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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 22 - The Final Exam

It was time…

You were finally ready to step out and complete your physical training. To prove to yourself, and now many more, what you were capable off without the horn.

You steel yourself as you finally feel ready to take on the challenge without hesitation.

When you step outside, you could see the colosseum full of ponies as they cheer out loud at your sudden appearance. You could see a platform near the start of the course where Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, and Spitfire were standing on as Babs started to step off to head back towards the lobby you just exited.

Spitfire had a mic, but she wasn’t saying anything at the moment as she looked at you, waiting for you to step up to the platform. You began to approach as the crowd's cheers began to fill you with determination. As you look up, you could see two fancy booths. One had Princess Celestia and Princess Twilight, as well as Diamond and Spike. Celestia seemed to be having a delightful little chat with Diamond as Spike was doing his best to keep an obviously shaky Twilight from losing it. The other booth held the Riches themselves, and the “dignitaries” that Spoiled was trying to one up. You could also see a few familiar faces among the crowd as well. The CMC, Lyra, Bonbon, Pinkie Pie, You even saw Scrappy… But no Discord, he was obviously watching from somewhere. And also, no Fluttershy…


As you further approached the platform, Babs looked to you with a nod and said the genuine caring words of “Good luck” as she passed you by.

When you finally stepped up onto the platform, Rainbow Dash was quick to approach you before you got a chance to do anything else. “Alright, Rockhead, gotta give up the horn for this. Last thing I need is anypony accusing you of being a cheater. I swear, would knock em straight out if they heckled you” She said as she held her hoof out towards you.

Of course you’d have to give up the horn for this. Ugh, you felt very uncomfortable giving it up, but you knew Rainbow Dash was right. You felt, in an instance like this, you could trust her with it. So you give it up, as well as your saddle bag. “Here, so what now?”

“Just go stand next to Scootaloo. Captain Spitfire is gonna signal you both off when she finishes up this whole announcement thing.” Rainbow Dash says as she takes your things. She then smiles warmly towards you, and puts her hoof on your shoulder “You gotta be careful with that final trick, Anon. You and Scootaloo better knock this whole thing out, and show em all what you’re both made of.”

Rainbow Dash…

You could remember the early times you had with her. Her arrogance, her suspicions of you, her jerky attitude. But as you got to know her and hang around her, you began to realize she wasn't as top cunt as you once thought, enough to finally take her training course. For awhile, you had avoided this as you were too stubborn to want to deal with Rainbow Dash. But after losing to Tempest in your first encounter with her, after she had dodged everything you threw at her, even you had to accept there was merit to being athletic and strong. And so, it led to you accepting her offer, bettering yourself and your health, and feeling fulfilled with who you are as a hero. And Rainbow Dash herself was the one who made it happen, and you could feel that through your training with her, you and her had formed a bond you never thought would happen.


She wasn’t that cool…

You stood next to Scootaloo, standing proud for the crowd. Scootaloo took a moment to look at you with a smile, but she said nothing to you. She may have been instructed to keep focus, or maybe she just didn’t want to bother you. So you look back at her instead and ask “You alright, Scootaloo?”

“Huh? Oh…” Scootaloo looked at the crowd, and felt a bit of a nervous chill “It’s nothing, just thinking, that’s all.”


If there was one thing you couldn’t shake off, it was this brotherly feeling towards her. Was it her friendliness towards you? Or was it the fact that you still felt heavily responsible for what happened to her back when the changelings were stuck in your basement? Either way, you give her a friendly smile “If you’re worried about anything, relax. I’m gonna be with you, remember? I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise”

Scootaloo didn’t say anything at first, she looked down, then back at you with a weak smile “Thanks, Anon…”

You meant it. In the end, it wasn’t for Dash or Spoiled. It was your brotherly duty to protect her, no matter what. “No prob, we’re gonna do fine. We’re in this together, and we’re gonna dominate this together, understand?”

She nods, and almost dares for a hug. But with so many watching, she just holds back after taking a step towards you, and stands tall once more with only a single happy tear in her eye showing her true feelings towards your words.

