• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 110 - The Visit with Chrysalis - Serious Time

So there you all were, sitting at a table with little seats you conjured up, with little drinks and little treats. Chrysalis and Twilight were staring at each other. Chrysalis with visibly mild interest, Twilight with nervousness, and you were wondering how the fuck this even happened. “So, uh, anypony actually gonna say something? Because I’m not gonna lie, this is pretty weird.”

Chrysalis rolls her eyes “If I must, I am the host of this little party after all.” Chrysalis then looks to Twilight as she magically raises her tea cup and takes a sip. “So, Princess, here we are, face to face, all over a problem you assume is an issue. Well, what is it then, out with it.”

Twilight stays calm, which was pretty good considering she was in the belly of the beast right now. Chrysalis, to her, seemed willing to listen and looked rather cool and collected rather than in rage or insane. “Chrysalis, I’ve heard what you’ve been going th-” But Chrysalis cut her off right there, almost angry in tone.

“I said for you to stop caring about my well being. It is of no concern to you, and further conversation about it will…” Chrysalis looks to you, and sighs, feeling that at the moment, she had to bide her time. "For me to ask you to leave. Now then, what is your grievance?”

Twilight just looks to her a moment, brings up her own cup with her magic, and sips. “My grievance is with your supposed ‘evil’ plan. Chrysalis, you can’t just expect me to let you have your deal with Anon when we both know other ponies’ safety are at stake.”

Chrysalis smirks a little hearing that, leaning forward as she stares at Twilight. “And why would you expect me to care about the safety of other ponies, hm?”

“Chrysalis…” Dammit, because Twilight is right in that sense. Chrysalis has gotten a certain taste of the darker side of atrocity and evil, she could very well go further than what she originally was willing before. Sure, you were sure she could be stopped. But, you did have to consider now, that she was willing to do anything to win. “Twilight is right. As much as I care about you, I can’t let you hurt anypony either. Even with all our resources, I know what you’re capable of. Look, is this all really worth it? How do you even expect anypony to accept you after you pull off whatever you’re thinking you can pull off?”

“Ah! Good question!” Chrysalis said with glee as she stepped out of her chair and walked towards the window to gaze through to the forest outside. “It’s very true, isn’t it? How would I be able to allow you all to reform me if I ended up hurting one of your precious friends. How, I wonder?” Chrysalis then looks to Twilight with an evil foreboding glare and a cruel little smile. “What if the pony I intend on destroying is the only one liable to get hurt? What if I make a promise to only destroy that one pony? It should be easier for you all to let me do as I wish if you only need to worry about one life.”

Twilight, getting angry at what she assumed was a threat on Celestia’s life, jumps from her chair in anger. “Chrysalis, I will NOT let you lay a single hoof on Princess Celestia! And if you even think I can trust you not to hurt anypony along the way, then I’m sorry, I cannot allow you to do anything if that’s how you’re going to be!”

“How, presumptuous of you, Princess.” Chrysalis said with a giggle. “Why would I go after her?”

“What?” Twilight said in confusion. Hell, you were confused. You could have sworn that was where her hate boner was pointing towards.

“It’s as I said, I don’t intend to attack Celestia at all. You see, little Twilight Sparkle, prodigy and well loved student of the very princess you assume I want destroyed, she isn’t the one I plan on attacking. I came to realize after Anon left my home here that destroying Celestia is meaningless. What is the point of destroying her when I can make her suffer?” Chrysalis sets her sights on Twilight, looking directly into her eyes.

“Make her suffer? What are you talking about?” Twilight asked, cautiously readying herself in case Chrysalis tries something.

“Making her suffer is my plan. And to accomplish that plan, I need to take away something from her that will bring her the same eternal torment I feel now. Now, to do that, I could destroy her sister and be done with it. But why do that when your destruction would not only devastate her, but would also devastate ALL closest to you? If you think I’m not willing to add on to this by exacting my revenge on your brother and sister-in-law for their little magical burst, then you’re more foolish than I realize.” Chrysalis said, cackling evilly as she finished her sentence.

Twilight’s horn began to glow as she readied herself for combat. “Chrysalis, you’ve gone too far! I should have known this would be a trap! And to use Anon, the one you call your friend, to orchestrate it! That’s low, even for you!”

