• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 19 - A Dreamy Intermission


Darkness with stars generating simple lights all around you…

You found yourself in an empty space, unaffected by time…

And yet you found yourself quite lucid as you stood on a seemingly empty void…

It was a dreamspace. Emptier than you’d expect, but that was most likely due to the fact that you hadn’t come to dream anything this night. And if you found yourself lucid within a dreamscape, then it only meant one thing.

“Luna…” You lowly mutter to yourself as you look around the emptiness.

You begin to walk forward as you look around. “Come on, Princess Luna, I know you’re here. I always lucid dream when you’re inside my head”

“Indeed...I am here.” You hear her gentle yet regal voice come from behind you as Princess Luna herself steps to your side and looks down at you with a warming smile. “How are you this evening, Anon? It has been some time”

Great, the princess brigade seemed to be on your ass once again… “I’m fine, and obviously sleeping pretty well. Princess Luna, I don’t mean to sound rude or cold, but why are you here? It can’t be a coincidence that you chose to enter my dream now, considering what's going to happen tomorrow.”

Luna frowns from those words, seems she was hoping for things to be rather pleasant considering she did consider you a friend. “I didn’t mean to upset you, Anon. Mnnn…” She really didn’t, but she carries on anyway as she did have some things to say “But no, it isn’t a coincidence. I came to discuss about the going ons for tomorrow, as I will not be there to personally see it myself.”

You thought as much. “Why not?”

“Well, I am technically awake as I do my duties. So I will need my rest when the morning comes.” She explains to you.

“Right… I guess that makes sense. But why do you have to come bother me then instead of asking your sister what happened when it’s all over?”

She doesn’t answer for a meer moment, and after some awkward hesitation, she replies. “You feel as if my sister and I are intruding on your personal business, correct?”

Bingo! Dammit… “Yeah, that’s exactly it. Doesn’t help that your sister decided to just join in for tomorrow without much prodding. I’m surprised Twilight hasn’t had a freak out over the course design yet. And now you’re suddenly bothering me in my sleep. So yeah, excuse me for being a little sore that you decided to visit me specifically for what’s going on tomorrow.”

“Anon, I didn’t mean to upset you like this, but you are also acting out of turn. Do you believe there is a conspiracy against you? Or perhaps we are trying to control you?” Luna didn’t really like the way you were acting. “Because if that’s what you think, then you are sorely mistaken. The only thing that holds true is the partial fact that my sister wishes to attend so she may watch you and young Scootaloo perform in this exam. Mrs. Rich had told her the details of the course, so her other reason is to make sure Twilight does not lose her will of mind from the apparent dangers.”

So then… “Ok, then what about Twilight? If the danger is there, wouldn’t she have shut this whole thing down?”

Luna shakes her head “Not if she has yet to see the colosseum. Twilight has been busy within her own works to see what has been going on just across the train station. She has some qualms about it being such a public spectacle, but her want for young foals to learn and be lost in the world of books was too good for even her to pass up. She will, of course, need calming once she learns the truth of the situation.”

Hmmm, then what about… “Well, if everypony thinks it’s so dangerous. Why is your sister ok with it?”

“She believes it’s not as dangerous as it appears. That you will have more than enough observers who will be able to help the both of you should things go awry. She also believes there is a lesson to be learned about being too boastful. Given my visitations through certain ponies’ dreams, I’ve come to believe my sister is indeed correct. Mrs. Rich has taken your achievement as a way to step above her peers, as she feels she herself has had her dignity diminished by them one too many times. Given how some of the elite in Canterlot tend to act, I can see why she’d feel this way, though I also believe this is definitely not a way to cope with it. But if I had to mention a positive in all this, she does in fact have pride in you, and wishes for you to succeed in a way equivalent to how a mother sees her son.” Luna explains.

“Sounds a little messed up to me. If anything goes wrong, she’ll be a laughing stock. I’m aware she’s being really dumb and cocky about all of this. But I also know how that all works too… sorta… I’ve seen it enough times anyway. If your sister wants to give Mrs. Rich some sort of lecture on something like this, then I can’t see it going all too well if it all explodes in her face anyway. That’d just be kicking her while she’s down. And don’t give me that ‘But she shouldn’t be putting foals in danger’ stuff. I’m well aware, just from looking at the course, that it’s tougher than the norm. But I’m still going for it, and I’ll make sure Scootaloo gets through it just fine… That's a promise. Princess Luna…” You look at her, frowning but determined “I know there’s probably a lesson to be learned somewhere tomorrow. But the way I see it, It’s my duty to make sure everypony succeeds, and that includes Mrs. Rich. I don’t need your sister telling anypony what’s what.”

