• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 68 - The Wedding Part 6

You both pass through into your room, landing on your bed. Chrysalis bounces off onto the ground upon impact with it as you fall flat on your belly onto the soft and warm surface. You quickly stand up, your nerves still on end, and look down at the fallen bug queen. “Shit.. SHIT!” Goddammit, Starlight knew something was up… And not only Starlight, but Number One did too, which meant Discord would eventually know as well. You could already tell things were not going to be as relaxing after the wedding as you had hoped. But that wasn’t important right now, right now you had to figure out what you were going to do.

She wanted you dead, she wanted you fucking dead, with chaos to follow soon after. Her mind was fractured, and her need for revenge was strong. How were you going to handle all that without her overpowering you? For now, you could give her another shock if she tried anything again, but you didn’t know if that’d truly keep her down.

It was you versus her, it was going to be a battle of rage, guilt, manipulation, and broken hearts. You started to realize that maybe, just maybe, taking a forward approach might be the solution here. To just step forth, and try to cut through her bullshit. What did you have to lose? You still held the advantage, and she wasn’t going to listen to you if you puss out. That’s always how it was, wasn’t it? The moment she sensed weakness, she’d take advantage of it. Just looking at her downed form, and being in your room, it made you yearn for the times where you both actually got along. You look into your saddlebag and pull out the locket she had given you when she masqueraded as your sister. Opening it up, you could see within it a photo of you and her in her real form. It made you feel sorrow that it couldn’t be like this all the time. And at this moment, you had to do your best for her. If you failed here, you wouldn’t get another chance, and you couldn’t betray your other friends just for her either. Essentially, it was all or nothing. “Chrysalis… Wake up, please. We need to talk.” You say in a soft yet strong manner, looking over her with a stern expression from your bed.

“Mnnn, nnmmmgh… W-what happened?” Chrysalis slowly opened her eyes, dazed, and slowly began to stand as she took a look around, her vision blurred. “Why does everything seem so familiar?”

“Because we’re in my room. We need to talk Chrysalis, friend to friend.” Stay strong, Anon, don’t falter.

“Friend? Your room? Ngh!” Chrysalis took a better look around, actually surprised to find herself in Discord’s home. “How did you?! When did you?! NO! I refuse to be imprisoned in this place again!” She then looked at you with an intense fury, and even growled towards you “Why you… I’ll destroy you!” She yelled as she prepped herself for an attack, not even caring to use her magic this time.

“Stop! Ok! Fuck!” You bring your hoof towards the stun switch, and look to her with an intense stare of your own. “You wanna know how this happened?! My hook can shock you, that’s how! It knocked you out! Look, If you even glow the wrong way, I’ll fucking send you to the ground! As for why we’re here?! It’s not to imprison you!” You take a breath, and try to calm yourself “It’s because you nearly got found out. I brought you here to save you, to prevent you from getting caught. I didn’t want to lose you again now that you finally came back, even if it was just to kill me. I wanna talk, Chrysalis, don’t make me hurt you again.” You had the locket prepped in your hoof, ready to show it to her in a way to calm her down and show her you care. A classic trope indeed, you just needed the right opportunity.

Chrysalis looked like she was still about to pounce, but she didn’t actually make a move. It seemed like she was analyzing the situation as her mind became more clear. She looked around again, then at the line, then at you. “I got outwitted by the stooge. Chrysalis, how far have you really fallen?” She sighed, and looked at you with an annoyed expression “Well, you finally have my attention, don’t you? Especially now that your emotions are at their peak. So you actually do care, so what? You want to talk? What do you want to talk about? What more can you do to sink my life even lower?”

“I don’t want to sink your life even lower, I never wanted to do that. Chrysalis, the truth is, I understand that I fucked up, but it wasn’t like you were any better. We manipulated each other, and both of us wanted us to fall into each other’s endgame, even lying to each other. Hell, you weren’t even telling your children the truth, you were manipulating them too. They got caught in the crossover. But look what happened, They transformed into beings that can actually sustain themselves and-” But those last words were enough for her to interrupt you with her rage.

“HOW DARE YOU! WHO CARES ABOUT THE TRUTH! THEY WERE MY CHILDREN! WE DID WHAT WE HAD TO SURVIVE, SPREAD, AND DO-” But fuck that shit! You weren’t gonna have any of her crap either.

