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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 56 - Going Postal

“Left, Left, Right, Dodge, Roll, haha!” You were announcing your movements out loud as Garble blindly tried to take swipes at you, demanding that you hold still. Indeed, the battle was on, but the match up was unbalanced. You were small, and due to your training, much quicker; Garble was unable to land a single blow while he rushed you blindly, and was too large and lumbering to be accurate. On the other side of the coin, however, when the guy decided to rush at you on all fours to try to keep up with you, you found yourself able to counter with a few bucks to his face whenever you hopped his swipe; the problem was that even with your power up, it barely even stunned him. Your head truly was your greatest asset.

“Hold still, you little punk! I’m gonna turn you to soup once I get my claws on you!” Garble said with a growl, becoming near feral as he randomly swings his arms whenever he gets near. Man, he must have gotten really angry real quick after that head bash. Then again, even when the fuck cheated, he ended up outplaying himself. And as uncoordinated as his attacks were, you couldn’t dodge forever. You had to think of something, but what? Oh wait, you could start with his stupid sentence.

“Woah, hold on there!” You hop backwards as far as you can and hold your hoof up at him “Turn me into soup? How would you even do that? I’m solid and meaty.” You pound at your chest “See? Puuuure muscle!”

Garble, in all his idiotic glory, actually stops and stands on his two feet as he looks at you, annoyed, yet intrigued. “What do you mean I can’t turn you into soup? I’m Garble, I can do anything! I’ll just grab you and, er… Um.” He stopped to ponder, but unlike most combatants you had to deal with, his brain fried in nearly seconds “Look! I’ll just throw you in a cauldron and cook you IN a soup! That way it still counts! So there!” He sticks his tongue out at you.

“But that’s just putting me into a soup, not making me a soup. Although…” You tap the bottom of your muzzle as you falsely ponder. Oh yes, you were gonna give him quite a revelation indeed. “I may know a way to turn me into a delicious soup. But ah, you wouldn’t want to hear it, you like ponies too much to do something like that.”

“What?! Who even said I liked ponies?!” Garble looked back at his group with divine kinds of hatred as he pointed at them inquisitively “DID ANY OF YOU PEABRAINS GO AND TELL EVERYCREATURE THAT I LIKE PONIES?!”

The group steps back, shaking their hands and saying none of them ever thought that. Smolder just chuckled, enjoying the show.

“It’s not funny, Smolder! Stop laughing! Grahh!” Garble then looked to you, pointing angrily and stomping his foot as if he was throwing a tantrum “I HATE ponies! I hate them! I hate them so much! Alright?! It’s not funny because it’s not true! So you know what?! Tell me how to make you into soup, then you’ll see how much I really hate ponies!” Oh yes, he was demanding those answers.

“Well, you see, it’s a pretty big secret. So…” You beckon him to lean in with your hoof “Come super close so I can whisper it to you.” Holy shit, no way, he really was dumb enough to fall for this!

Garble slowly leans in, turning his head so he could hear you. “Ok, I’m listening. It better be good, pony.”

Oh god, he really did it. Ahh well, might as well oblige him. “Well, the secret to turning me into soup, is getting a skull splitting headache.”

“What? Did you say aaaaHHHHGHHHH!” With the sound that could be compared to a meteor, Garble screams as his head smashes into the ground. You slammed your head so hard into his that it actually was comparable to being hit with a small truck, or that was your guess. You cackled as you took the advantage.

“Hahaha! You actually fell for it! Moron! Oh, ever heard of the one-two? Well here comes the two!” Just as Garble was raising his head, you used your own as a mace and side swung it to the side of his face, knocking him back to the ground as he rolled a few ways away from you before stopping flat on his belly once more. Holy shit, your head was a fucking wrecking ball. Hold yourself, Anon, don’t start singing now.

“I can’t, ngh… I can’t lose…” Garble was having a hard time getting up, his vision was blurry and spinny. It was actually kind of admirable that he was still willing to fight, but it was clear you now had the perfect weapon to beat him, and you were going to make sure he’d go down. Garble balanced himself, raised his arms, and tried to stabilize himself as he prepared for another go.

