• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 102 - The Search for Chrysalis

Author's Note:

This chapter is a bit of a mess. went through rewrites, with then a half rewrite at the end to make it less dramatic and stupid. Oy, I just wanted to make a cool plot point. But really, it's just stupid fluff.

The dinner carried on as normal after that. Small discussions and the like, how prepared you are for Twilight’s school, shit like that. But your mind was truly focused for tomorrow morning, it was going to be something that you just had to make sure would not go wrong at any point, which could be made especially difficult since Diamond is coming along. A needed asset to be sure, but one that is also volatile.

Fluttershy had noticed your eyes trailing off and you being rather silent. She worried something might be wrong, or that perhaps you were even hurt from your fight with the Storm Ravager. But you just let her know that you were tired. You were, but it really was just the fact that your thoughts kept wandering. You could tell her what you planned to do tomorrow, she already knew about you wanting to meet with Chrysalis. But you held off, you couldn’t tell her you were going to meet her very soon at the risk she suddenly feels that it’d be too risky. Even if she was reasonable about it, she’d most likely ask Discord to tag along, something you wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t for the fact that you KNEW he might actually be protective himself should Chrysalis get aggressive, or just be an ass to her and ruin your chances. No, you’ll do just fine handling it on your own. Discord has always, at most times, handled things very well with you, like a team. But Chrysalis was something else, something that required the connection you both had to each other to truly work.

Fluttershy, believing your words, hops off her seat to give you a gentle head pat and a kiss on the forehead, just as she always does, and suggests you turn in early for the night, also mentioning that she was going to stay here and discuss a few things with Discord about how Twilight’s school works and what will probably be expected of him. To you, that just meant she was probably going to tell him not to cause trouble, or too much trouble anyway.

You say your goodnights, waving to them both as you use your horn to whisk yourself off to your room. You take a quick look around at first to make sure the XX-Captain was around. He wasn’t, good, seems he learns better than Scrappy ever did. You walk over to your alarm and set it to about eight, early enough to get in and then come out without anyone being the wiser. Hell, after you succeed in your meeting with Chrysalis, you could scope out this ‘Silverstream’ and ‘Yona’ and find out exactly what they thought of you from their perspective.

And with that, you head off to sleep.

The night passes, a new day arises. Your alarm goes off, filling your room with its usual noisy outburst as you open your eyes, yawn, and stretch. You slowly get up and shut your alarm off, it was fucking time. IT WAS TIME, BABY, YEAH!

You look upon your saddlebag and wonder if you even needed it at this point. You still had unlimited magic, but that was only if you could get your horn on your head. The map could still be useful, especially since Chrysalis still shows up on it. You could use it to find her exact location within the forest. Alright then, saddle bag it is. You put it around you and open your portal door to Ponyville. You step through to appear by the fountain once more, with the sun shining towards a beautiful morning.

Ok, so first, you pick up Diamond and teleport to the entrance of the Everfree. But before that, you should enchant your map to give you a way point towards Chrysalis. Since she should still be traceable on it, it shouldn’t be that hard to track her. You could just teleport straight to her, but without knowing if she’d want to be found or if anything from the Everfree could interfere with your trajectory, it could be risky. Hell, everything can just blow up in your face again too. Chaos was fickle, and always required something unexpected or ridiculous for it to work properly beyond basic teleporting and such.

And with that, after enchanting said map, you teleport straight to the front gate of Diamond’s mansion. You just look upon it for a moment, thinking again if this was a good idea. It should be fine, you have the power, so what could go wrong? Yeah, no, it should be fine. Once Chrysalis knows how much you all care for her, she should come around.

“Pssst, Anon, ppssst!” Said a low voice from the bushes.

“Wha? Huh?” You look around for the noise, and notice a few bushes from the side of the gate shaking ever so subtly. “Hello?” You approach slowly, and notice a small figure, like a filly.