“AND WHAT?! WHAT?! HUH?! TAKE OVER EVERYTHING, RIGHT?! GUESS WHAT, CHRYSALIS!? GUESS FUCKING WHAT?! YOUR FUCKING CHILDREN ARE BETTER OFF NOW THAN THEY EVER WERE WITH YOU! THEY’RE HAPPY! THEY'RE WELL FED! FUCK, THEY EVEN HAVE FRIENDS NOW! YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY THEY LEFT YOU? IT WAS BECAUSE THEY REALIZED YOU WERE A FUCKING BITCH! GODDAMMIT!” Your eyes started to water as you yelled at her, you were pouring all your emotions out at this point. You were just sick of it, sick of her excuses and bullshit. “IT’S NOT LIKE YOU HAD TO LOSE THEM EITHER! YOU COULD HAVE BECOME LIKE THEM, AND LIVE A LIFE WHERE YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO STARVE OR TAKE OVER SHIT! I CAN TELL, CHRYSALIS, I CAN TELL YOU ARE AS HUNGRY AS YOU WERE WHEN WE ENDED UP IN THAT OTHER EQUESTRIA, IT’S RUINING YOU! FUCK! YOU WANNA KNOW WHAT MADE US FRIENDS?! IT WASN’T THE MANIPULATION, IT WASN’T THE GAME, IT WASN’T THE PLOTTING, AND IT WASN’T THE PONIES…” You were breathing hard as tears heavily ran down your cheeks. Your nerves were shot, and you were starting to lose hope “It was all the fun times we had together, the movies we saw, the adventures, hell, we even bonded as actual siblings. Chrysalis, I meant what I said about the horn, I know you didn’t take it when you beat the X-captain because you cared, you really did care. I know we can still be friends. But fuck, you gotta calm down, alright? Life isn’t about being evil or taking over shit, friendship is an actual thing, and I know when it comes to us, that you know that it’s true. So please, let’s just talk, ok?”

Chrysalis started to slowly walk to the side towards your window, very slowly, in a way you’d not notice what she was planning to do due to your current state. “Just talk, hm? Do you want to talk about our feelings? Is that it? Reconcile? Be friends again? Is that it, Anon? Did you miss me?” She just kept slowly moving til she reached your window, eyeing you, trying to sound soft and comforting while still condescending.

“Kinda, yes. I just want to-wait, what are you doing?” You then finally notice when she reaches her hoof behind the window blinds.

“What else? Getting my REVENGE!” Chrysalis pushes the window upwards as quickly as she can before you even had a chance to flick the switch. You yourself fall backwards in fright over the fact that the window to your room was opened with no way to defend yourself from the horror waiting outside. “MWHAHAHAHA! HAha...ha?” Chrysalis’s evil laughter slowly came to a halt when she realized that the X-Captain wasn’t busting in to murder the first thing he saw. Hell, when she looked at the window, he wasn’t even there. Her eyes narrowed as she let out a heavy groan “I can’t believe it, even when the idiot is supposed to be predictable he still somehow disappoints me.”

Hell, even you were perplexed by it. You were actually more blown away from the X-Captain’s disappearance than the fact Chrysalis just opened the damn window. “Yeah, sheesh, he never fucking leaves that spot. Where the fuck did he- Wait…” You then looked to Chrysalis with anger “YOU JUST TRIED TO KILL ME AGAIN! WHAT THE FUCK, CHRYSALIS! C’MON!”

“Oh hush…” Chrysalis says as she rolls her eyes at you “You know how important revenge is to me. You did ruin my life, you know? Ugh…” Chrysalis looks to the line that was wrapped around her torso, then back at you “You going to zap me again? For trying to kill you?”

You could feel your hoof twitching, you really should after that stunt. Was she still plotting? Did she really want you dead that badly? You could feel your hoof drawing closer to the switch, but you didn’t have the will to flick it now that she seemed calm. “Are you done with your murder bullshit? Christ, Chrysalis, I’m doing my best to try to talk to you, but I’m starting to think the ponies were right, that you deserve to rot in fucking Tartarus.”

“Oh, I can tell, I can feel your rage burning inside you… It’s nowhere near as tasty as your love for me though. Ahh, but fine, you want to talk? We’ll actually talk this time, but not here. Follow me.” Chrysalis says as she calmly walks over to your floor door, and starts walking downward, nearly dragging you with her as the line starts to tug at your leg. It seems with the X-Captain gone, and her plans wrecked, she was finally willing to talk. You quickly rush to the window to pull it down before the line actually started to pull you down with Chrysalis. With the window shut, you quickly trot after her, going down your gravity stairs, while trying to figure out what the fuck was going on.

“Could you at least tell me what you want? Where are we going?” You ask, as Chrysalis opens the trap door to the basement caves.