Luna could sense a cloud of maturity in your tone and words. But she also seemed to know something you don’t. “My sister understands how the social structure works in Equestria. No, she feels it will be more of a personal realization while maintaining the status quo. I’m sure you know, but my sister has premonitions from time to time, and she feels all of this will come about with little involvement from her.”

You roll your eyes. Celestia and her decisions and fucking premonitions. She manipulated you to meet her own ends, and you had to convince yourself that it was for the good of the world. If anything, you’d trade this Celestia for the one from the Flim Flam timeline. She seemed like she would have cared more about your feelings. “Yeah, I bet. I know she has premonitions, but it doesn’t mean it’s always right. Or else she would have seen things like my Dad betraying you all for Tirek coming.”

Luna began to narrow her eyes at you, she started to really notice your hostility towards Celestia. “A premonition doesn’t describe the journey, Anon. Nor is it always set in stone. But I trust my sister, and believe her vision to be true. Is there a reason you hold such hostilities towards her?”

“Whenever she graces me with her presence, it’s always because she doesn’t trust me.” You say, with some scorn in your tone.

“That’s not true, and you know it. You base this on the rare visitations you have with her, and your time with that condemnable queen.” Luna started to sound harsher in her tone “Now you act childish, Anon. It wasn’t my sister who manipulated you, it was Queen Chrysalis who did that. You, the ponies we protect, and even her own hive! How can you still bare a grudge over my sister? The Changelings have become kind and gentle, their kingdom as prosperous as any other. And yet, despite this, you still are angry over the fact that we needed to deceive Chrysalis to make it work?! I would have thought you had moved past this.”

“I am past it. I’m well aware Chrysalis is evil, she’s a villain, and that she had committed grand atrocities. But I still managed to do what you all hadn’t… Have her as a friend. I don’t hold a grudge over your sister, I’m just tired of her always having a reason for, I dunno, something when it comes to me! I paid my dues, haven’t I? Really, the only one I still owe is you considering you saved my life from that tantabus. Princess Luna, please…” You let out a heavy and exasperated sigh “Please understand that it’s nothing against either of you, but I don’t like feeling like I’m being held under a microscope all the time. I mean, I think this would have gone better if you just came to say hello to me, don’t you think? It would have been my bad then had I brought your sister up. Ugh, look… I get Chrysalis was evil, I really do. But she was still one of my best friends, so I’m kind of sensitive about it.”

Luna felt that actually may be true, but also knew had you brought Celestia up yourself, that this conversation would have gone down the same path. But she also felt that, perhaps, a softer approach may be needed “Hmm..Perhaps. And perhaps being sensitive to losing a friend so close is reasonable. I apologize if I have insulted you in that sense, but I still expect you to understand things from our point of view. As for you and my sister… Hm, may I ask you that the next time you speak to her face to face, that you yourself keep things as casual as possible? I know you are always suspicious of her motives, but perhaps not being suspicious and trying to have a normal conversation with her will help move you away from such stressful thinking. My sister can actually be quite a treat to be around and speak to… And sometimes she can be a little overbearing, I admit. But it’s more the former than the latter. And I know you have had some of that former with her before, or am I wrong about that?”

...There was a few times. But those were mostly in your earlier meetings with her, or that one time she came to help prank Blueblood. Hmmnngh, really, Celestia only butt heads with you due to Chrysalis. Dammit… Were you being manipulated again?! You stay silent as you ponder…

And Luna could see that you were in deep thought about that, or maybe something else. Whatever she believed, she tried to circumvent it with a deal. “I would consider it payment for me saving your life. I know what I ask is less than equivalent to that, but it would do my heart good to know that my sister had better relations with you. So please, Anon…” Luna does a short bow to you “Please, honor my request, I ask nothing more than that.”

...Luna...Dammit. Fuck, how could you say no now? A-atleast it got you off the hook, right? “O-ok, ok. Sheesh, you don’t need to bow. Fine, I’ll talk to her tomorrow and see how that goes.”

