• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 78 - A Promise is a Promise

Welp, you had a way in now, Diamond made sure of that. But thanks to Twilight’s manic reactions and falling unconscious due to her not being able to process the information given to her, Diamond started to become more and more upset by the minute. She followed you through the castle, asking about why Twilight was acting the way she was, that it didn’t make sense to her. It was obvious to you though, it was obvious to anyone who knew Twilight. She was a spaz that despite being the friendship princess, had issues trusting anyone who was ‘bad’ or ‘evil’. You could just tell Diamond just that, and show her why Twilight is a hypocritical asshole. But you take pity on her childish nature, and decide to tell her that Twilight is only upset because she has so much on her mind already, due to the school and all. She buys it of course, as it made some sense to her. You then start showering her with some praise, telling her that she did an amazing job in bringing up the topic of Chrysalis. But you only do this to make it easier to tell her that you had to do the next part, the part where you convince Twilight, alone. At first, Diamond is adamant in helping you in this ordeal, but after you tell her that this particular subject has actually been a long process between you and Twilight, and that you had to see this to the end alone because of this being a personal issue that has been a back and forth between you two for awhile now; she begins to realize, or at least think, that if it’s something that goes back that far and something she doesn’t have a full grasp on, that she might actually do more harm than good. After such a realization, you are now able to tell her that it’ll be alright if she leaves you alone here, and that she could probably use the time to develop her ‘Moonlight Garnet’ character for O&O. While still reluctant, she gives you a gentle snuggle hug, and says her goodbyes, and her hopes that everything will be alright.

After you say your goodbyes and she leaves, you take the time to really start looking through Twilight’s kitchen. And… Goddammit, really? Did everything in here have to be prepared? Dammit, you didn’t know how to cook. How the fuck could she not keep any snacks around? Ugh, dammit… Everything looked so old timey too, with these classic looking ovens. No wonder there wasn't any snacks to eat.

You grumble to yourself as you return to the cutie map room, stopping to look upon Twilight’s unconscious form. Heh, she did look really cute when she was knocked out like that. You take two sneaky looks around, and ponder if squeezing her butt a little would be a form of cheating. You kind of wanted to see if it was as soft as it looked.

“Having impure thoughts again, Anon?” Said a familiar voice from behind.

“Ye- I mean no! What the?” You look behind yourself, only to see Discord walking past you and towards Fluttershy’s seat, slowly sitting down as he rests his arms on the map. “Discord? Ah c’mon man, I know you wanna see Twilight flub shit up, but this is kind of serious.”

It was odd, really, he wasn’t reacting like you expected. He didn’t seem thrilled to see Twilight down, nor did he make some sort of snappy retort on you wanting him to leave. He simply took a breath and calmly said. “I’m aware. And after some considerable thinking on the whole thing, I figured you may need a partner who has been there as long as you have in this whole Chrysalis friendship business.”

“Discord… C’mon. I value our friendship, but pissing off Twilight is not gonna help the situation at all. I mean, fuck, look…” You started to feel more serious as soon as you realized you were being too passive. You didn’t need him here ruining everything. “Just get out. I don’t need you fucking this up for me. And trust me, there will be hell if you do.”

“Noted. I suppose I’ll just have to conduct myself better to your standards.” Discord said, still acting quite calm.

“Noted? Discord, sheesh, stop acting. We all know what’s going to happen. And I’m warning you, if it does happen, then I’m done living with you. We can still be friends, but I’m gonna stay with Fluttershy. That also means I’m never playing O&O with you ever again.” That should get him out.

“Also noted, and a dice I’m willing to roll. Now come along, Anon, take a seat. The Princess awakens from her slumber.” Discord said as he pointed over to the fallen alicorn, who was already mumbling and waking from her daze.

Goddammit, the hell was he up to?! “Discord, I mean it. Just go!”

“Too late for that. Just take a seat, Anon. And let us take this on together.” Discord says, as he looks back at you with a happy looking grin.

Man, the hell was he on? You’d say he was just being his usual asshole self, but the threat of not playing O&O didn’t even phase him. It made you curious, that’s for damn sure, so you decided to take Rarity’s seat as you prepped yourself both for this talk and Discord’s shit. “Right… We’ll see about that.”

“Ogh… What a horrible dream.” Twilight said in a groan as she began to stand “It was so real. Everypony just being ok with Chrysal- Wait…” Twilight looks over to the Cutie Map, only to see you and Discord sitting and waiting for her. “OH NO! IT WASN’T A DREAM!”