Goddamit, you bring your hoof to your face as you look to Twilight, annoyed. “Twilight, sheesh, will you stop? Chrysalis isn’t ACTUALLY going to attack you right now, it’d be suicide.”

“Anon, you can’t just defend her! Didn’t you hear her? This was a trap to lure me here and, huh?” Twilight turned her attention away from Chrysalis for a moment to speak to you, but when she looked back at Chrysalis, she was laying on her bed, using her magic to raise her remote and use it to turn on her TV. “What’s going on? I thought…”

“You thought what? That I’d honestly try to fight when I have barely any love to fuel my more dangerous spells and magic? Oh yes, Princess, please, let me attempt to destroy you with the equivalent of a pebble as you blast me to smithereens.” Chrysalis says with an eye roll, switching her DVD on and putting on Starship Troopers. She was speeding through it though, fast forwarding it. “No wonder Discord loves to toy with you, you absolutely react to everything.”

Twilight blinked for a moment, then got annoyed as she yelled out “I do not! And I don’t let Discord toy with me! And I still don’t trust you! Do you really think that even if I am your target, that I’d just let you try when everypony’s lives are still at stake? I know what you do, Chrysalis. I know what you’re capable of!” Twilight barked at her, feeling defensive over Chrysalis’s comment.

“Ugh, fine then. Anon, front and center please, and put that horn on your head.” Chrysalis said as she put down the remote.

“Wha? What do you mean? Chrysalis, what’s up?” You ask her as you hop off your chair, confused.

“Your stupid princess is ‘what’s up’. How are we supposed to make any progress when she won’t even let me attempt to destroy her? Well, if she’s THAT worried over her subjects, then we’ll just need to make sure a safeguard is in place so none of her precious little peons are hurt. Now, put on the horn.” Chrysalis says again, a little more forcefully this time.

“Why does that need my horn though? What, do you expect me to lock you both in some kind of pocket dimension so you can duke it out?” You cautiously place the horn on your head as you asked, but you don’t step any closer towards Chrysalis, wary of her motives.

“As you said, Anon, it’d be suicide to attack her now, no matter the field of battle. No, this is more of a precaution. She wants what she wants, just like I want what I want, and you want what you want. I’ve been studying up on some alternative magics lately, and I think chaos magic can help with the little dilemma we all find ourselves in right now. Now, come over here, raise your hoof towards me, and ask me to promise not to hurt anypony but her.” Chrysalis says as she beckons you with her hoof.

“Chrysalis, what are you doing?” Twilight asked, confused as to what was going on. But Chrysalis nor you paid her no mind.

“I mean, I guess. But what does that have to do with my horn? What, do you expect me to use it as a lie detector or something?” You asked, very slowly stepping towards her.

“Yes, exactly that. With chaos magic, it shouldn’t be too hard to try to figure out if I am truly lying or not, right? Would that satisfy you, Princess Twilight?” Chrysalis asked, looking to Twilight with a cool and smug look.

“No… But…” Twilight was, in truth, curious to see if chaos magic could truly cut through her bullshit and sense if she was telling the truth. “I am interested in this, I admit. Are you saying chaos magic can detect the truth? Really?”

“I am. Now, Anon, do it. Ask me the question, and raise your hoof. You should know what to do with my answer.” Chrysalis said, still beckoning to you until you were in front of her bed. Her bed itself was more of a giant cat bed more than anything, with a fluffy softness and lots of pillows for her to cuddle with.

She just looked at you from said bed, waiting. Hm, what could it hurt? Though, even you didn’t know if chaos magic could see through her crap, but Twilight was right, it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot, even if nothing comes from it. “Ok, do you promise not to hurt anypony but Twilight, I mean, with this plan of yours and all?”

Chrysalis thrusts her hoof forward to touch yours, and looks to you with a more crazed look than evil. “I bet my very life on it.”

Suddenly, there is a dark burst of magic that hits the legs of both you and Chrysalis, sending you back a few inches with a sudden blast. You start to freak out as black shackles appear on all your legs, Chrysalis gaining her own shackles as well, even if they were hard to see due to her own jet black exoskeleton. The fuck just… Wait. OH GOD NO!

