flash at the epicenter of the gathered stars as Luna appears a few feet away from you in her usual majestic form.

Not that either? Holy shit, you didn’t expect that. And here you were ready to bite her head off the moment she berated you on anything. Ok, good, that’s good. But then, why was she here? “Specific reasons? What do you mean?”

“Allow me to explain” Luna’s horn begins to light up as the starry void slowly changes to that of the Rich Mansion, in Filthy’s study to be exact. However, there were a few key differences, namely in the fact that a large portrait of what appeared to be you, as an adult, and looking quite handsome with a regal position and a nice robe. And yet, why was that there? This was still a dream, it had to be, Mrs.Rich would have had a cow if something like that hung in the study. “The first reason I am here, is to give you a message from young Diamond Tiara.”

Wut? “Diamond? A message? Hold on, that doesn’t make any sense, why would she send me a message through you? What message? What even is all this?” This was already ridiculously confusing. Even more so as you notice an adult version of you, and a… wew, a longer mane’d, and sexy adult version of Diamond Tiara appear on the couch, nuzzling into each other tiredly as if they had a rough day. “Uhhhh, what’s all this… Woah! AGH!” Suddenly, a small filly, that despite a fur color and mane matching yours, showed signs of being in the style of Diamond Tiara, ran towards the both of you in disress. “Ah geez!” You had to rub yourself for a moment as your legs suddenly turned to cloudy dust from contact with the filly. You didn’t fall over, you still stood in place, but it felt awfully weird seeing your legs turn to dust for a moment before slowly reforming back into place. “The hell is going on, Luna?! What is all this?!”

Luna watched as the filly started hopping about in front of the adult couple, watching as they nod and let the young filly cuddle between them. “This is Diamond’s current dream, after I pulled her away from an atrocious nightmare.”

“Diamond’s dream? Nightmare? Wut? What are you getting at? Wait…” You look upon the trio again, watching them cuddle with each other lovingly. “That’s me, isn’t it? And Diamond… and… Wait, this is a dream of the future, or a future she wants. But that’s weird, where’s the castle and royal stuff?”

“Gone, she no longer wishes for such things” Luna says

“What? I mean, I know it was unrealistic in the first place, but this… I didn’t even know about any of this, what happened?” Like, this was one hell of a sudden shift. If this was really Diamond’s dream, then you needed to know the details of what the fuck caused it. Though, it’s not like this was bad, this actually seemed pretty cozy.

“The final exam, it caused nightmares in the little one, fear of something happening to you.” Luna says, in a way that sounded cryptic to you.

“What? The exam? Why would she have nightmares about that? She seemed fine right after it, so what gives?” She was ok, you remember her being alright.

“Ahh, but Anon, I’m sure even you can realize that once excitement and celebration has washed away from the mind that fear and worry can settle in due to how dangerous the situation itself seemed. But allow me to be exact. Young Diamond’s nightmares, they consisted of horrible outcomes for the both of you within the future she felt you both should have. Indeed, watching you nearly meet your end, and that fact you hold the title of ‘hero colt’, had caused her mind to second guess herself on her dreams and aspirations.”

“Second guess? You mean the whole Prince and Princess thing she wanted? I kind of felt she was getting over that, what kind of nightmares was she even having?” You ask

“It appears she still believed that there was still a chance of such a future. But now, due to the nightmares, she has changed her mind on the matter. The nightmares themselves consisted of horrible visions of you meeting your end during a heroic quest, or leaving her for true royalty, such as a more matured Flurry Heart, and even an ever expanding distance between each other due to the duties of a prince.” Luna explains “Her subconscious started to collapse within itself as more and more fears began to pile upon itself. Wars, enemy raids, managing the government and, even being ponynapped only to be rescued suddenly seemed like a torturous ordeal to her. While rescuing her from this was easy, easing her mind was not. You see, Anon, we had a discussion with how royal life is actually like. I had admitted to her that my duties, and my sister’s, does indeed hinder our time together. And, given the times my sister and I have been imprisoned in some way, I had to admit to her that royal life can also be quite dangerous. This dream you see was conjured through rationalization of the future. Just as her own parents have had more time for each other, and for her, she wishes to take the mantle as head of the Rich estate, and live with you in harmony. This is how she wishes the future to be, and…” Luna watches as the apparitions fall asleep peacefully on the couch as everything begins to dematerialize back into the starry void. “To me, seems like a much better future to dream about for the both of you. However, the message to you was to ask if you do not mind such a future as well, as she feels you truly are dead set into wanting such a regal future for the both of you. She didn’t want to upset you, you see. So then, what is your reply?”

THANK FUCKING GOD! Holy shit, the whole princess and prince crap was finally over! Hopefully now she’ll mellow out in general. “I’m not even mad, I’m perfectly ok with this. In fact, tell her that after I saw the dream for myself, I’d like nothing better.”

“Well, Anon, you can tell her that yourself tomorrow. I’m sure she’d like it a lot more to hear it from you than me. In fact, I’d suggest spending some time with her tomorrow, make a whole day of it. Considering your wedding is coming up, false or not, I’m sure it’d ease her mind to be able to spend the day with you, especially after being haunted by such ghastly thoughts.” Luna suggested. And, y’know, that probably wasn’t a bad idea. You had been doing a lot of other miscellaneous shit lately, so why not spend the day with Diamond to let her know you care.

You nod to Luna “Yeah, I’ll do just that when I wake up. But then, what are the other reasons you wanted to see me then? Or was all that explanation the reasons?”

“Well… Actually” Luna gulped, suddenly became uneasy, and even began to have a jitter in her voice “I had been haunted myself from our last meeting… About what you showed me. Never before had I seen something so absurd. And so… Erm… Ahrm.” She just couldn’t keep it together as she tried to get to her reason “I… Normally have myself more composed in any matter such as this… But this matter is rather, off to me. I… Mmmm… Alright, calm down…” She tells herself as she takes a breath, but even as she composes herself, she still seemed nervous “Alright… The other reason, the reason I’m here… That reason… Is… Why?”

Why? Wut? “What? Luna, what do you mean by why? What’s up with you all of a sudden?” Like really, it looked like she thought you were about to kill her or something.

“Yes.. Erm… Why? The Why… The why that is… Why two mares?” Luna finally coughs out “It makes no sense, no sense at all. For what reason would you even dream about two mares doing such… private acts? It doesn’t seem natural to me, and I… I need to know why you’d even think it is! It confounds me!” Luna started to speed up her speech as she seemed rather frantic on the whole thing. But to you? Ohhhhhhh….

Goodie fucking gumdrops, was she serious?! Was she seriously that bothered by the concept of a colt such as yourself imagining two mares fucking each other? Oh, Anon… You simply can’t pass this up, you cannot pass up getting a little something over Luna this time around. It’s too fucking perfect, and you were going to milk it for as long as it bothered her. Ok, she did do a nice thing for Diamond, so maybe you shouldn’t go too far…

Nah, let’s do ALMOST exactly that.

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