“It surely wasn’t if it was related to her. Good afternoon, Twilight, it is a pleasure to see you. But if you haven’t already noticed, we have some business to attend to.” Discord said, being unusually polite yet forward in his tone.

“ Huh? Uh... Yes, yes, we do.” Twilight cautiously went to her own seat as she shook off her confusion, coming to realize quickly that something serious was up. She was still twitching some, but it was clear she wanted answers at this point. “Since it’s obvious she really was at Anon’s wedding, I’d like to know how nothing came of it considering even Fluttershy knows about it.”

“Because nothing bad happened, Twilight. In fact, I actually made a breakthrough. A friendship breakthrough.” That should be a term she should understand. Just gotta hope Discord doesn’t fucking botch it. God, you were tense, you just needed to get through this.

“A friendship breakthrough?” Indeed, Twilight looked both confused and intrigued. “What do you mean by a ‘friendship breakthrough’?”

“As in, he has penetrated the stone casing of her heart. He’s managed to find out that she has come to care about something a little more than just her children and her kingdom. Although, caring about her children isn’t such a bad thing.” Discord says… Wait, he said that? Where’s the snark?

Twilight, at first, was going to ask what he meant by that. But even she seemed rather irked that he hasn’t tried anything to torment her yet. “Discord, are you feeling ok?”

“A tad under the weather, but fine otherwise. But let’s not change the direction of this conversation. Anon, if you would let her know what you both spoke about” Discord said, raising and sliding his paw to the side to signal that it was your time to shine.

“I uh… Ok.” Really, really weird. “So, uh. Basically, we’re still friends despite how things kinda went with her kids. And it’s kind of clear she’s been lonely ever since that happened too.”

Twilight, further caught offguard by Discord’s lack of jerkiness, and interested in what you could mean, hazards the question. “What do you mean by that?”

“She actually cares about what others think of her. As in, she actually cared what somepony other than me thought of her. She had wondered if Diamond hated her. If she was still utterly evil and not wanting any kind of friendship, then she wouldn’t care about that. She’s starting to care, Twilight. She’s starting to realize how empty conquering everything actually is. Without friends, without her family, she’s just… Lonely.” And that, at least to you, was an absolute truth.

“And a little nutty to boot, she tried to eliminate Anon as soon as she got there.” Discord added. And goddammit, there it was.


“She did what?! I knew it! I knew there was more to it than that! How could you defend her, or… Even make things up if she was trying to end you, Anon? Are you that deluded?! That crazy?! You’re also somepony I have to protect, Anon, along with everypony else. And I can’t do that if you’re lying about somepony as dangerous as Chrysalis being ‘friendly’ in anyway. If she’s willing to try to strike you down, then she’d do anything to get her revenge against Princess Celestia. How do you not realize that?!” Twilight wasn’t having any of it now. She was now sure that you were going off the deep end trying to defend someone who couldn’t be saved.

“Well, that last part may have been true had she wanted revenge on Celestia at that point. No, her sights were purely set on Anon. And yet, despite that, there he stands. Of course, you probably think there isn’t too much truth to this, but I beg to differ just due to the simple fact that even Spike knows about that little detail, as does Starlight. And then you must think why Anon would hide this fact from you despite others knowing. Well, I’ll tell you. The reason why is because of how you always seem to react whenever Chrysalis is involved. Always negative, always losing your nerve. And the same could be said about anypony you saw as a villain when it comes to this particular behavior. You didn’t even take the time to ask why Anon is still here despite her attempt to eliminate him. Well, to put it simply, she was a distraught mother who lost her mind and was taking extreme measures to somehow reclaim what she lost, not realizing that she was going to end something near and dear to her heart. You should have some knowledge on how that feels like, Twilight, although being tardy isn’t very equivalent to losing one’s family, even if said family is better off.” Discord said, in such a way that you were as flabbergasted as Twilight when it came to his very sound logic.

Discord was actually spearheading this thing really damn well. And although that was the reason you didn’t tell Twilight, it was so overwhelmingly weird that the guy who suggested not telling her did tell her while putting it in a way that she couldn’t argue it. Also, maybe it wasn't so bad he mentioned it? Thinking on it, Spike or Starlight would have probably eventually told her. And oh boy, shit would have really hit the fan then.