Diamond’s face, covered by some sort of cowl, was looking directly at you. She looked upset, with her muzzle scrunched up. “Anon! What are you doing?!” She whispered rather intensely.

Wut? “Uhhh, coming to pick you up? I should be asking what you’re doing hiding in those bushes. And why are you wearing a hood?”

“Why aren’t you? Ugh, Anon, we are very important ponies! There might be a scandal if other ponies see us walking to the Everfree together. Paparazzi are like piranhas, totally hungry for a scoop.” Diamond said as she looked left and right to see if anyone was on the road. There wasn't.

Wuuuut? “I mean, I get that, but what exactly is the scandal? Applebloom goes to Zecora’s all the time and nopony bothers her about it.”

Diamond goes wide eyed for a moment, blinking silently before going. “Oh…”

“Yeeeah, and anyway. I’m just gonna teleport us to the entrance of the forest and track down Chrysalis with my map.” You pull it out again to show her. “So nopony can really follow us anyway.”

“Well, erm, I guess that works. But why don’t we just teleport directly to her then?” Diamond asks.

“Teleporting with chaos magic is kinda quirky. It usually works, but I think it works for me a little differently. Basically, things gotta line up just right for something bad not to happen. Like, when I tried to find something beyond what I usually know, I ended up blasting off. Haha… Wasn’t fun.” It really wasn’t, it taught you that your ability for long distance travel can have a few snags.

“Blasting off?” Diamond popped out of the bushes and gave you a good look around, circling you to see if there were any injuries. “You mean like when you landed in my room?” She then looks to your face, then smiles. “Because as far as I know, even that can’t stop you, you’re just that amazing.”

D’awww. Though the room thing was fucking Discord's fault. “I know. But for your safety, we should just go to the forest entrance and work our way in. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from anything that might try to attack us.”

Diamond blushed and lowered her cowl. She moved a bit closer to you, and booped your nose with hers. “You’re so amazing, you know that?”

You blush just a bit as you return her affections with your own, giving her little nose a kiss. “I know, I’m super amazing actually, because I have the best marefriend ever.” oof, cheesy, but it works.

Diamond nearly hopped as she heard that. She then, still blushing, walked ahead and pointed forward “Then we’re an amazing team, as we should be! And that means we have a sister to save! Right, Anon?”

You nod, she wasn’t wrong. “Right, let’s do this!” You call out, and using your horn, you teleport yourself and Diamond to the entrance of the Everfree Forest. A foreboding kind of entrance with a single trail you’ll most likely be veering off of if your map showed Chrysalis as being very far in. You peer past the dense trees that will no doubt become more ominous as you venture forth. “Ok, Diamond, we have to go in there to find Chrysalis.” You ready your map, and prepare to step forward. “So stick close to me, alright?”

Diamond threw off her cowl, standing bravely at your side as she pointed forward towards the forest. “Don’t worry, Anon, I’m not some scared little foal who needs protecting. I am your future wife! And I will stand by your side as we find our friend!... Erm…” She then looks to you, a little confused. “Who is totally that way, right? The forest is pretty big, so are you sure it’s this way?”

You hold up the map confidently as you start to walk into the forest. “It sure is, all we have to do is get to this dot here and we’ll be home free. It looks pretty deep in, but the map shows us every wall, nook, and cranny in the area. We have no chance of getting lost.”

Diamond giggled as she began to walk along with you, looking at you with admiration. “Oh, I sometimes forget just how good at being you are with your tools.”

“I know” You say with a grin , focusing on the map while taking a look forward every now and again. You had to focus really, because that line. Hehe, just avoid the obvious double entendre “Hm, I don’t think I can really remember having to venture too far into the forest. Other than a few lessons I took under Twilight awhile back… Which nearly ended up killing me.”

“The chimera, right? I still don’t get that. What was a chimera even doing there anyway?” Diamond asked, wondering about it.

