• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 81 - The Hyrule Campaign Part 1

Author's Note:

I made this chapter short as a test, to see if anyone actually wants this to be a mini arc, or if they'd want it skipped with a blurb.

“Hy-rule? Discord, I dunno…” Spike, garbed as Garbunkle, said as he gave the entire area an inquisitive look around. “Place doesn’t look very O&O. And given the creepy ominous clouds, dry grass, and evil looking tower, this doesn’t look like it’ll be easy either.”

“Relax, Spike. It may look difficult, but this kind of place can be done by even the youngest of children. The only reason it looks difficult is because we are starting at the end of an adventure. Odd place to start, I know, but this is merely a test run for our beginner adventurer. Even better, I have given us items that will help aid us on our assault on our target, a ruthless demon king named Ganon, who awaits us at the top of that tower. And, being as amazing as I am, this entire scenario was constructed from an outline. Which means even I have no idea how it’ll progress, perfect for immersion. Now, the items in question are very special, and essential in defeating this evil king. I, Captain Wuz, hold the silver arrows. You, Garbunkle, wield the Staff of Wisdom.”

“Wha?” Spike looks upon the staff he is holding, and notices it to be a spectacular silver staff with a blue spherical gem at the top of it, three triangles adorned along the clutches of the staff that hold the orb in place. “Woah, this looks pretty neat, looks pretty high level too.”

“Ohhh man! Dad! Geez, this is amazing!” You were just taking it all in! It really looked like it was mostly based off Ocarina of Time, but more realistic looking. Holy fucking damn, this is the kind of adventure you wanted to go on! To actually go and take out a memorable and legendary villain like Ganon. “Like, what made you want to set this up?”

“I just thought if it was going to be a beginner’s adventure, that’d it be something most enjoyable to you. Which would make it easier for you to enjoy it with your marefriend. And there is certainly no other reason other than that. But I do have to know, on a scale between 1 and ‘Discord is the best of them all’, how would you rate things thus far in terms of aesthetics?” Discord asked, looking at you with a cocky look, but his eyes seemingly having some sort of wanting for validation, something you truly hadn’t noticed at the time.

“Beyond the best! I always wanted to do an adventure like this! Wait, OHHHH! Wait, so if Spike has got the Staff of Wisdom, then that must mean I have the…” You reach onto your back, and hold up a massive double edged battle axe with a silver blade, the handle being made of a sturdy gold material, marked with the three triangles of the triforce, with a red diamond encrusted in the middle of the giant blade itself. “The Battle Axe of PooowwwaaahhHH!” You also didn’t realize that this was a two hooved axe, as in, holding it up with one hoof was quite cumbersome. You accidentally drop the axe onto the ground as you fall forward, your face meeting the axe’s edge. Luckily, somehow, you only bump your head as if you hit a blunt object, and fall to the side of the axe with a thud. “Ow… Yikes… U-um, it’s pretty heavy.” You were just glad you weren't cleaved in two.

Discord just groans as he puts his paw to his face. “You’re lucky these weapons only slice through evil or this adventure would end as soon as it began. But yes, you have the Axe of Power. Which leaves Moonlight Garnet, and her Dagger of Courage.”

“Wooooah!” Diamond said as she held up her dagger, a silver blade with a strong gold metal hilt, the hilt adorned with a green gem in a triangle shape, surrounded by the triforce. “This looks really expensive.”

Wait, Diamond… Diamond as in Moonlight! Oh shit! You look over to her as you stand back up to finally see what her character was. Though, you expected an alicorn, that wasn’t what you actually got. What stood before the group was a filly with a darker pink coat than Diamond has, wearing a black tunic, shoes, cape with red fringes, and a black cloak along her head. Diamond’s mane was the same, if a little frazzled, but it was her eyes, mouth, back, and ears that caught you off guard. Her ears were now very fluffy, and slightly longer than normal. Her back was now adorned with black purples bat wings, her pupils were now slits, surrounded by beautiful garnet colored eyes, and she had small fangs extending from her mouth. Wait… She’s a bat pony?! A BAT PONY?! She looks… Unf, she looks adorable and yet sensual at the same time. Maybe that wasn’t the intention, but oh boy, did it turn you on. “Diamond, is that you?”

“Yup! Oh! Wait…” Diamond begins to notice on her own that her body actually changed. She looks back to see her wings, and begins to pat at her ears like a cat, causing them to flick about. “Eeeeee!” She lets out, being a little more ear piercing than it should be, but oh so damn cute. “It worked! I’m a Bat Pony Princess! A master of the night! Yeah! Anon, what do you think? Don’t I look oh so cool?” Diamond strikes a small pose, extending her right leg forward as she tries to look daring, but comes out as… Well, it should be daring but you had smut on the mind.

“You look so… Amazing.” You say, just...looking at her like a perverse creep.

