• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 114 - The Visit with Chrysalis - End Times

And so you were all focused on the movie once again. Rasczak and his Roughnecks began searching the outpost that sent out the distress signal. Twilight’s eyes were affixed on the screen once again, watching in wonder and yet disgust as they examine the corpses. Indeed, having seen the scene with Zander and Carmen before, she already knew that the brain bug had feasted on their brains. When they found the cowering general, Twilight again was upset that they would treat him so awfully after he was traumatized by witnessing such a horrible act.

And then, they struck.

“It was a trap?! There’s too many! They can’t possibly hold them off!” Twilight called out. “Come on… This can’t be the end! It just can’t!”

“Like a child…” Chrysalis said to herself before calling out something to Twilight’s attention. “Keep your eye on the screen, Princess. The scene I want you to see is about to come.”

“Oh no.. They don’t make it, d- WAIT! There it is, the escape ship! Come on, come on!” Twilight was getting excited, it was so close. When Zander popped out to rally the soldiers in, hope filled her eyes. Up until… “Oh no! The lieutenant! His legs, and…” And then, that’s when it happened. Twilight put her hooves to her mouth the moment Rico went through with shooting him on his command. “Why…? He could have made it…”

“He couldn’t, and he didn’t want to burden his soldiers with any more possible loss. He really did expect the same. The soldiers hauling him off could have bitten the dust just the same as him due to being slowed down, and he knew that. And, ah, and now she’s dead too.” Chrysalis said as Dizzy, Rico’s newest love interest, is killed on screen.

“No!” Twilight called out before tears filled her eyes. “Why? WHY?! IT’S SO SENSELESS!” Twilight screamed, smashing her hooves to the ground. “Those things! Those bugs. They have no heart, they don’t have a soul. All they seem to do is senselessly end lives for no reason, throwing themselves into gunfire without care just to… To…” Twilight slumped down, tears still flowing. “I see what you mean now, Chrysalis. I didn’t understand how terrible this war could really be until I saw that. It’s all so senseless, and yet the humans will bravely fight on and risk their lives for their home. But…” Twilight then turns to Chrysalis, confused about something. “Humans are obviously good, honorable, and they care and love for one another. So why do you care about them? Don’t you hate all of that?”

Chrysalis suddenly froze. That question, put in that way, asked by Twilight herself. Chrysalis had her reasons, sure, but now she was second guessing herself due to the situation she found herself in and the fact that Twilight was asking as if she was already friends with her. Chrysalis pondered, and then said. “As I told Anon, I find the fact that they can fight and are willing to end those who oppose them favorable traits. Also, the fact they are brave, capable, intelligent, and strong means that they could actually put up a fight. And then there are all their wonderful little toys, many of them I’d not mind having myself. The fact they fight for good can be overlooked… I suppose.”

“But that’s what I don’t get. Why are you willing to overlook the good humans have done? Why do you overlook that Anon is no longer a human, and is integrated to pony society? Why can’t you overlook the good we’ve done? It makes no sense to-EEP!” Twilight steps back as Chrysalis suddenly stands up, hops from her bed, and slams down onto the ground.

“That’s none of your business! And it is something you will never be able to understand! You ponies are way too simple minded and weak to ever understand. You are and will always be food to us! Do you understand me?! Look how long it took you to even grasp the humans within this documentary! You’re supposed to be the smart one, and yet you know nothing! Do you know why it doesn’t make any sense to you?! Do you?! Well, I’ll tell you! It’s because all you ponies are the same, and do nothing but ‘care’ and ‘love’ and ‘feel’ without thinking of others like me who need such things from you to survive! And even then, despite all this, ponies can’t even defend themselves without you and your friends shooting a rainbow at whatever comes along to ruin your pathetic little ‘harmony’. You’re beneath me, Twilight Sparkle, there’s your answer! Now sit down, watch the end to this, and get out of my house!” Chrysalis said as she stomped closer to Twilight, looking down at her in an imposing manner.

“C-Chrysalis, h-hey, calm down. Twilight just asked a dumb question, that’s all. L-let’s just relax, drop the subject, and-” But Twilight, ignoring you, steps up to Chrysalis’s challenge.

“I will. But I have to let you know, Chrysalis, you’re wrong! Ponies work very hard to maintain friendships, their lives, and the love they have for everypony. It’s why even now we were able to ally ourselves with dragons and griffons and-AGH!” Twilight found herself grabbed by a chaotic aura, and slammed upwards into the ceiling.

“Dammit, Twilight! Stop! That’s not gonna help! Especially now! I told you, I TOLD YOU, to keep your cool! But no, NOOOO, you had to go all ‘Twilight Mode’, didn’t you? All I wanted out of this was a decent understanding and for us to watch this movie to the end, and yet you just HAD to be you and try to question and learn and debate when THIS ISN’T THE TIME TO DO IT!” You said as you growled at her, using your magic to keep her on the ceiling.

“A-Anon, I was just. Ngh, I-I had to try something, I don’t think she even understands her own reasoning. I just wanted to help.” Twilight said as she struggled to free herself.

“You ponies took everything away from me! Your ‘help’ was never asked for or required. But…” Chrysalis began to snicker when she realized she had her chance. She looked to you, bearing a cruel smile, and nodded. “Do it, Anon, crush her to a pulp! Now’s the time! You can see it, can’t you?! She’ll never change! She’ll never respect you!”

“A-Anon…” Twilight’s eyes went wide when she heard those words. Considering her predicament, could you really…?

“I won’t do it, Chrysalis. You know I won’t.” You tell her as you ease your grip on Twilight. “I’m sorry that she upset you, but I’m not going to go that far, and you’re not helping yourself wanting me to destroy her. Let’s all just calm the fuck down and finish the damn documentary!”