“You’ll see. Besides, if you’re worried, you can just flick that switch, and end everything.” She was suddenly so calm, so focused as she began to walk down the stairs.

You thought about it, you really did. But as you inched towards the switch, you realized the locket was still wrapped around your hoof. You decide to look at it again, then hold it up while calling to Chrysalis. “Chrysalis… You know, I kind of kept this, you remember what it is, right?”

Chrysalis looks back for a moment, but doesn’t really react as she continues her trek down “You kept that, hm? Was that supposed to make me care?”

Ngh… Yes… “I mean, I just thought you’d feel better knowing I kept it. As a symbol of our friendship.”

“It’s a useless trinket, Anon, it means nothing to me…” Chrysalis says as she reaches the bottom, and looks around the cave. After a few moments, she finally spots what she was looking for. She could see her car, in perfect condition, just resting on a stone pedestal. You could swear for a moment, that she lit up in a girlish giddiness, letting out a tiny squeal before clearing her throat. She then began to slowly walk towards it as she spoke as calmly as she could. “That however, I find rather amazing. You kept my car around? It looks like it hasn’t been touched in ages.”

“Yeah, I did. I knew you really loved the car, so I managed to convince Discord to keep it around, and I made sure nopony used it. Ugh, Chrysalis, c’mon, don’t tell me you’re about to care about me because of the damn car.” Like, really?

“Ok, I won’t” She says with a small subtle giggle as she opens the driver door and hops inside. “Get in, then we’ll talk.” She says as she tosses over the line towards the passenger side so it doesn’t get caught on the driver door.

You sigh, and head over to the other side, and enter the car. You just plop your butt on the seat, and watch Chrysalis just rub her hoof along the the wheel and door of the car. “So… What now?”

“We talk, you can say we’re in my happy place right now. Enough for me to forget the crimes committed against me. Mmmm, so, how have you been, Anon? I heard you defeated the Storm King.” Chrysalis says as she fondles her gear shift.

“Yeah, sorta, it’s a long story. But yeah, that happened. I kind of stuck the guy’s head to X-Captain’s ass too. They kind of don’t like each other, they argue a lot and stuff.” You say, eyeing Chrysalis carefully, trying to make sure you don’t let yourself get distracted.

“Oooohh, and they say I’m cruel.” Chrysalis says with a chuckle “I don’t even think I’d have done that. Very nice.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty funny. Um, how about you? What have you been up to?” You ask, staying casual, but still cautious.

Chrysalis calmly begins adjusting her rear view mirror. You found it odd, she seemed content, and yet she hasn’t started the car yet. Hmmm… “Oh, fighting to survive, hiding in the shadows, cursing my life and all the lives of everypony I hate. The usual.” She then looks to you, still looking relaxed. “So, if you still care about me, why still be friends with everypony else?”

“You know why, because they are good friends, for different reasons. Speaking of, I kind of told Diamond about us. You remember her, right?” You ask, wondering and hoping, that you could steer this convo to your favor. Now that you had the opportunity to talk to her calmly, you might be able to get her to see that you weren’t the only one capable of caring about her.

“Of course I do, she can manipulate you almost as well as I can. I liked her spirit, but that’s probably only because of how much she controls you.” Chrysalis actually had a cute little smirk as she said this, but then she let out a tired sigh as she leaned back on her seat “So, how much does she hate me?”

“She actually doesn’t. She actually thinks you’re pretty rad.” You say, looking to her with a gentle smile of your own. “She thought you were actually like a big sister, she even wanted to invite you to the wedding.”

“... I’d say you’re lying, but I can taste that you aren’t. Ugh, how disgusting that I have to admit that I find that both misguided and adorable at the same time. So, she likes who I am, how interesting.” Chrysalis said as she began to slowly move the steering wheel left and right.

“She does, but not as somepony who is evil. Either way, it does kind of prove my point. You can make friends with other ponies, Chrysalis, and I… Mmmm…” You really wanted to drill the point home, but perhaps it wasn’t a good time to play the ‘game’. “I’m sure you can figure it out. Anyway, I really have missed you, y’know? I missed watching movies, and I missed the times we can be real with each other, I missed our chats. But things are more complicated now too. I’d like to go back to it all, but my other friends are just as important… I don’t know what to do, Chrysalis. I really wish… Ugh, I’m just gonna say it, I wish you’d just be good. I can’t just obsess over you anymore, and I can’t be evil like you. You should know that…”

“If I conquered Equestria, that wouldn’t be an issue. But things really do have to be oh so complicated. I agree though, I do miss all the fun times we had together. I even realized killing you would have probably made my life lonely. Not a word I like to use to describe myself, but it’s clear my children hate me, so it’s not like I could just go and ask them to follow me again.” Chrysalis said with a sigh “And I’m aware the runt does miss me. But just like you, I don’t think he’d be willing to betray his friends. Maybe switching sides wouldn’t be so bad… But then I remember how pathetic ponies are, and it just sickens me to my core.”