“Alright everypony, I want you all to take note that this isn’t some grand show or anything close to it. This is a test for two young foals, a test to show just how much progress they have gained through their training. Passing this exam will be a sign of proof to themselves and those who witness it that they are truly ready for anything the world has to throw at them. Anon and Scootaloo, these two foals have come a long way in their own way to get this far, and given how this course is beyond the norm one is supposed to take, beating the target time will make their victory unquestionable. So to all of you, you better not blink!” Spitfire had started making the final announcement on her own accord. Although she seemed annoyed in her tone to be talking in such a grandiose way, she eventually got into it, she felt a sense of pride to be presenting two foals such as you and Scootaloo. “Because I can promise you that they're gonna crush this course with blazing speed! Heh, and I should know, one way or another, they were trained by one of my best.” Spitfire looks to Rainbow Dash with a spirited nod, making Rainbow Dash herself feel a buildup of pure pride. To the point that, as the crowd cheered and Spitfire hurried you two along to the starting line, Rainbow Dash flew up high to start the show.

Indeed, Spitfire was telling you both to get ready as quick as possible as she knew Rainbow Dash would cry out to start the run without even realizing it.

You and Scootaloo looked at each other with a fierce nod and sense of victory as Rainbow Dash flew high up in the air and cheered “LET’S GET GOING, EVERYPONY! AND I SWEAR! YOU BETTER CHEER FOR THESE TWO! NOW, ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!” Rainbow Dash signaled as a team of Wonderbolts flew out in a wing formation from a nearby cloud. It seemed they had been waiting inside for a signal to just suddenly fly out and start the run with a bang. They were releasing a rainbow of explosions behind them that entertains and wows the crowd.

As for you and Scootaloo? Well… “Let’s go, Scootaloo!”

“Right!” Scootaloo yelled out as you both charged forward.

This was it, the final phase of your training, Spoiled’s revenge against the upper crust, and Scootaloo’s dream getting ever closer to being fulfilled. You couldn’t screw this up, you just can’t!

First were the hurdles, they were long enough for you and Scootaloo to run side by side and jump without smashing into each other. As you both jumped, Scootaloo managed to start to pull ahead by using her little wings for extra thrust. You were both impressed and jealous at such a feat as she slowly began to pass you up. Were you really unable to keep your momentum after a jump?

As you hopped and jumped, you could hear the crowd cheer you both on. But what about Spoiled? You knew what you had to do, but falling behind Scootaloo was probably not really good at the start of the exam. But how were you going to pull ahead? You had to use your head on this… Oh wait.

Since this was a battle against the clock, you knew there’d be no penalty for missing a hurdle. Or rather, smashing right through them with your head! You leaned your skull forward and started to smash through the hurdles without slowdown. In fact, your brute force was actually getting you past Scootaloo. Yes, it seemed your normal running speed was greater than hers, most likely due to the fact all the running around town you do already. Scootaloo may not have to make any jumps anymore, but she was having trouble keeping up with you as you clear the hurdles. Ha! There you go, Anon, keeping pace!

Next were the tires. Amazingly, you already had this one in the bag as you quickly step your right hooves and left hooves in the appropriate tires as Scootaloo loses even more ground with her attempts of side hopping into them. You thought about slowing down, but dammit, you were actually on a roll over here! HAHA!

After passing the tires, the mud trench was next. When you stepped into it, you found yourself actually slowing down and slipping about as you tried to focus on running forwards. But with your balance so wavy, you found it difficult just moving in a straight line. “D-dammit, w-what’s wrong with me? I should be able to do this one...huh?” As you nearly get halfway, you hear a whirring sound going on behind you. And whatever it was, it was blasting towards you at a wicked pace.

You don’t even have a chance to look back as you are suddenly splashed with mud. Some of the crowd were in laughter and cheers at whatever happened. When you clean off your face and look forward, you could see Scootaloo speeding through, flapping her wings like a hummingbird to jet through the trench like a hovercraft.

“Fuck!” you cry out as you start rushing forward, tripping and sliding as you try to get out of the damn trench! Scootaloo was already on the climb and you were way back here! She was gonna be at the final obstacle at this point! You had to move!

It takes you a bit, enough to make you fear making Spoiled look bad, but you do get out of the trench. Covered in mud, sure, but you were out. You also found yourself frustrated at Scootaloo as you reached the incline board and shook yourself off before climbing. When you looked up, you were surprised to see that she was still climbing it as well. She was having trouble keeping her hooves in place due to how muddy they were. She was sliding back every now and again as she held on tight the best she could. You just stared for a moment, it was just a diagonal incline climb, how could she be having trouble?