“But we’re so close! Anon, don’t do this! You’re the only friend I have left…” Chrysalis’s gaze becomes softer, pleading, even pathetic even. “Don’t betray me too… J-just do it…”

She was faking it, she just wanted Twilight dead at any cost. Goddammit! Twilight! Chrysalis! WHY?! WHY DID YOU PUT SO MUCH FUCKING EFFORT INTO THIS!? WAS THIS WORTH IT?! S-Starlight. The only reason that went so well was because she was a pony, was that it? That her will was weak? No, the reason why THIS isn’t working is because Chrysalis, despite her pain, is stubborn, and refuses to see the good of ponykind. DAMMIT! FUCK IT ALL!

You grab Chrysalis within the same aura and slam her into the ceiling. You then look to Twilight and Chrysalis with an angry and dark gaze as you growl at the both of them. “The both of you, just… STOP! I tried, I fucking tried, but I don’t know how much more I can take! Chrysalis, you want to know the REAL reason you won’t fucking change?! DO YOU?! It’s because you relish being evil and one note for NO FUCKING REASON! I’m your friend, I tried and I tried, but all you want to do is be evil for no damn reason! I get it, you loved your kids, but you were KILLING them when they could have produced the food themselves! I did my best to be there for you, I did my best in helping you, and I held it together for all the times you used me for your own ends. You bitch, and you bitch, about how I’m being manipulated… AND YET YOU DO THE SAME SHIT! I can’t do it anymore! And Twilight…” You look to her as you narrow your eyes at her. “Shut the FUCK up, just shut the FUCK up! God damn, you and your questions and your need to know and your want to make things better was NOT SOMETHING I NEEDED RIGHT NOW! I said keep your cool, and yet you couldn’t do it! And guess what?! Now everything is ruined! Ruined…” You couldn’t anymore, this had to come to an end. So you look to Chrysalis again, your eye twitching as you give her the most serious look you’ve ever given her. “I’m tired, Chrysalis. So tired. Do it, plan your plan, and do it. And when it fails, you have two choices, keep your word or fight me, because the way I see it, it’s either you try or I fight you like the villain you are. Twilight, at this point, you know what I want, you know what I expect. Keep your word, stop Chrysalis when she executes her plan, and that’s it. So damn tired of this.”

“So… Now is when you finally decide to take charge, how cute. Well then, I accept it.” Chrysalis says as she calms herself, catching you both by surprise and suspicion.

“What? So you’re not gonna say anything about that? You’re actually going to listen to me? What’s your game, Chrysalis, because I don’t feel like playing it right now.” You really didn’t.

“No game, Anon, I actually feel quite proud of you right now, you’re actually showing your humanity for once. You’re right, I suppose I’ve been too controlling and manipulative towards you. I’ll calm down, for you. There is no reason for a fight now, is there? No, no there isn’t. In fact, Anon, I suppose I truly don’t like seeing you so upset, especially at me. I understand your endgame, I’ll make sure it doesn’t come to that. No, in fact, I promise we’ll be closer than ever by the end of all this.” Chrysalis said, as calmly as she could without sounding like she had a secret motive.

“Whatever you say…” You say in a tired sigh as you look over to Twilight. “Twilight, we’re going home. The movie pretty much over anyway. You saw the brain bug part, they blew up her cave, captured her, and that’s it. Not much else to it, you saw the important parts, you can contemplate on it however you want.”

“Anon…” Twilight silently said. She truly could see it now, she didn’t realize just how far you had been pushed, that even Chrysalis herself had pushed you so far despite all the effort you put in to defend her. Indeed, just like what she saw when it came to you and Starlight, she realized you went beyond what anyone would expect to defend those you care about. But at this point, she could also see you were tired and even possibly giving up on the friendship you spent so long and worked so hard to keep. “...Ok, and… I’m sorry.” This time, Twilight didn’t expect you to accept it. She spent so long trying to understand it all, even overstepping herself. She felt obligated to help you even more now, but… She didn’t know how.

“...Whatever. We’re leaving. Chrysalis, just… Just take care. Ok?” You say with an exasperated sigh.

“I shall, until we meet again, Anon. And I promise, things will be changing soon.” Chrysalis says as she does a little bow towards you.

“Yeah…” You take a deep breath, and then look to Twilight. “I’m sending you back to your office, I’m going home… I just want to go home…”

“Anon, you don’t have to, I-I’d like a chanc-” But you cut her off, you just didn’t want to deal with it right now.

“No, I just don’t feel like anything right now. Whatever, bye.” And with that, you cast your teleportation spell. And while Twilight is indeed sent back to her office, you end up on your bed.

You just laid there, hugging onto your pillow. All that effort, all that time, everything, and now it was truly feeling like a waste. Twilight just couldn’t keep her shit to herself, why did you even think that she could? And Chrysalis? Why? Why can’t she change? Why won’t she just get with the fucking program?! Was it you? Did you think you could fight a trope you knew wouldn’t be that easy to counter? Was it fate? Was it fated for Chrysalis just to lose and be evil? Even with all this power, all the power in the damn world, you couldn’t fix it. You could never fix it, you never had a chance. Now you don’t even know. Is it even Twilight’s fault? The world sustains itself on love and friendship, it requires it. Without it, the windigos would fuck everything up anyway. Maybe that's why Twilight was such a tryhard, it was because it pretty much means doom when it comes to such instances. And given she's the Princess of Friendship...

Like damn, when you consider that, it does give the ponies some ammo as to why things had to be a certain way. But fucking dammit, just the same, it just…

Chrysalis, please, just see it…

Why couldn’t she see it?

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