“Garble, you’re done. Just admit you lost already. Sheesh, it’s embarrassing.” Smolder taunted, enjoying so much that you had the upper hand. “The way I see it, the Hero Colt is more of a dragon than you are. And I’m gonna say it, much cooler too. If I actually knew him, eh, I’d be his friend.” She looks to you, and gives you a wink. Awww, she really was pretty cool.

“No! N-NO! H-He’s not even a dragon! Grah! I’m r-really gonna pound you now!” Garble staggered backwards, in a daze, and tried pouncing at you. But he was so out of it, he jumped too early and landed and slid right in front of you.

“Oops! Looks like you stopped a bit short there, buddy. Hmm, is this too crude? Hmmm… A lot of people would cringe pretty hard if this happened in the show. But fuck it, it’d be so satisfying to do it personally. Hey Garble, Time to smell the brimstone!” You just had to, you simply did. You turn around, and release a heavy fart right into his nostrils. The reaction was immediate, Garble got up like he was fully rejuvenated and wobbled back as he covered his nose, his eyes watery. “Ahh, love the smell of chaos in the afternoon. Give it up, stupid, you can’t beat me. Why don’t you let that girl dragon have a try? She’s got some spunk. Well, you might have some of that on your nose too, but I digress.” You said as you laughed at him, god he was dumb.

Garble’s eyes nearly burst into flame as he looked upon you, recovering from his haze and shaking his fists in rage. He wanted your blood now, and he was using everything he had to stay focused on your demise. He entered a charging stance, and prepared to rush you once more, taking a deep breath as he did so.

This strategy again? Was this all he knew? Fine, time to finish this off. You prepare yourself for one more head bash, this time you’d jump and bring your head down with enough force to shatter steel. Just prepare yourself, Anon, just watch his movements. He was almost in position, no changes, go for the knockout!

“Huh, what? Oh no! ANON! GET OUT OF THERE!” Smolder, however, had noticed something you didn’t. She had seen that Garble had opened his wings. She was already quick to deduce that he wouldn’t be able to hit you if he was too high in the air, not with his fists anyway.

“Wha, huh?” You step back in surprise, but it was only a step, and not enough to dodge what was coming. Garble feinted back with a hop and flew up in the air. He wasted no time in immediately exerting a line of flame towards you. It seems the breath he took before his charge was to prep his stream of flames. Smolder’s callout was enough to make you wary and try to dodge out of the way, but it wasn’t enough for you to utterly avoid it, especially since Garble’s flame attack was rather large in size. You feel the immediate burning pain of fire across most of your body as you fly back and slide across the floor. You avoided death, but now you were hurting really bad, you could barely move. How?! How could one attack do this to you? You were so close… “N-Ngh…” You were scorched, burnt badly, and even your lungs felt like they were on fire. Had you moved a second later, this could have been it.

Smolder, and even the group of dragons gasped in surprise from Garble’s action. The three that followed him were jerks to be sure, but they either didn’t want to deal with the consequences of his actions or they actually felt bad for you. Smolder, however, was utterly livid as she rushed over to you and looked at Garble with anger. “What’s the big idea?! What happened to this being a clean fight?” Smolder said as she looked upon you, she could see patches of burnt fur and skin on you. “Anon, hey, come on! Snap out of it! Are you ok?!” You were barely moving, she had half a mind of just picking you up and taking you to Ember for help.

“I knew it! I knew you were in league with him!” Garble said as he landed, and pointed at Smolder with hurtful accusation “I knew you were a pony lover! Look guys, didn’t I tell you?!”

But the other three? Yeah, even they knew, for sure, things were going too far. The portly one stepped back, and waves his hands at Garble “I-I didn’t see anything, and I heard nothing. I don’t want to deal with Princess Ember.”

The long one ducked behind the strong one, afraid of what the situation has become “C-can we just go home? This is too much for me.”

And the stronger one? Even he knew what was up. “Yo, Garble, this is ancient ground, and you just roasted a colt. I don’t want anything to do with this anymore.”

“Cowards! We’re dragons! We’re not supposed to play fair! He wanted a fight? Well I gave it to him, so you all better not think of jumping out of the bet now! I’m the best, I’m the coolest, and I’m the winner!” Garble stood there triumphantly, but then began to wobble as his adrenaline flow began to slow down. He started to rub at his head as it began to hurt “B-but now I got a headache, ugh, it really stings.”

