• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 70 - The Wedding Finale

Ah damn, AH DAMN! You weren’t super prepared for this, but if you faltered now, with all eyes on you, you’d cause a huge problem indeed. You could see your friends excited for what was coming, Fluttershy actually leaning her head on Discord as a sense of pride and love filled her heart. Mrs. Rich just looked on, silent, and with approval. But then there was Starlight, she just wouldn’t stop with that glare, even if she was trying to fake having joy for the event. You looked to Scootaloo, who just whispered to you “Don’t be nervous, Anon, it’ll be ok, it’s not like Chrysalis is gonna jump out or anything”. You knew she was just trying to help, but oy, she might as well had been a fortune teller considering she predicted it from before. Mayor Mare was also prepping herself, it seemed, as she silently read from a paper. You could barely hear her as she spoke to herself, but it seemed to be a script of some sort. Of course it would be, this wasn’t a real wedding after all, so it’d be obvious there’d be some changes. Ok, Anon, just stand straight, stay steady, you got this!

Then you noticed the front doors began to open with a bright light. Silver Spoon stepped in with a white, soft purple dress, very common looking, with little grey ribbons where the shoulders were. She was spreading flower petals around happily until she reached the stage, and stepped off to the right to await Diamond.

Then there she was, stepping side by side with her father. Little Diamond Tiara, stepping forward in a snow white dress that flowed nearly to the ground, her headdress having a veil that barely covered her face, with white flowers adorned on it. She looked like she was just doing her best to contain her giddiness, yet slightly looking away shyly when you looked at her. It was all so… Super adorable. Mr. Rich just stepped along silently beside her, looking like the proudest father that ever existed. When they got to the stage, he went to join his wife, in which surprisingly, she got rather affectionate by leaning against him, it was rather soothing to the heart to see her like this, you kind of wished she could be like that all the time. Diamond herself stepped up next to you, yet she had a hard time just looking at you, or up at Mayor Mare, blushing deeply as if this was truly the big moment. You wanted to tell her something now, but then it could ruin the moment. You decide to show Diamond a warming smile when she does take a peek at you. Oh man, you could feel it, your heart was actually thumping. All eyes on you, at an event such as this, and it just made her so happy and blushy that she didn’t seem to know what to do, and you were just ok with it. If she really wanted to change, and be a partner to you, then it would all be fine. It just meant that you yourself would have to take it, and her, seriously.

Mayor Mare took the two of you being side by side as her cue to speak, she cleared her throat, took one last look of the paper, and began to speak, the music dying down as she does. “Fillies and gentlecolts, we welcome you to a very special event. Today, we bear witness to a ceremony that will mark these two young foals eternal bonds for the rest of their lives. Although this is not an official matrimony, it can be expected to be one of a spiritual nature. Love is a surprising feeling, as it not only transcends time, but also the boundaries we ponies all see within our minds. A wonderful feeling that binds family and friends together, allowing us all to live together in harmony, and allows us to act when needed to protect those we hold dear in our heart. It's something, I think, these two have proven when it comes to loving one another, protecting each other even when things looked most grim. And now for the moment we all have waited for, the heart melting and... Hmmm... exceedingly glamorous moment when these two proclaim their vows to one another, and with a symbol love, strengthen that chain of love to unbreakable levels…” Mayor Mare took a breath. In some way, it looked like she found whatever she was saying a tad corny, but she also looked quite touched from the sweetness of it all, especially when she looked to the two of you. “Now then, Anon, Diamond Tiara, it is time for your vows. Erm… Ahrm, 'vow' you have to say to each other. Diamond, if you may, you first please.”

Diamond looked up at you, shyly, nearly speechless at first. She was shaking, nervous, possibly afraid of how you’d react to what she had to say. She just looked adorable to you, flustered, you just wanted to give her a hug now to show her it was alright. But you just stood there, giving her a warm smile instead as you awaited her words. She looked to her parents, in which Spoiled was being very very patient, smiling even. Filthy just sitting there, with pride, tilting his head with a gentle smile to show her things were just fine. She even looked to Silver, who was behind her. Silver just raised a hoof at her with a ‘go get em’ expression, trying to boost her friend’s courage. Diamond then looked back to you, feeling a little more brave, and finally spoke her vow. “My vow is… I just want to make Anon happy, and be there for him when he needs me. I know I was never the best at that, but I’m willing to do better, and I’ll put him before myself too. I want to be his partner now, and I’ll be his wife when we grow up. I’ll be ready for that, for sure.” Diamond just looked to you, with loving and longing eyes, truly meaning what she said.

Mayor Mare just nearly had a ‘d’awww’ moment there, nearly falling over from how adorable it all was. She cleared her throat, adjusted her glasses, then looked to you. “And Anon, your vow?”