“I… uhm… So… Ahrmn… That was something that may have happened and... “ Twilight had to stop herself, and really give it some thought. If you were still here, and if no one at the wedding was attacked or mind controlled, then it meant that this really was the truth. She realized that you must have gotten through to her in some way to make her not want to end you. Twilight began to enter a realm of deeper thought as minutes began to pass. She knew you did have a knack for reforming ponies. And although she doesn’t know of your attempt on Suri, she knew for damn sure that reforming Tempest Shadow was as amazing as reforming Starlight. Indeed, you did have quite a little reformation record going on for yourself, enough for Twilight’s arguments to crumble. “So does this mean she wants to reform?”

Man, maybe you were the one who was dreaming. Discord was actually helping? Twilight seemed to be folding? How did this happen? “I’m getting there, which is why I wanted to have support from the four princesses. I want to show Chrysalis that despite her doing evil stuff in the past, she can be forgiven. She doesn’t even really have to change her personality, all she has to do is learn that evil and conquering things is wrong. Heck, we’d know if she was willing if she transforms like her children did. In fact, if that's not enough to convince you…” Here we go, Anon. “Well, you promised that if she wanted to reform, that you’d be ok with it. Well, I’m asking for your help with this, Twilight. This is the last time I’ll attempt this, but I’m going to give it all my heart. I know I can do it, just like I have before.”

“Promise? Oh…” Twilight’s ears dropped when she realized, long ago, she did in fact make such a promise.

“Hmm? I don’t mean any hostility. But is there a problem with keeping a promise?” Discord asked.

“No, I just realize how crazy this all actually is. But not a bad crazy. I realize now that I came into this conversation being very unreasonable. And even then, I never thought I’d hear that Queen Chrysalis was actually considering reforming. It’s bizarre to think about, but it’d be wrong of me to not want that to happen or not help it along. The only thing that really bothers me though, is if she is just tricking you all. Like I’ve mentioned, the well-being of every pony falls upon me and the other princesses. However, maybe I shouldn’t think of the worst possible scenario, we’ve all seen what happens when I do that, right? Ummm... I… I think I can go along with this, Anon. As long as you have a plan, and she continues to show progress, then I think it’ll actually be ok. But if it isn’t… Then you know the princesses and I would have to stop her, right?” Twilight said. She seemed so unsure, but she finally, FINALLY, budged on the situation. And hell, you could keep Chrysalis in check to make sure that doesn’t happen, you knew you could.

Well, you hoped… “I know. I…” Was she really willing to make good on that promise? “So you’ll let me do my thing, really?”

Twilight nods “I promised to let you do your thing, right? A crazy promise from a crazy princess. Hahaha...Ha.” Twilight looks to Discord and waves her hoof rather frantically at him “Although, not the kind of crazy who enjoys chaotic antics! Just uh, what I mean was… Um.”

“What you meant was to be endearing and not seem hostile towards Anon, am I correct?” Discord says, with no hint of malice.

“Yeah… That’s exactly it.” Twilight began to look at Discord with growing concern. She had heard what had happened to him when he went and tried to act overly organized and orderly, and it very much seemed he was trying to do that again. Something, as she understood, was his own form of crazy that could very well end him. “Discord, are you sure you’re alright? I’m serious, if there’s something wrong, you can tell me.” As much as she found him mischievous and mean at times, she didn’t want to see him sick or hurt.

“I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine. In any case, Anon, are we done here? I would like to have one last private chat with you before I go.” Discord said, this time with a tiny cough. No, wait. That politeness, lack of chaos, overly caring. That wasn’t Discord…

Oh damn…

“Yeah, yeah… Sure. Um, sorry to leave so suddenly Twilight, I kind of have other things to do. I uhh…” Just be polite, Anon, just be polite. You got what you wanted, and you already knew you had little time to do what Discord wanted to do. You get up, and do a polite bow to her. “T-thank you very much for giving me this chance. I promise to you and to myself that this time, I’ll make it work.”

“O-oh, you don’t have to bow to me. Anon, I’ll put my faith in you this time. Thinking about it now, heh, we wouldn’t even be here right now if you didn’t reform Tempest, right? Chain of events, helpful allies, not obliterated by a giant storm laser. Do you know what I-” Twilight, in her neurotic ramblings, didn’t notice until now that you and Discord had already left. “O-oh… Ok then. Ugh…” Twilight let’s out a heavy sigh and let’s her head slam down on the cutie map. “Good job, Twilight, you lost your head. Yooooouuuuuuu lost your head. Can you do this again? Could you not lose your cool? You made a promise, and you have to keep your promise. Anon has been really good at reforming, that’s a fact… Sooooooo, why does this worry you so much? Mnnn, I need to write a letter to Princess Celestia…”

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