“Well, of course. I’m Moonlight Garnet! The Princess Thief! Wait… That just makes me sound like I steal princesses. The Princess of Thieves… Wait, no, that just makes it sound like I rule over thieves. Erm, The Thief Princess! There we go, perfect!” Diamond says with a satisfied nod. She then notices you staring at her, she also noticed you blushing, something she had come to realize meant one thing. “Anon… Are you attracted to me? I mean, like this?” She asks, rather shyly.

You nod and answer carelessly. “Mhmm” God, she looked sexy.

Diamond, at first looked adorably shy about it, but then she suddenly got super angry. “Anon! GRRRR! YOU CAN’T BE ATTRACTED TO MOONLIGHT GARNET! SHE’S NOT ME! OOOH, THAT MAKES ME SO…” She rushed up to you, and with some kind of unholy strength, takes your axe and slams it down on your head, actually slicing you in half. Not in a violent way either, more like you were made of paper, no guts or anything. A spirit version of you floats out of your now vanishing corpse, which startles everyone. “Wait! WAIT! I didn’t mean to do that! Ngh, You said it could only cleave evil! Anon.. No…”

Spike just chuckled as he put his arms to his side “He’s alright, that’s just how we deal with player death. As for only cleaving evil, heh, I have a feeling there was something about Anon right then that wasn’t exactly good.”

“Indeed.” Discord snaps his talons, bringing you back to life as he has himself a light giggle. “Not the first time its happened either. But let us try to avoid player killing, shall we?”

“Y-yes, Daddy Discord. I’m sorry, I just got really mad.” Diamond said, relieved, and feeling apologetic for what she did. But holy fuck, that was yandere as hell! Geez, that was fucking scary. You expected she’d not get jealous, especially with the way she was maturing, and then suddenly she cleaves you with a fucking axe!

“Y-yeah, let’s not do that. But u-uhh, Diamond, I-I mean, couldn’t it be my character just falling for your character?” You say, with a pathetic and sheepish grin on your face as you try to save the situation. “I mean, this is a role playing session.”

Diamond just gives you a hard stare, no longer phased by your 'death' “No.”

“Oh, critical failure there, Anon.” Spike says as he walks over to you to give you a pat on your side for reassurance before looking to Discord. “So, Captain Wuz, what exactly are we doing? As in, are we just doing a basic dungeon run? Get in, beat the bad guys, get out?”

Discord nods “Exactly, however, our way to the town is cut off thanks to that drawbridge. And even then, the once bustling town of Hyrule has been taken over by Ganon, meaning it’s probably falling apart and filled to the brim with his monstrous soldiers. We’ll have to get past them first before we even reach the tower.”

Spike just rolls his eyes as his tone turns sarcastic “Oh yeah, real easy.”

Ok, so it sounds a little worse than Ocarina of Time, as you remember the town only having redeads, who were pretty easy to bypass. “Yeah, I’m with Spike, how are we supposed to get past an entire town of monsters?”

“Hmph, I’d expect that questioning from you, Anon, of course, but you Spike? Why the doubt?” Discord asked, feeling rather insulted that his friend, a vet of the game, would question the validity of the difficulty of his campaign.

“Y’know, just sounds a little tougher than it should be for a beginner’s campaign. But hey, if you’re that sure, then I’m ready to rock. We’ll send Ganon and his goons to the shredder, no prob.” Spike said as he stood tall, slamming his staff down to the ground to affirm his bravery and mettle.

In truth, you were still a little shaken by Diamond’s reaction to really give an actual reply. You tried to shake it off, but as you gave her another glance, you started to feel rather off. “Yeah... “

And Diamond noticed, and while she was relieved that you were ok, she had realized again that she did kill you, if only accidentally and within a game. She walks back up to you, and apologizes. “Anon, I’m really sorry I did that. I just got mad over something stupid. I mean, it’s just like dress up, right? You just think i'm cute in like, this costume, right?” There she was, worried over the fact you were looking at her as someone else rather than herself. I mean, in essence, she'd probably be hot as fuck as a vampony, a transformation you know that is possible without chaos magic. Then again... She'd also be kind of violent. Buuuuut... Then again, that's still kind of hot.

“Yeah… Heh, I just got a little overwhelmed by your look. Bat or Earth Pony, you look adorable to me.” You tell her, which causes her to nuzzle her head under yours once more, as she was thankful that you forgave her, and admired you for your love for her.

“And that’s a critical save.” Spike said, just enjoying the adorable moment from afar.

“Ok then.” Diamond says as she ends her nuzzling with a smooch to your cheek. “Let’s go kick Ganon butt! Erm, I don’t know what he is, but he’ll rue the day he messed with me, Diamond T-... Erm, Moonlight Garnet!” She proclaims as she turns over to the raised drawbridge, then to Discord. “Captain Wuz, any idea how we’re going to get that down?”

And with those words, it looks like the adventure officially began.

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