But when you heard, even from the beginning of the climb, her whine that she can’t fail Rainbow Dash, your heart sunk. She said it in a strained way that almost sounded like she was in tears, you realized that any jealousy you had was petty at that moment. And this realization was good to have so early in the run too, god only knows what would have happened if you got jealous during the end. “Don’t worry, Scoots, I got ya!” You cry out to her as you quickly wipe your hooves along the board, take a few steps back, and just start running up the incline as quickly as possible. Maybe it was cartoon physics, or maybe it was divine intervention, but you weren’t slowing down as you catch Scootaloo upon your forehead and start pushing her up until your both reach the top and tumble forward, stopping right behind the slow spinning tube.

“Wha, huh?” Scootaloo fell on her tummy, and stood up in surprise when she realized she had reached the top with your help. She looked down at you and noticed you were on your back. And then that's when you yourself could see it, as if looking into her very soul...

As she reached her hoof to you and said “C’mon, Anon! We can’t slow down for even a second!”, you realized that your jealousy, even as short as it was, was still misplaced. You let out a sigh of relief and chuckle as you grab her hoof, thanking deep down that your jealousy was quickly killed as you try to steel your mind as to not let it happen so easily. That kind of stuff had gotten you in trouble before, your emotions to be exact. Even before Tempest, it had led to you getting smashed, namely by a Chimera you wouldn’t have had to be smooshed by had you thought things out a little better.

When you and Scootaloo approach the spinning tube, you look to each other and try to figure something out. “Ok, Scoots. Do you wanna go in first, or should I? I know there are poles in there placed to slow us down. So if we both go in, it’s really possible we might get stuck.”

“Well, the clock is still ticking, right? So we’re gonna need a quicker way through. I saw how you handled those hurdles… so, uh… Think you can do that to the poles too? Your helmet will protect your head enough, right?” Scootaloo asked. It seems she really was impressed with how you handled the hurdles back at the start of the run. “I mean, you were pretty unstoppable back there. Not even that incline stopped you!”

How did you not even think of that beforehand? Your head was pretty damn durable. If it could smash through those hurdles, then some poles shouldn’t mean crap! Hell, you didn’t even need to follow Bab’s advice for this one. “I was pretty unstoppable, wasn’t I? Ok, Scoots, stand back!” You reach up and push your helmet a tad forward as you prepare to step into the rotating tube. “Oh yeah! It’s Anon time!”

“You can do it!” Scootaloo cheered you on as you waited for the bend in the tube to decline downwards. Once it did, you went down head first until you slid into some poles stabbed across the tube randomly along the inside. Holy shit! This really was a quick one night rush job. Even if you were to try to get through it normally, the poles were placed in such a way that squeezing between them was near impossible. Even worse! They were made of metal, when you expected wood.

“Oh no…” You silently whined as you prepared to smash your head on the first pole. You had to remember who this was for, you had to remember that you couldn’t fail. “S-Scootaloo! Follow me!” You said in a shaky voice as you quickly started to smash your head down at the metal poles as hard as you can. Oh god! Even with the helmet, tearing through the poles , this was hurting like hell!

“Woah…” Scootaloo said as she passed by the broken metal “Anon… Are you alright over there? These are made of metal… Geez, you really did get stronger.” She was further impressed by how powerful you seemed.

As you reach the middle of the rotating tube, you looked ahead as you felt your balance and sight begin to waver. And yet, even as the tube turns enough for you to make your way down once again, you found the strength to move forward. Or maybe it was because you had trouble thinking at that point. “Oh, i-it’s no problem Scootabloom Belle. Hey, have you ever been licked in the ponut before?”

“Doughnut? Uh, I normally just...eat them?” Scootaloo said as she slowly followed, finding your question odd.

“...Ugh, I hate vore” You say to yourself as you begin to smash through the last set of poles, finally breaking through as you wobble forward out of the tube and fall forward, right on your face as your body twitches on it's own. “I feel like I was hit by a train… Ugh.”

Scootaloo quickly stepped out of the tube before it rotated back up, and stepped to your side as she leaned down to ask you a question. She didn't seem to think you had a concussion or anything, she probably just thought you were a little dazed, hence her lack of urgency. She was very curious about something though. “Anon? You ok? Can I ask you something?”

You just groan, looking ahead at the large pushblock that was the next challenge. “Y-yeah?”

“What’s vore? Does that have to do with eating doughnuts or something? Never heard of it before.”

Your eyes go wide as you immediately stand up and look at her with crazy eyes, realizing that should she ever find out, her mind would be corrupted FOOORRREEEVVVERRR. As her pseudo-bro, you could not allow this! “THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT IS! AND IT’S A DUMB WORD! STUPID DUMB! DON’T EVER SAY IT AGAIN! IT’S SO UNCOOL IT MAKES STEVE URKEL LOOK LIKE THE SUAVEST GUY EVER!”