“Anon! What just happened?! What did she do!” Twilight aimed her horn at Chrysalis, ready to fight. “What did you do to him!”

No, NO NO NO NO! WAS SHE FUCKING CRAZY?! “Twilight, stop!” Chrysalis! You fucking…

“But she…” No, fuck that shit, shut up, Twilight!

“No, she didn’t do anything to me! She just freaking bet her life! That’s what she did!” How did she?! Fuck, it must have been a fucking ‘devil’s deal’ kind of spell! She tricked you! But no… NO! Not like this! Goddammit! You rush up back to Chrysalis, and angrily point at her. “Chrysalis, please tell me you didn’t just bet your freaking life! Tell me you didn’t just do that!”

Chrysalis shrugged. “I did. I knew you’d do what I asked, and I also knew Princess Freakout wouldn’t approve of anything without a good incentive.” Chrysalis then looks over to Twilight with a smirk. “You understand what just happened, don’t you? Now I have no choice but to solely target you for my plan. If anypony else gets hurt, Twilight, then I will be no more.”

Twilight’s eyes went wide. That spell, it really did happen, she could sense it was real. But even more mindblowing, she just saw an ancient villain, one who could not be trusted, bet her very life to make sure she was her only target. “But… Why? Why would you go that far? Why would you put your very life on the line for petty revenge?”

“Because that’s just the kind of girl I am, Twilight. But you should realize I even made such a risk because Anon here is of some importance to me. I enjoy his company, he makes me feel more cheerful on dull and unmemorable days, and I enjoy the sleeping evil within him. And so total victory or utter defeat are my only options. Winning gets me my revenge, losing means I have to agree to go on his pitiful little quest for redemption. Is that enough of an explanation for you?” Chrysalis says as she raises her remote again. “Because I’d like to spend some time with the both of you. Twilight, I’m sure you’d be interested in at least an excerpt of Anon’s human history, right? Because this part of the documentary, I think you'll find most interesting.”

“Chrysalis, how could you shrug off something like that?!” You cut in, in disbelief on how easily fooled you were. “You just bet your life! And on something like this?! Why!? I know you, that kind of deal, I know you can’t keep it!”

Chrysalis looked to you, her smile more genuine. She then yawned and rolled on her back. “How adorable, but you forget, I do want my revenge and I’ll do anything to have it. Oh, and don’t bother telling me I can’t just act at all to sustain my life. If nothing is done, then eventually the bonds on these legs will end me.”

BULLSHIT! “You can’t know that! It wasn’t even part of the deal! How could you possibly know?!”

“I think I’d know the spell I tricked you into casting, Anon. Besides, life would be easier for you this way. I know my destruction or the failure of my plan would solve all your problems. Think of this as a gift, Anon, a way for me to attempt my plan without too much blame being placed on you. Though, I suppose me succeeding would change things up as well. So, Princess…” Chrysalis looked over to Twilight, her gentle smile becoming arrogant. “What say you? Will you use this opportunity to end me? You now have a way to erase my existence without having to even raise a single hoof. You could seal me away, and the spell will take care of the rest. Or, we can play things my way, and let me have my little scheme.”

Twilight fell silent. She didn’t expect this, she didn’t know how far Chrysalis was willing to go until today. She couldn’t see it at first, but she could really see Chrysalis didn’t take losing her children all too well, her madness being evident. There was something… Something she had to test. Because it was clear there seemed to be some friendship between you and her as well. But this madness, was it making her see you as just another object? Right now, Twilight couldn’t see Chrysalis a hero of another dimension, a sister, or a friend. And so, wanting to see the truth, she just had to see how far Chrysalis has truly gone. “I see, so you really want to see me destroyed. So, are you truly willing to go that far to destroy me, Chrysalis? Even using Anon to meet your own ends?”

“What are you babbling about? I evened the playing field, didn’t I? You’re the only one I want destroyed. Your destruction will cause Celestia to suffer for as long as she exists. So yes, I used Anon to force you to agree to my terms, so what? Besides, I already know I'm safe. You’re not willing to destroy me. You’re too set in your ways. And even if you weren't, you'd still take Anon into consideration anyway, friendship and all that.” Chrysalis rolled back onto her stomach, trying to figure out why Twilight didn’t seem to get the stakes, the terms, and the idea of her bet.