Smolder was about to get ready to get up and smack the living shit out of him. But she stops when she notices you turn your head to look at her. You were barely able to mouth words as you began to point at your horn. “Head….h-head.”

“H-hey, relax, you’re really hurt, ok? I’m gonna get you some help.” Smolder was blaming herself for this, her selfishness of wanting to win the bet was scathing her soul. She just wanted to best Garble, even if it was an underhanded way of doing it. But despite your one meeting with her, you had treated her with more respect than any other dragon she had met before. But you yourself wouldn’t relax, and you just kept repeating the same word as you pointed to the horn. “Huh? You… Anon, you’re really hurt, ok? This isn’t the… I said relax! Geez, fine! If it’ll get you to calm down, then I’ll do it!” You just wouldn’t stop, and tried harder and harder to communicate with her, even trying to wiggle out of her grip. It was enough for her to finally give in to your strained demands. She grabs the horn and gives it a tug, noticing how restrictive it was when she held it, as if the necklace connected to the horn was enchanted. But she didn’t need to take it off, just place it on your head. And when she finally did so, your eyes began to glow yellow and red as you floated out of her grip. “Anon? W-what?!”. Indeed, what was happening was imperceptible to those who didn’t understand. But you understood, you understood it was time to raise hell.

You hovered there, glowing as your body began to crack and fall apart. In truth, it was more like you were shedding your skin in a way only those who understood would find comical rather than those who did not know of chaos just viewing it in total awe, or to put it simply, like a snake. No one knew what to do, what to say, or how to approach you. You yourself was in full embrace of your chaotic side, perhaps in a way you should have back during the invasion of the Storm King. When your shell finally cracked and broke off, you returned to the ground, garbed in adorable mailman gear. “I’m back! And ready to go postal!”

Everyone was taken aback, even Garble. What they all witnessed should have been impossible. Smolder herself, while just as confused, started to tap her palm with her claw, then slowly raised it to her forehead and gave it a gentle tap. That’s when she realized it. Just like with your transformation into a dragon, the horn must have transformed you, or rather, given you some clothes while completely healing you. But then, she was confused yet again, but relieved you suddenly seemed alright. “Anon? Woah, I-I don’t really know what happened but… Are you alright? What’s with the getup? How did you even fix yourself?”

You let out an arrogant chuckle as you adjust your hat “Chaos, what else? I let myself get too comfortable with that fight, should have known Garble would have cheated. I’m alright now though, just needed to shed myself into something else. As for what that is, just stand back and watch. I’m about to deliver some pain. I’ll win Smolder, I promise.”

And Smolder indeed stepped back as she saw you look towards Garble with newfound determination. Deeper inside her soul, however, she actually felt pretty bad that you were hurt at all. She was still somewhat confused, but she could see that whatever you were planning, it was about to blow Garble out of the water. But what then? Even if you won, she still felt an annoying sting of guilt that you got yourself hurt for what was essentially her benefit. As a dragon, she knew it shouldn’t bother her, but it just… did.

Garble, however, stunned, angry, and somehow still standing, began to shake his fist at you in raging disbelief “How?! How are you still standing?! You should have stayed down, pony! Now? I’m really gonna let you have it! No holds barred! So either walk away, or face the wrath of the best dragon ever, Garble!”

“Oh hoho, really? Well, I’ll be happy to go a round two with you… After I do something. Kind of forgot to do something back at my house.” Although you sounded confident, to Garble, it sounded like an admittance to defeat.

“Oh? Running home to mommy then? Well, good! Looks like INHHAWWAAAAAA!” Suddenly, Garble is launched a few feet in the air as a mailbox on a post springs from the ground, right between his legs. With powerful force, he is hit right in the crotch, causing him to let out a horrible puppy like whine as he rolls on the ground in pain. Everyone but you cringes hard from such a hit, but then…

“Where did that come from?!” The portly dragon cried

“T-this place is haunted! We gotta go!” The skinny one said.

“I’m with you! I’m not about to get blown to bits by whatever this is!” The buff one cried out, which prompted the group to leave.

But Smolder? She stayed behind, she had figured out that the post must have appeared by your hand. As in, you must be using the magic you had in your horn. She didn’t care about the other dragons, Garble, or the gems, she just wanted you to win. “Go, Anon! Keep being weird! It’s working!”