Luna finally started to smile, and gave you a nod “I thank you for that, Anon. Now, I’d like to get off this subject and move on to something lighter toned. You’d like that as well, correct?”

God yes… “Well, considering this has technically been a nightmare. I really wouldn’t mind a casual conversation with the Princess of the Night...mnnn.” Ugh, just do it, Anon. You felt guilt for your earlier outburst, and felt the urge to apologize. “Sorry, by the way, if I insulted you.”

“It’s…” Luna calmed herself about that, she’d let it slide at this point, it was all said and done. “It’s alright, Anon. Do not let it trouble you further. So, then… What would you like to talk about?”

“Well...erm” You actually hadn’t thought of a topic, you really were too frustrated from before to think of a proper one. But as your mind wanders, it comes upon that of your friend. “Did Scootaloo have a nightmare. Y’know, about tomorrow?”

Luna nodded “She did, but do not worry. I had guided her to a more confident train of thought before visiting you, the same with Discord as well.”

Wut? “Huh? Discord? What? He had a nightmare about tomorrow?”

Luna nodded “Indeed, strong enough that he did not notice me when I came to ease his mind. He cares about you deeply, Anon, more than you think. I know you need no reminder that he worries about you should things become dire. But when it comes to situations such as this, where the stakes don’t seem very high, he can still have worries. Although he tends to keep said worries to himself. “

The fuck? What the hell is worrying him to the point of nightmares? “So what’s bothering him then? Is he ok?”

Luna nods “He’ll be alright. His worry, however, is of his own arrogance. That something may happen tomorrow and he won't do anything about it due to him being, well, in my words, foolish. I soothed his mind however, it really wasn’t that hard to do. For you see, Anon, all he needs is the love in his heart to act without hesitation. That’s all he needed to be reminded of to make such a nightmare flee his mind.”

Discord….godfuckingdammit. You lovable bastard. You knew he loved you. But a nightmare based off his own cockiness? Now that’s on a whole other level. “Woah, well...erm. Thanks for telling me that, I’ll erm… I’ll let him know things will be fine when we get up in the morning.”

Luna nods “He may not remember the dream at a conscious level, as such things are fleeting. But I’m sure, deep down, he’ll appreciate it just the same.”

And you knew, even if he did, he’d be an asshole about it. But you could forgive him, you knew he was putting up a front. Especially after what you have just been told. “Yeah… erm, let me think. So uh, other things… So, how do you feel about Starswirl being back?”

“Well, considering he was my sister and I’s former mentor, ecstatic. But you knew that. I’m sure what you meant was how have things been lately, correct?” Luna asks, as she takes a seat on the invisible floor of the abyss.

“Yeah, that’s what I meant. Sorry, just trying to focus.”

“No need to apologize. Ahrm, well, things have been as one would think. And that being we don’t talk too much, but keep up in letters. Starswirl has taken to being solitary to continue his work, but hasn’t secluded himself from society either. We’ve had tea a couple of times, and my sister and I have gotten him up to speed in recent events. Speaking of recent, I can say that he has a large interest in you, Anon.”

Oh no… “Uhhhh, why?”

“Well, he does know of your origins after all. He’s a scholarly pony, Anon, with a taste for learning that rivals even Twilight. Though, unlike Twilight, he does have a tendency not to respect the boundaries of others…” Luna let’s out a weak chuckle “S-such as this one time he was studying bringing true life to inanimate objects, and turned one of my dolls into an abominable beast. It did insurmountable amounts of damage as well… But, ahrm… That was long ago, and not worth talking about in our current times.”

He turned her doll into a monster? Heh, that must have been when she was much younger. No, this you had to hear. You wanted details! “Oh, I think it is.” You give her a mischievous grin “So, what exactly happened? How big was the monster?”

“A-anon, it is not a tale worth telling” Luna seemed to be getting increasingly nervous about this, why was she so nervous if it happened so long ago?

“Come on, Princess Luna! Tell me! You can’t say something as juicy as that and not give details! How big was the monster? Was it like, as big as a dragon? Or… Even bigger?”

“E-erm…” Luna looked away, red faced and embarrassed

...Oh no. She may have been trying to hide it, but you could tell. She was having the cartoonish reaction of large embarrassment, which meant… “It was smaller than me, wasn’t it? It was, right?”