Twilight nodded, and suddenly, you were caught in a purple aura. Twilight was pinning you down with her magic while keeping her eye on Chrysalis. “What the?! T-Twilight! What are you doing?!”

“I’m sorry, Anon. I know Fluttershy and Discord won’t like this, it is going to be the hardest thing I have ever had to do. But it’s clear to me that you’re too dangerous. your actions have led to this, a plot to end me, a plot to cause true disarray in the land, all over revenge. Chrysalis, I may not know much about chaos magic, but severing Anon’s connection to Discord should free you from your own insane bet. You will then have a choice. A proper trial, or immediate imprisonment. The choice is yours. Either way, say goodbye to Anon.” Twilight’s horn began to glow brighter.

“HOLY WHAT?! TWILIGHT, WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! GYAH!” You couldn’t even grab your horn! Oh no! Not this shit again! Fuck fuck fuck!

“What are you doing?!” Chrysalis stood up, visibly becoming angry. “You’re bluffing, You can’t expect me to believe you’d send Anon away over this!”

“I can, and I will. Anon, for all the good he has done, has also put too many at risk too many times. He’s too dangerous, we both know that. I also know you can’t stop me, you said so yourself. So really, you don’t scare me at all.” Twilight said, looking to Chrysalis with a dominating look.

What in the fuck was she talking about?! What the fuck did you do?! “TWILIIIIIGHT!”

Chrysalis actually quivered, her expression becoming vicious in a motherly fashion as her own horn began to glow. “Twilight Sparkle, if you dare. IF YOU DARE! I will not rest until you are destroyed, do you hear me?! I will make sure you suffer for weeks on end before I grant you the MERCY of destruction!”

Twilight nods, and immediately lets you go, her expression softening ever so softly. “I don’t dare, Chrysalis. And despite your threat, I now know you are capable of caring about another. You’re capable of friendship, love, and companionship. If Anon was in danger, you really would risk your life to save him. And I’m sure he’d do the same for you, he pretty much has so far.”

“Are you telling me you bluffed me to prove some insipid, stupid, disgusting point about me! ME! YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME THAT WELL?! PRINCESS?! HOW DARE YOU EVEN BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND ME! WHY DOES EVERYPONY THINK THEY GET ME?!” Chrysalis was in a rage. Sure, she was pissed off that she was tricked by Twilight. But even worse, the only reason she believed Twilight was because of the possibility of… “...I was too obvious.” Chrysalis realized it, realized why she was easily tricked. She looks to you, then back to Twilight. “Alright then, so I have a vice. That doesn’t mean much when it comes to your safety, Twilight. I still intend to enact my plan.”

“Hmm…” Twilight was still conflicted to allow her to try. And yet, she was the Princess of Friendship, it was her duty to help those who sought acceptance and love. This was the ultimate test, wasn’t it? To help Chrysalis, she’d have to put herself at risk. Nobody else was going to like it, but if it meant finally putting an end to a possible evil, she had to take it. “I accept that. But I’d really like to get to know you better, to know how you and Anon are. That’s why we’re here, isn’t it?” Twilight didn’t look pleased about any of it, but she got the information she wanted.

Christ, you had to check yourself after that. Fuck, Twilight means fucking business if she was willing to try that. But Chrysalis, wow, you didn’t know if she considered you a brother or a friend at this point, that was pretty defensive. “Look, are we done with the whole ‘anime, aha just as planned’ stuff? I’d rather not be used as a poker chip right now, please?” Like goddamn, you were shaking.

Chrysalis was silent, thinking, wondering. She was exposed, but she got what she wanted, and a part of her cared about that. She had to now play her cards right. She already had a plan in the works, but if she could learn how Twilight thinks...

Well, for now, she'd just have to play along. And she did have something in mind for 'bonding'. “I suppose that’s one of the reasons, even though nopony said it. But yes, fine, let’s take things down a notch, I wanted to show you something anyway. Anon, as for you, stop being such a baby. You act as if no one has ever manipulated you before.”

“G-geez, thanks for caring. Christ…” Holy fuck, man, what the fuck was all that shit?!

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