You cantered over to the mailbox as a box appeared and floated ahead of you. You stopped for a moment, and looked down at the whining dragon. “Heh, you ain’t making any wishes with those dragonballs no more.” You say with a chuckle as you push the package you had conjured into the mailbox. You then raise its small flag. “There we go, totally forgot about the airplane blueprints for Starlight. Two birds with one stone, no problem. Now then…” You eye Garble as he tried to get up to pounce on you, but he was moving so slow due to his injury, that you were able to react near instantly by using your magic to rip the post out from the ground and making a rising swing at his face, making him launch upwards “Special Delivery!”

Garble started to spin upwards into the sky, but amazingly, his rage kept him in the fight as he opened his wings and caught himself. He was heaving, tired, fatigued, and yet he still wanted to go at you, only able to move due to his arrogance and fury. “GRRRRR! YOU CHEATER! I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LOSING TO A PONY!”

“Shut up, Garble! You cheated first! You nearly turned the guy into burnt toast!” Smolder pointed out, annoyed at his double standard.

“Dragon! Drag-on! How does nocreature get that we're made for cheating?! Grah! D-darn it! Whatever! I’m gonna melt you this time, pony! And ha! Then I can make a soup out of you!” Garble reared his head back, and again, released a heavy stream of flame at you, he was giving it all he got this time as your entire body was covered in his flaming breath.

“Anon!” Smolder said as she held her hand out towards you, but it was too late, this time you were hit dead on.

Oh ho, but you weren’t going down this time. When Garble ended his breath attack, he took a deep breath and slightly limped in the air as he tried to regain his strength. He felt safe enough, as there was no way you could have survived. Within the lasting smoke, was probably your ashes. “H..ngh, grrr… Finally, I finally won. Those gems are-WHAT?!” But of course, as the smoke cleared, Garble was surprised to see you still standing, unharmed. “HOW?! YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN SOUP!”

You just lightly dusted yourself off, and looked up at Garble with a calm and collected look. “I’ll tell you how. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor your shitty ass bad breath is gonna keep me from kicking your ass. I’m invincible, you moron! Now take this! From me to you, Garble!” You jumped up and started to pull out glowing envelopes from your shirt as you threw them like shurikens towards Garble.

Garble himself, using the last ounces of his strength, managed to dodge every single envelope you threw at him. After you threw your last envelope, he looked around, then looked to you, and laughed. “Hahaha! Take that! I dodged all of your stupid pieces of paper! Now I’m gonna go down there and finish you off!”

Was this guy for real? Seriously, what the hell? Ah well, it’d be over soon. “Hey, moron, I didn’t put stamps on any of those envelopes, you know that right?”

“Yeah? So what?!” Garble questioned

You give him a dark and smug look as your eyes shine a quick yellow and red. “Return to sender.”

“What? Hu-AGH!” Garble, at first, doesn’t figure it out. But when he turns his head back, it’s already too late to defend himself from the onslaught of returning envelopes as they hit and explode on him, sending him straight down towards you.

“Alright, let’s see, how do I wanna end this? Ah ok!” You raise the post with your magic and get ready to swing. “Alright, time to send this fight off, first class!” You call out as you prep your final attack. The moment the falling dragon gets into range, you swing the post into him so hard, it snaps in two as it send Garble hurtling into a gem spire. Surprisingly, the spire stands as Garble slams flat into it, and slowly slips to the ground. He couldn’t move at this point, only groan until he fell unconscious. “Thank you for using UCS, United Chaos Services, haha! Hey Smolder, I did it! You wanna fight now?” You turn to Smolder with a goofy smile as your clothes disappear and the horn falls off your head.

While Smolder, at first, was amazed by your skills; She was now utterly stunned as she pointed at the fallen Garble, and then looked to you, bewildered “Woah, that was… How?! Did that all come from your horn?! A-ah, I mean, is Garble gonna be ok?! Are you ok?! Is the world gonna blow up now?”