“No idea, but sometimes I get this itch to find it again and show it my true power, so to speak.” Mostly just the goat, it almost seemed like his ‘siblings’ were just tagalongs at that point, with him being the douchy mastermind behind it all. How you'd love to trounce that asshole after what he did to you.

Also, true power. Ugh, you should have asked Discord about the whole ‘essence’ thing, got to remember to do that.

“Well, if you do run into him again, then you should. Anypony who’d even try to hurt you deserves to be punished! He was lucky I wasn’t around. If I was, I’d have called on Randolph to beat him down. He knows a ton of pony martial arts, you know?” Diamond said, looking rather snooty as she raised her head high.

“Isn’t Randolph, like, really old? I’m surprised he’s still working for you all.” You commented. You remembered the old butler pony. He seemed pretty spry, but god he looked ancient.

“Randolph? Yeah, he’s happy working for us. I can always count on him for anything if I ask for it, and that includes beating down chimeras. Of course, now that I’m your future wife, I have been doing some personal training in secret to get better at fighting too.” Diamond said, looking to you with a sly smile “In fact, I think I’ll be as good as you really soon.”

Wut? Ha! “You’ve been training in secret? What happened to not keeping secrets then?”

“Well, erm, I’ve been keeping this one before we made that deal. But since we’re in a dangerous forest, I thought now would be a good time to let you know I’ve been doing it.” Diamond said, her voice a little shaky from being called out. She was just a child, after all, it was going to be hard at her age to keep that kind of promise. Hell, it’s still hard for you to keep that promise.

Diamond looks around as the forest began to become ever denser and more mysterious. She noticed an old and fallen log and broke off from you to rush towards it. “In fact, let me show you just how much I learned.” She stops at the log, and turns to you as she points at it. “See this log?”

You nod. “Yeah.”

“Well, watch and be amazed, Anon, as I totally chop it in two!” Diamond stepped back, and wiggled her cute little butt as she prepped her right hind leg. Then, with a shrieking yell, she brings her hoof down on it and stomps through it rather than cutting it in half. The log was evidently old and already crumbling, so it was no surprise that she was able to break right through it. “There, see? Slammed right through it!”

You smirk at her as you let out a small chuckle. “I thought you were gonna chop it in two?”

Diamond suddenly puffed up some as she looked at you with discontent, she then turned her head away as she let out a ‘Hmph’. “Well, that isn’t what I said. Besides, you should be impressed that I’m that good. How would you like it if I laughed at you like that.” While Diamond was looking away, she suddenly hears a growl. Hearing this, she looks back at you with angrier eyes. “Hey! What are you getting mad about? You’re the one insulting my skills!”

Uhhh… “Diamond, what are you talking about? I didn’t think your skills were that bad.”

“Not that bad?!” Diamond felt really insulted. “I slammed right through that thing! You should be-” But she’s stopped again when she hears growling closer to her ears, causing them to flinch. She looks to you and sees you aren’t even moving your mouth. “A-Anon?”

You had caught the growl that time too. A monster? Wasting no time, you call out to Diamond to get behind you. Unfortunately, she was frozen with fear as glowing green eyes began to appear from behind the log. Goddammit, were those Timberwolves?! Shit, you haven’t run into those guys yet. You rush over to Diamond and push her to the side right when one of the Timberwolves, five in total, pounces over the log to take down its prey. You don’t get pinned, but you get sent sliding back a couple feet as some of the Timberwolves’ attention returns to Diamond. The one who hit you slowly coming towards you with a low growl.

“ANON! HELP!” Diamond screams out as the Timberwolves drew near.