You gulped, you remembered what Bonbon told you, but… You couldn’t just put it that simply after hearing that, your heart actually hurt both with care and with guilt. You looked to your friends… Well, Trixie sleeping again didn’t really help. You look to Starlight, who at least seemed to have softened up some, but was still clearly worried. You looked to Scootaloo, who just looked back at you with a frown, feeling as if something may have just happened. You then look to Discord… And he was actually paying attention, hell, the clones were too, all of them giving you a thumbs up. You then looked to Fluttershy… She was smiling, with tears in her eyes, actually leaning against Discord as she looked towards you like a mother witnessing the marriage of her son. Ok, Anon, it was your time to shine. If this was the relationship you were gonna stick with, then you better cement it here and now. “Diamond, I know I haven’t been the most truthful with you, or been around too much. The truth is, I always had a shred of doubt, or felt unsure about it all. But maybe it was because we were both doing this whole relationship thing wrong. So I want to be your partner. I want to know that I can share with you my secrets without it becoming some public spectacle, I want to be able to share fun times with you, and I want to be there to pick you up in even your darkest times, to be your light when things look bleak. I want our relationship to be on a foundation of trust and respect, and I want to be able to… Well, grow old with you without the torch that lights our path ever growing dim. I want to be there til the very end. That’s my vow.” Oh yeah, Anon, nailed it with that last line, real poetic. You meant it though, not only with the fact that you said it, but also the fact that you were NEVER gonna get a girl to fall this hard for you ever again. Applebloom did, yeah, but it wasn’t as deep and you kinda went with the whole “Diamond had dibs” thing. Now? You felt you could roll with it, there really was no point in letting her go now.

“O-oh, Anon! I…” Diamond just looked at you with so much love in her heart that she was about to explode and jump right into you. Well, she was, until Mayor Mare spoke up.

“W-wait! Wait! We’re not at that part yet! Ahrm, Anon still must present his token of love! You do have that, right, Anon?” Mayor Mare asked, more as a formality really, she knew you had it.

Diamond backed off adorably, just having a slight shy giggle to herself as she awaited your gift. Scootaloo, being very prompt, just stepped forward and held up the box on the frog of her hoof. “That’s my cue. Here ya go, Anon!” She tried to look as cool as possible as she presented it, even having her sunglasses lowered to add that extra flare.

“Thanks” You say as you slowly take it from her, open it, and hold it to Diamond, ready to say a cheesy line “Here you go, my love, so you’ll always know I’m close to your heart.”

She was speechless as she slowly took the locket and opened it to see a picture of herself and you, looking happy together within the heart shaped confines of the locket. She closes it, puts it upon herself, and just looks at you, lovestruck. “I-I’ll a-always keep it c-c-close to my heart.”

“There we are. Ahrm, you may now kis- Oh wait…” Mayor Mare looked to the paper, and corrected herself. Seems there was no deep loving kiss to be had among foals. “Cuddle the bride”

Diamond took that as a sign to just rush up to you and nuzzle her head against yours, the room filling up with the clapping stomps of ponies, Mayor Mare just gazing upon you both with a smile as a tear runs down her cheek. Silver was ecstatic about it, stomping along with everyone. Scootaloo too was filled with joy, happy to see everything work out alright, ignorant of the events that transpired before. Fluttershy was hugging against Discord, hardly able to contain herself with such a sweet moment. And speaking of contain, Spoiled was crying, publicly, in the legs of her husband. Though she was still able to give a death glare to the newsponies whenever they even looked like they were going to write about it. There was also a camera pony who took a snapshot of both you and Diamond, probably hired to make printouts for everyone who wanted a picture of the ‘darling couple’. Lyra and Bonbon were there too, just smiling on, excited to see you so happy and content. Hell, Lyra was practically springing up and down about it as Bonbon tried to calm her down.

Diamond, as she nuzzled you, began to softly whisper to you “I wish this could last forever, Anon. I wish, even though it really isn’t much, that this was the real wedding. We don’t need expensive things to make it great, we only need each other.”

“Yeah… Only makes me look forward to the future even more. Diamond, I have a surprise for you when the wedding is officially done, alright?” Man, the way she was just cuddling into you, kind of made you want to go to the resort ASAP. Y’know, for a little rest and relaxation. And yes, making her happy too, that is pretty important. And nothing else... Nothing else... nothing perverted

“A s-surprise?” She stops nuzzling you to look into your eyes with adoration and genuine curiousness. Though, there was a hint of hesitance as well. “Anon… You didn’t have to. I meant what I said… I want to be your partner, you don’t have to treat me super special anymore. Erm, well…” She giggles shyly “Not too super special. I-I mean, erm… I’m pretty loaded, y’know? I know your dad gives you a lot of bits and stuff, but… Y’know, you don’t need to spend it on me.”

“Well, that’s good then.” You give her a tricky sort of grin “Because the surprise was free. But like I said, I’ll get into it when we’re alone, alright?”

“A-alright…” She went back to nuzzling you. You could tell she enjoyed the affection as much as you did. “If it really was no trouble, then I’m super looking forward to it.”

With the wedding about over, some of the ponies began to leave, some quietly saying how efficient and adorable it all was. Scootaloo rejoined her friends asking Number Four, who was still outside, and Five to join her so she could introduce them before they go. Discord was noticeably displeased to see not only Five followed her, but also from Scootaloo grabbing Four’s attention from the front door, seems he was already getting an idea that something was up. But he also didn’t make a move, as Fluttershy tugged at his side to ask him to make some room for you. Diamond was taken by Mrs. Rich to the back of city hall to get her undressed and talk to her about how she feels about everything thus far… Or mostly just to make herself leave as she didn’t want to be caught crying any more than she already has. Mr. Rich, dragging a hesitant Starlight and a proud Number One along with him, went to speak with Mayor Mare and the newsponies to talk about what a success things were, and to give some credit to his security detail. Lyra and Bonbon, surprisingly, took their leave… Wonder why.

And you? Well, what else do you do but finally rejoin your family and see what’s up. “Aunt Fluttershy!” You squee out as you move in for a hug. “How are you! How was your trip?”

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