Heh, it was rare to see anyone react like this to your chaos magic. Then again, they either already knew or were cool and collected enough to handle it. You waved her hoof at her, and did your best to calm her down. “Everything is alright, and uh, it looks like he’ll be ok. That though? That was the full power of my chaos magic that I can use with the horn. He wanted to cheat? Well, I just upped the ante is all, so I think that’s a legit win.” You were pretty proud of yourself with this one, you managed to manhandle Garble physically, and then when he cheated, you managed to pull out the ace in the hole. In fact, it was kind of strange. You managed to not only to stay on point with your attacks, but you didn’t quite feel all like yourself when you were doing so. Either way, however, you pulled out the victory.

“Yeah, I guess it is. Wow, heh, and here I thought it was mostly hooey. I… Er, you alright? I know I asked that a lot, but you got kind of crazy there.” Smolder put one of her hands to her hips as she began to relax, just wanting to unpackage just what happened. Ha, unpackaged, another good pun.

“I am, I just really wanted to win, and to help you out. Although…” You look around, it was only you, her, and Garble “I don’t think it’d count without witnesses.”

“Yeah…” Smolder looked away from you, and let out a disappointed sigh. “Can’t believe I’m saying this. But I stopped caring about that, the gems I mean.”

“Wha? But I thought it was a large amount of gems. It’d keep you fed for a long time, right?” You were confused, why did she not care about the gems after you went through all that trouble?

“Eh, I already got enough gems for that. No, look…” Smolder was getting agitated with herself. She thought it was crazy that she was giving up the gems, but when she looked at you again, she did feel there was something more important to hold on to than just food. “I asked for everything and you did it for nothing. Heck, you nearly became toast and you still fought for me. When you said we were friends, I didn’t really think it’d be THAT deep or serious or whatever. And you know what? I realized I got something better than gems, I got a cool friend, that despite being a pony, can kick butt and is pretty rad. Not to mention you still beat Garble, a total plus. I guess what I’m saying is that, well…” Smolder looked around at the arena, and the base of the gem spires, and nodded to herself “This is an ancient place of honor and all that, heh, I guess I have to honor our friendship forever in that case. I mean, I’d even trust you with my own gem stash at this point. You’re the coolest pony, Well, the ONLY pony I ever met. And for helping me out, if you ever need anything, you just let me know, ok? Helping friends out is gonna be one of those lessons I have to learn, right? Might as well get that out of the way.”

“Smolder…” You were in awe. Aside from Spike, you had never really met a nice dragon before. And she had a coolness factor that most others didn’t, and a willingness to not take the goody two shoes route should you two meet again and decide to do something else. Still, as happy as you were about gaining her friendship… “Come on, just take the gems. They’ll probably give it to you now that they know you and me are buddies.”

Smolder chuckles, and shrugs to herself “I was just trying to act all nice, but yeah, I’ll totally pick up those gems. Might be tough explaining it to Princess Ember though, she’ll probably find out what happened and want to ask some questions. Ancient dragon law or not, this might still cause a one heck of a stink.” Smolder noted.

“Not really, considering I saw and heard most of it. Geez, now I know how Incen lost, that colt is packing some real power.” Said the voice of Princess Ember herself, who was sitting on top of one of the gem spires. “Also, you gotta be more careful with these, understand? They’ve been standing here longer than even my own dad has been around.” Ember said as she gave the one she was on a knock before hopping off and hovering down in front of the both of you.

“Oh no…” Smolder seemed more aggravated than surprised as she covered her face with her hands in embarrassment. “You saw me make good friends with Anon, didn’t you? Ugh, that’s so embarrassing.”

“Hey! Don’t even think that, the whole point of sending you to that school in the first place is to learn about friendship stuff like this. Besides, what do you have to be embarrassed about? It’s not like you just got blown up by a bunch of mail or anything. Garble needed a reality check, you needed at least one good friend, and I just needed to see what this hero colt business was all about. All in all, it all seems good to me.” Said Ember, unphased by the events that have transpired.

“Wait, so you’re not mad at all about this?” You asked “I dunno if you know or not, but I was that Trogdor guy. So, y’know, I sort of fooled you when I first met you.”

“Yeah, and? You only fooled me for awhile before I realized that Trogdor was such a bad name that not even a dragon family would be jerkish enough to give that name to their kid. It’s what made me suspicious in the first place. Besides, now I know Incen losing wasn’t a fluke. Really, I thought it was super embarrassing to lose to a colt, even if he was famous. Now?” Ember cracks her knuckles with a determined smirk on her face “I wouldn’t mind a fight. I’ll keep it clean, but I’ll let you know right now, these fists can break boulders.”