Goddammit, stupid shits. You weren’t hit too bad, but you noticed a small set of claw marks on your side as it slowly began to bleed. Little shits, how dare they! “Oh, you bastards, you messed with the wrong colt today.” You hop back up and slam your horn on your head. “Timberwolves, huh? Well, you know what they say. Every tree must fall eventually…” And with that, you summon up a giant woodcutter’s axe and decimate the Timberwolf in front of you with a hundred chops within less than a second, not even giving it a chance to react. You then look to Diamond, and call out to her. “Diamond, I’m coming!” You shout out as you use your magic to hurl your mighty axe at the rest of the beasts. In one mighty throw, you manage to slice them all up by throwing the axe in a way to make it spin at a mindblowing rate. Once you succeeded with your attack, you rushed up to Diamond to see if she was alright. “Diamond, Diamond are you o-WAIT DIAMGAHHH!” But as you drew closer, Diamond suddenly raised her hoof and brought it straight down on your head in a chopping motion. It didn't really hurt, just sort of surprised you. She had her eyes closed, so she must have thought you were a Timberwolf, and tried chopping it herself. ”Ahh? Hah… Diamond, um, it’s over, you can open your eyes.”

“What?” Diamond slowly opened her eyes, but when she looked at you, she closed them again and began to really shake. “A-A-Anon…”

The hell? Why was she spooked? “Diamond? What’s wrong?”

“B-b-behind you.” She whimpered as she pointed forward behind you.

You suddenly hear an angrier and much more bloodthirsty growl. You freeze up as your ears twitch. You slowly turn around, and see that the Timberwolves you sliced up didn’t die. No, they had all quickly formed into a giant Timberwolf, eight times your size, and took advantage of your worry of Diamond to pull off their fusion. “Well then…” Was all you could say as the Timberwolf prepared to smash you into a pulp.

“Anon!” Diamond suddenly sprung into action the moment she knew you were in mortal danger. Though, instead of diving into you to get you out of the way, she turns and bucks you right in the ass, making you fall on your face and into the dirt, right under the Timberwolf. She must have thought she could send you over it or something with a strong buck. This, unfortunately, would also turn out to be a mistake for Diamond as the Timberwolf immediately turned its attention to the next available prey… Her. “GAAAHHH! ANON! HELP!”


With a burning fury, you immediately let loose a gigantic explosive flame from under you. Your horn synchronizes with your anger, creating gigantic and sweltering fire that immediately consumes the Timberwolf. However, before it could burn up into nothingness, it uses whatever surviving sticks it has and splits into five Timberwolf midgets that scamper back into the forest.

“YEAH! AND DON’T COME BACK! YOU HEAR ME?! OR I’M GONNA BURN DOWN THIS ENTIRE FOREST! YEAAAAAAAAAAH!” HAHA! You fucking did it! You kicked that asshole to the curb without the need of no fancy smancy essence. You didn’t feel it come upon you or anything, that was alllll you. Oh yeah! “Did you see that, Diamond?! Pure chaotic power, baby! Groove with me, come on now!” Fuck yeah! You started to dance in place over your momentous victory.

“Anon! You’re on fire!” Diamond called out to you

“Baby, I know it!” You tell her as you continue your groove.

“No, Anon, your mane is literally LITERALLY on fire!” She yells back at you.

Wut? You stop your groove and shift your eyes just slightly upwards to see embers of flames flying about. This, on top of the now burning pain on top of your noggin, let you know you were indeed on fire. “Well, will you look at that, I am on fire… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” You scream out as you run around in circles in a panic.

“Anon!” Diamond said in shock as she witnessed you run around in blazing pain. She quickly darted her eyes around to find something to help you. She then notices your saddlebag. She moves in close and waits for you to run by to snag your bag with a hard tug, she then quickly opens it and waits for you to pass again. Once you do, she quickly tries to get the bag to cover your head and take out the flame. Instead, she ends up burying you in bits from the magical space within as your Starlight Hook and Chaos Wings plops on top of the pile. It at least put the flame out… “Anon? A-are you ok?”

You slowly peer your head out, drunk from shock and dizziness as you look to Diamond with a goofy smile. “I feel like a million bits” You tell her, with your head then hanging back from near unconsciousness.

“W-well, at least he’s ok.” Diamond tries to reassure herself as she then begins the process of snapping you back to reality.

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