“Ok! Ok! Woah!” Scootaloo stepped back, a little scared from your reaction. “Ok then, a-at least I know you’re ok. Erm… But… I kinda…” Scootaloo felt she was kind of a master when it came to cool and uncool, and there was something you had mentioned yet again that seemed off to her. “I really gotta ask, because I never even heard of that before… But… What is a Steve Urkel?”

What’s a Steve Urkel? Oh god, to be young and of another universe. Sure the character from “Family Matters” didn’t start out so bad when the focus wasn’t on him. But as the show went on, he became a force so powerful and annoying, that you could still hear his annoying laugh and shitty catch phrase echo in your mind. Your crazed phase shatters completely as you let out a heavy sigh and walk past Scootaloo, feeling calm and cool “Don’t worry about it Scootaloo, all it does is bring back painful memories.”

“Did I do that?!” Scootaloo gasped as she rushed up from behind you, looking at you with a sad and apologetic expression “I’m really sorry if I brought up any bad memories from when you were human, Anon. I… forget sometimes, y’know, how bad you said it was for you. You forgive me, right?”

You cringe at her first set of words. But the last set, yeah, you forgot you may have mentioned some things that sounded sadder than what normal foals deal with. You giggle a little as you step up to the push block and put your hoof on it, looking at it with a fierce expression. “Don’t worry about it, Scoots, really, it’s ok. Just do me a favor…”

“Yeah?” Scootaloo asked, as she too readied herself on the pushblock, feeling relieved that you didn’t seem so angry.

“Don’t ever be a Steve Urkel, ok? Ok... Anyway, we have a course to crush, so push!” You began to push on the pushblock as hard as you could.

“Dunno what that first part means… But ok!” Scootaloo said, pumping her hoof as she joined you on the push.

This was by far the easiest of the obstacles. Well, actually, it was only easy thanks to Babs. You both push as hard and quickly as possible, only releasing some pressure every few moments, until eventually you get the pushblock to the other side, allowing you both to stand in front of the next challenge, the rotating platforms… And oh boy, this was much more intimidating up close than it was from afar.

“So, how did Babs say to do this one?” You ask. You were sure you remembered, but at the same time, you needed to make sure you weren’t mistaken.

“We wait for the platform, jump, then we jump straight to catch the next one, then jump towards the middle platform. Easy peasy, I’m not even worried about this one.” Scootaloo said as she prepared herself “I do jumps like these all the time on my scooter, and if I can do it, so can you, right Anon?”

You already got this far, and you felt platforming shouldn’t be too hard. You walk over to the edge of the platform you’re on and look down at the water. There was a ladder that only led up to the side you’re on. So yeah, falling in would definitely slow you down. “Yeah… No problem, righ-SCOOTS?!” You say in surprise as Scootaloo already jumps, makes the second jump, then jumps again to the middle platform. “Scoots?! What are you doing?!”

“What’s it look like? We still gotta do this under the target time, right? So come on! Don’t be so slow, Anon, sheesh! We’ll never make it if you just stand there!” And just as Scootaloo said, she is able to easily make the jumps as if they were second nature to her. To you, it really was quite amazing to see her manage those jumps,she really was more skilled than she appeared. You really thought you were going to have to carry her most of the way, and boy, were you glad you were wrong.

“Alright! Alright! Heh” You snickered as you prepared to make your jumps. “And I thought I was supposed to be the hero colt! Welp, better not disappoint the crowd. Here… I… GO!” And you go to make your own series of jumps. While not as elegant as Scootaloo’s, you still reach the middle platform to the cheers of the crowd.

“Yeah! C’mon, Anon! One more time!” Scootaloo cheered you on “We only got the climb and the dragon after this!”

Alright, just focus, just do what you did last time. Wait for the platforms to nearly sync up and…GO!

You make your jumps once again, however, this time, you lose your footing on the last platform due to a misstep, making your last jump not being enough to clear the gap. “O-OHHH SHIIII… huh?” You felt like you were hanging from something, and you didn’t feel wet at all. “Huh?” When you look up, you could see Scoots struggling with her forelegs to hold your own hoof as she desperately fluttered her wings to pull herself back. “Scoots?”