“Is it really that bad to you, Chrysalis? I’d think the whole transformation thing would be an upgrade to what you are now. The other changelings don’t need to eat constantly anymore, they practically make their own food through their love and care for each other. I mean, could you at least tell me why that doesn’t sound good to you?” You were really curious as to why she didn’t like the idea.

“Because it makes you weak. And don’t tell me it doesn’t, you’ve seen how pathetic they have become. I don’t want to become like that, it’s that simple. Those who are weak deserve to be ruled by the strong, those who are food deserve to be used by powerful beings such as myself. It’s how We-I have always survived. Quite frankly, I’m not interested in doing it any other way. I’ve seen what they have become, they lost themselves. Even the runt has lost his fangs. And given the X-Captain, chaotic mutation is off the table as well. The extra power isn’t worth it. Anyway, I do believe that fool Twilight believes in the virtue of being true to yourself. Well, this girl enjoys who she is. I’ve just hit a minor setback, one I’ll figure out the solution to very soon.” Her voice suddenly hit a tone of sinister as her speech went on, it started to unsettle you.

“What do you mean by ‘solution’? Chrysalis, come on, it’s not worth it. What good is being evil when you’re all alone?” Ok, you sounded like you were trying to convince her to switch sides. But so what? You wanted to fucking save her, now was your chance! “You know I’m your friend, and now you know ponies are willing to be your friend. Hell, Chrysalis, having friends means you’d also have food. It’s win-win. I’m not saying you have to transform like the other changelings, I don’t expect you to change, but being evil for the sake of being evil is stupid! Please, come on… I want you back. As a friend, as a sibling, as somepony I can share human culture stuff with. Don’t throw it all away for something stupid. What do you have to gain?”

“Domination, it’s what I’ve lived for, for almost as long Equestria has been around. Us girls are stubborn, Anon, I’m sure you’ve learned that by now. We want what we want, and while I admit your offer to switch sides has actually tempted me, made me think…” And quickly, like a whip, Chrysalis turned to her side and held you by the neck with her foreleg, some of it wrapped in your hook line. “That I really don’t want to lose who I am, and I’m really not interested in your attempts to change that.”

“N-ngh! C-chry-?!” You could barely breathe. FUCK! YOU LET YOUR GUARD DOWN! HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?! NO!

Chrysalis didn’t say a word as she slid her hoof along your leg and to your Starlight Hook. She moved her hoof to the electrical switch, and flicked it. You began to scream in pain as the shock from the line on her leg coursed through your neck. Chrysalis herself was now well fed, and while grunting from the pain, was taking the shock around her torso much better than you were from the line at your neck. But she also didn’t keep it on long either, just enough to properly stun you before shutting it off. She then shook off the line around her torso as she began to stand on her seat. She then flitted her wings, and hovered over you as you looked at her in a heavy daze. She just eyed you for a moment, then smirked “Thought I was going to kill you, didn’t you? No, we’re alright now, I just got sick of talking about ponies and their ways of friendship, that’s all. I meant what I said, I have no interest in switching sides, but I also realized that I really do enjoy your company… I’ve missed it so much. Besides, you have a wedding, remember? We can't let you waste any more time. Ugh, where would you be without me? Still obsessing over me instead of wooing your love, that’s where. Don’t worry, I’ll find a way to make things work and bring Equestria down. As for us, well… Have a movie ready next time, ok? Oh, and thanks, I guess… I can finally get over the fact my children are terrible. You were right, knowing I have at least one friend does wonders for a heart… That and getting strong enough to make sure that shock didn’t hurt me too much, thanks for that. Well, Anon, it’s been fun, but I have some plotting to do. Keep my car safe, stay alive, and have a good wedding, you have my blessing. Mwha~” She says with a giggle, blowing you a kiss before making her escape up the basement stairs. But before she did, she looked back one last time, and whispered “I don't think I'll ever find somepony better, so don't die soldier.”

You? You had to take another minute laying there twitching, Chrysalis’s turnover was quite shocking… Literally. "N-ngh. I-I think my balls popped from that..."

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