You versus the Princess? Well, she did seem pretty honorable, so this time, it’d be a perfect way to test your skills. You raise your hoof to challenge her, but then Smolder grabs it and puts it down. She looks to you, then to Ember, with a worried look on her face “Yeah, as much as I’d like to see a good scrap, I feel sort of uncomfortable with any kind of fighting right now. You saw what happened when Garble torched him, right? I’m not squeamish, I just think the guy needs some rest or something.”

“Yeah, I guess. Nearly jumped in on that one to smack Garble around myself, not cool.” Ember noted as she looked into the sky, noting the fact it was getting dark “It’s about to be night anyway, so whatever. Actually, now that I think about it.” Ember then looks to you, rather suspicious about something “Why are you here, anyway? Like, REALLY here. Ain’t walking around and looking for caves, that’s for sure.”

Smolder stopped for a moment, and looked to you, wondering the same thing.

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! You nearly forgot that you were originally here to spy and gather intel. Hell, you still had to report back to Neighsay. Alright, fuck, this isn’t too bad, you still had one angle you could play. “Ahm, well. I just wanted to see what was up. You get attacked by a dragon, it makes you wanna investigate why. I didn’t mean to be intrusive really, though… I’m glad I did, you two are super cool dragons.”

“I guess that makes sense.” Ember nods, believing you without a second thought. “I guess I’d be in a mood to kick butt if I got attacked by a moron like Incen. Ok then. And uh, you said you’d be going to Princess Twilight’s school too, right?”

Woo, safe. “Yeah, a week after it opens.”

“There ya go, Smolder. Haven’t even gone to school yet and you made a good friend. Now all you gotta do is not lose him as a friend, make more friends, and learn more about friendship. Shouldn’t be that bad, considering how ‘legendary’ this kid is.” Ember actually sounded pretty serious, rather than mockingly, as she pointed to you.

“Geez! Ugh…” Smolder covered her face, embarrassed by the fact she already seemed to be progressing in studies she wasn’t even participating in yet. “Come on, it’s not like we’re best friends or anything! We just met today.”

“And yet you’re both already good friends, made a deal to trick Garble, and don’t think I didn’t see you worry about him when he got burnt. This is why I’m princess, because I always make the right choice.” Ember said, standing with pride.

Wut? “Spike told me you became princess because he gave up this staff thing. I forget.”

Ember grumbled, as she narrowed her eyes at you “Yeah, well. I still made the right choice in picking Smolder. Annnnyway, how do you plan to get home? You don’t seem to have wings or anything. Unless you’re gonna turn into a dragon again.”

“Actually…” You tap at your head, you still had your postal worker hat on, you also still wore the shirt. You make a large open box to be sent to Neighsay magically appear, and point to it with a smirk “Might as well mail myself home, with express postage, I might add.”

Ember groaned “Egh, these puns are killing me. But whatever” She shrugged “I’m not gonna question it.”

Smolder walks over to the box, and gives it a tap. “You sure this thing is safe? It’s not gonna explode on you or anything?”

“Nah, my magic should make it send me exactly where I want to go, it’ll be fine. So, Smolder, I guess I’ll be seeing you in a week, huh? I bet you’ll make more friends at school. Actually, there’s this changeling that’s going there I sorta know who seems pretty nice, you might like her. Her name is Ocellus” Ocellus was pretty cute, and if both of them were friends... Ogh, Diamond might be jealous though. Ahh, it’ll be fine.

“I dunno, heard changelings were kind of wimpy these days. But sure, I guess I can check her out. Well, I’ll see you soon I guess… If you don’t blow up” Smolder really wasn’t too sure about your travel methods.

“It’ll be fine…” You say as you adorably climb into the box, and grab the lid. “Well, it was super cool to be here and meet you all. And really fun crushing Garble." You give another look at the unconscious fool, then back to the pair "Gotta do it again sometime.” You say as you wave to the both of them.

“Tch, sure, sounds fun” Smolder said as she gave you a small wave, trying to act somewhat aloof

“Unofficially, I have to agree. Officially, let’s not.” Ember said with a chuckle as she waved.

And with that, you closed the lid, and vanished into the winds.

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