“A-Anon! GNNNNGH! C-C’mon! S-start g-getting up already! I-I can’t h-h-h-hold you forever!” Scootaloo said as she strained herself to keep you from falling.

You pulled yourself up upon realizing Scootaloo and caught you, and fell on your belly as Scootaloo fell on her back. “Wow! Scoots! That was…” No seriously, you thought that was it for the run. Scootaloo saving you was ridiculously cool! “That was amazing! I’ve never seen reflexes like that before. You saved me from falling. T-thanks…”

Scootaloo stood up slowly, giving you an accomplished grin “Well, I had to save you, Anon. We gotta finish this thing together, right? Nopony left behind. As for my reflexes… Erm.” Scootaloo chuckled nervously “It was more assuming you might mess up than anything else… That’s still ok, right?”

wut? She thought you were gonna fall anyway?! T-that hurt...

...Fine, just roll with it, she still saved you. Smile, and fucking roll with it. But…

No, geez, fuck man! How could she have expected you to screw up that jump?! You’re a platforming master! Y-you just misstepped, that's all. Happens all the time… “Y-yeah, it’s fine. But…” You take a breath, calming yourself as you walk over to the tight chute that led to the dragon platform. “What about this though? how do we get up here?”

Scootaloo looked upon the chute, and began to circle around it as she looked up. “I dunno…” And then her ears perk up, then droop “But the crowd is calling your name…”

Hm? You barely noticed the crowd at this point, but when you gave a listen, you could hear them chanting “Anon!”. But what they weren’t chanting was… “Scoots, you ok?”

“Yeah, i’m fine…” She said with a low whine as she looked up at you with a fake smile “Everypony really just came to see you, right? I kinda butted in on this in the first place, so I understand. I mean, you’re the hero colt and Rainbow Dash’s trainee, that makes you more than amazing a-” But Scootaloo stops when you put a hoof on her shoulder, you looked at her with a smile “A-Anon?” She looked to you with confusion and sadness.

You may have your differences, and you may get jealous and angry, but Scootaloo was a real friend, one of the only CMC would would stand by your side more often than not. To see her sad because the crowd weren’t rooting for her was not something you’d allow. “Scoots, listen to me. Who cares who they root for? I can see on your face that you do, but you know what? Those ponies up there aren’t Rainbow Dash, or the elements, or the Princesses, Spike, Applebloom, Babs, Sweetie Belle… Why, I bet Scrappy is... erm... tearing up some faces right now for not cheering for you... ”

Scootaloo cringed at that “Ow, I-I don’t think he’d do that… But, he would be pretty upset about it, the not cheering for me thing, I mean. Erm, are you trying to say that all that matters is our friends cheering for me? For us?” Scootaloo’s expression changed to wonder, hoping your reply was a positive one.

You just give her a simple grin. “Pretty much, not like you’re gonna see any of these other guys anyway. Trust me, Rainbow Dash is probably already gushing from when you saved me back there. ‘That’s Scootaloo for you, she really is the true hero here in Ponyville!’ She’d say! “

Scootaloo giggled lightly and waved her hoof at you “Ok, ok, now you’re coming on too strong. But, heh, thanks, Anon, I really needed that.” She does a light jump towards you to give you a big friendly hug, you could hear her softly coo as she nuzzles into you a little. It makes you slightly uncomfortable, as you knew Diamond was watching, but you also knew Scootaloo was just being affectionate in thanks to a friend who cheered her up.

After that, you both nodded to each other and looked upon the shaft once more. “So, got any ideas, Anon?”

You just stare at it. You can’t wall jump, and climbing up the shaft seemed rather difficult given how high up it goes, especially since it’s a straight shot up. “I’m thinking…”

Scootaloo tries giving it a few jumps while pressing her hooves on the sides to try to press herself along the wall, but it just wasn’t good enough, the shaft was just wide enough for her not to be able to press herself firmly to keep in place. “Darn it! Come on! Ugh… There’s got to be a way! We’re wasting time!”

You kept your focus on the shaft as you sifted through every tactic you could think of in every video game you ever played. But none of it, NONE OF IT, was of any use! Fuck! You were both going to lose if you couldn’t think of something!

“If the shaft was a little more tight, we’d be able to press our backs on it and walk up. But darnit…” Scootaloo kicks the side of the shaft with aggravation.

Scootaloo gains your attention with the banging sound of her buck. You look over to her and frown about the entire situation. “Relax Scoots, we’re not gonna be able to think of something if we get upset.”

