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I am a polish male born in 2001. I interest myself mostly in reading Fallout Equestria. My journey with this fandom started in August 2016


My thoughts on the Rainbow Factory fic · 9:46pm Sep 8th, 2021

I am talking about:
Rainbow Factory: a mystery unsolved

So I have just written my first fanfic and it felt amazing! It turned out so much better than I expected! All I was aiming for was writing something that wasn't just a reeking pile of words, something that would show Aurora how much I appreciate their work.

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  • Dwindling Party: It would actually be easier to count all of Blackjack's friends and allies who don't die.


So, what I’m trying to say is that forcing yourself to release new chapters on a specific schedule isn’t a good idea. Writing fanfiction is not a job, and your fic’s overall quality is more important than keeping to some ridiculous self-imposed schedule.

Ezn in his writing guide.

Never allow your heart to be darkened by others, no matter how much it hurts; you cannot hide it from the world. Wear it upon your arm, behind a bullet-proof vest. Those that wish to hurt you will bounce off but do not let them or your losses stop you from continuing to make people smile and finding new friends.

At least that is the way I believe things should be.

I'm suprised to be peronally made contact with by a popular? writer.

I've seen the blog and I feel very sorry for your loss, I can't imagine how that must feel like. It must be very hard for you, and yet you are reaching out to people. Thank you for being a writer, youruber and probably even more that I don't know yet. As to the youtube channel, unfortunatelly (or fortunatelly), I'm currently trying to quit my YT addiction, I might check something out after I read your story. I'm about to finish Past Sins and might read your story next. Remember to always put your health, mental or physical, before any stuff you create. Your followers will always understand that.

Keep going strong. I wish you happy St.Patrick's day too(late, yikes).:twilightsmile:

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