“W-what?! How did you know?!” Luna looked back at you, bewildered at your seemingly correct guess.

“Well, I didn’t… It was a guess. And now, I know I was right. Eheh” You let out a gentle and meek chuckle “Guess the cat is out of the bag now, eh?”

“Ahh, I know that expression...erm. Yes, I suppose the cat has been let out to rampage across the streets, stealing milk and waking many a pony with it’s terrible meowing tones…” Luna said nervously, looking down in shame.

“Yeaaaah…” Seems she didn’t quite get that the expression doesn’t go that far. Kind of funny, but mostly cringy. “Anyway, so...erm, how exactly did it cause so much damage?”

“W-well, aside from going through my sister’s hidden cookie and cake reserves. It had eaten my crown, my chessboard, some of my other dolls, and…” Luna looks back, her beautiful tail hair vanishing to reveal her bare tail. “It had somehow ate the hairs off my tail…”

That’s it? THAT’S IT?! HAHAHA! That’s hilarious! Her fucking tail? Celestia’s fucking reserve of sweets!? DOLLS?! Now that's fucking priceless! So much so, that you fall over laughing.

“Hmph…” Luna’s tail instantly reverts to normal as she stands and looks down at you, feeling rather insulted “Those were high quality dolls! I really liked them!”

“BAHAHAHAHA!” You were nearly choking, that’s just too funny! Luna! Upset over dolls! Holy shit! That’s too good!

“Hmph, perhaps you can be too much like Discord. Let’s see then…” Luna creates a little window, and reaches inside for something.

Wut?...Wait. A window? But wasn’t this inside your head? You immediately stop laughing and start to worry. “W-what are you doing?”

“Looking for something embarrassing about you so I too may have a chortle.” Luna said as she casually sifted through the window, moving thoughts around like sets of clothing.

“H-hey, that isn’t right, y-you know? I have some pretty private thoughts, some I’m sure nopony should be looking at.” Oh god, please let her be bluffing.

“Oh, it shouldn’t be too horrifying for a pony like me. And these are just your outermost thoughts, the ones you leave unprotected. Surely the thing I find in here never meant too much to you in the...WHAT IN THE?! WHAT ARE THOSE TWO MARES DOING?!” Luna suddenly turned bright red from whatever she was observing. She was utterly stunned.

Two mares? U-u-oh…

You walk over to where she was and raised yourself to gaze through the window. And there it was, Trixie fucking Starlight. As explicit as your little mind could make it… Oh man, she was licking her in the-

“ANON!” Luna pulls you away and closes the window “THAT IS NOT APPROPRIATE! EVEN FOR ONE SUCH AS YOURSELF! HOW...How did such a thing get attached to the outer shell of your mind so easily?! That is usually so deep and intimate, an ultimate expression of love!”

Oh, you knew how. Joking with Starlight must have made you think about it unconsciously at some point. And given your human perversions, it made sense that a thought like this would be so easily seen within your head. “Heh…” You shrug, but then give Luna a smirk “Dunno, but uh, that should teach you a lesson about going through other ponies’ heads like that, eh?”

Luna gulped as she did her best to compose herself “I-indeed...P-perhaps our visit should end h-here. I-I have other ponies I must attend to.”

“Oh...I bet you do” You wiggle your eyebrows at her. Holy innuendos, Batmare! But truthfully, it felt nice getting one over her like this within the dreamworld, especially when you think back on your semi-vague recollection of Nightmare Night.

“A-Anon! I-I don’t know why y-you’d surround yourself in such t-thoughts. But I-I’d suggest you don’t p-pursue them… For everypony’s sake.” Luna didn’t even know if those were the correct words. She had seen all kinds of horrors in your mind. But that?! That’s just unholy to her, on every level.

You give Luna a confident bow “Yes, your highness.” Heh, you really got her good, even if you didn’t mean to.

“G-good” Luna started to wobble a little as she opened her wings, still more red than she was blue at this point “As I-I said, I must be off. T-take care, and g-good luck tomorrow” She said as she began to fade out into nothingness.

You just waved, and gave your goodbye to the defeated princess. Dream or no, the both of you weren’t going to forget that one. Serves her right...

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