“I know, but how are we gonna get up there?! Ugh, if only I could fly, I’d get us up there for sure.” Scootaloo said as she tried to push her back along the walls again.

You just watched as you pondered, and as you pondered, an idea outside of gaming started to fill your head. You could remember an animated movie where a llama and a human pressed their backs together to climb up walls as close together as the shaft in front of you. Was that the key? Holy crap! WAIT! DOES THAT EVEN WORK?! “Scoots! I got a plan! That thing you’re trying to do? That’s how we’re gonna do it!”

“Wha? But… It’s not working. I’ve been trying to do it, but I just can’t get it right.” Scootaloo said, confused as to why you thought it was a good plan after she herself had failed multiple times.

“Ahhh! True!” You say with a smirk as you walk past her and into the shaft. You then sit down and put your hooves on one side of the wall. “But if we need to make a tighter space to climb, then how about we just press our backs together until we can press our hooves hard enough to stick in place? Then all we gotta do is sync up our pace as we walk right up.”

“Woah…” Scootaloo walked into the shaft and looked up, she was both impressed and in wonderment “You mean, just walk straight up by pressing our backs together?”

You nod “Exactly!” You look at her with the fierce look of deterministic friendliness “If we’re gonna take down that dragon together, then we’re gonna have to get to it together first! You and me, Scoots! We’re gonna bring it on home!” You hold your hoof out to her “You’re with me, right?”

“To the ends of Equestria!” Scootaloo says with a cheer as she puts her hoof on yours “Let’s go!” She breaks contact and preps her back to be pressed against yours.

Scootaloo, a true blue friend indeed. “To the ends of Equestria” she said, and that made you nearly tear up. When it came to the CMC, Scootaloo truly was the best out of all of them, one you’d definitely take back every “simple-minded” comment and thought you had in the past... if you ever got the chance to talk to her about it without hurting her feelings. In any case, you join your back with hers, and with hope within both your hearts, you attempt to move upwards.

“W-woah! It’s k-kinda tough to move, b-but we’re doing it!” Indeed, both you and Scootaloo were straining yourselves as you both strived to maintain asynchronous movement upwards. But it was, in fact, working, you both were moving up through the chute with the power of teamwork!

“Y-yeah, ngh, we’re almost there! Keep at it, Scootaloo!” You were struggling as much as she was. You thought this would be easier, but it really was tough moving straight up. With every step, your legs and hers shook and buckled. Even as you both reached the top, you could feel your muscles giving out. “N-ngh… S-scootaloo, how’re doing? Y-you ok?” You said with a pant.

“F-fine, ngh, n-never better.” Scootaloo was straining her words harder than you were. “W-we’re almost there! D-don’t give up!” Scootaloo was mustering as much energy she could for the last few steps. Even if she was more tired than you were, she wasn’t close to giving up, her spirit was too strong for that. It inspired you to push yourself as hard as you could to make it to the top.

“Almost... a-almost! NGH, THERE!” Both you and Scootaloo, upon reaching the top, push yourselves forward and grab onto the upper edges of the shaft and tiredly brings yourselves up to the final and largest platform of all. You may have felt tired, but you were still determined to win the fucking day with one of your best pals. “S-scootaloo, we did it! We’re at the top!”

Scootaloo took a moment to rest and catch her breath “I-I know! One more obstacle to go, all we gotta do is… is… uhhhh…” When she looked up, she noticed the dragon statue was facing away from the both of you, and very slowly rotating. “This is it? It’s not even looking at us.”

You also took notice of this, you also felt your ears twitch as you caught the distinct noise of what sounded like metal twisting upon itself, but that was probably due to the machinery meant to rotate it. The dragon was meant to be somewhat dangerous to the both of you, but with that slow rotation speed, it wasn’t going to be hard at all. “Yeah, it’s moving super slow too. Is it supposed to be so slow?”

“Dunno, it looked like it was moving faster when I saw it before. Hah!” Scootaloo said with arrogance as she began to stand “And look at it’s flame!” She points to the fire coming out of the dragon’s mouth, it was much smaller than even you remember it. “It’s puny! Anon, this is going to be really easy!”

You also take notice that the edges of the platform started spouting large flames upwards to form an outer ring of fire. It spooked you, but it seemed Scootaloo was expecting it. You could hear the crowd in awe from the spectacle as they await the victory you and Scootaloo so longed for. It was almost disappointing to see how easy this was going to be. All you both had to do was grab the doll from it’s clutches, and it’d be yours.

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