• Published 16th Jun 2018
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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 39 - Inviting Trixie and Starlight

Well, your visit with Lyra and Bonbon went pretty well after the Chrysalis business. Sure, you didn’t win the game, but you all had a rather good time anyway. The three of you also talked further about the upcoming “wedding”, Bonbon even warning you that Chrysalis could make her move during the wedding itself if she was willing to make a spectacle of it. It was something you’d have to keep in mind. You also decided to mention Neighsay, the mission you were given, and how he turned about to be wrong about the changelings’ intentions. Bonbon thought it was off someone like him would even enlist you for help in the first place, but she did agree that if there was some issue grave enough to require spy work, then there might be some legitimacy to his claim. She also told you to keep on your hooves, because despite not having to report your findings, she has heard he does have a habit of appearing all of a sudden in matters that concern him. You kept to yourself, however, your thoughts about him being a possible villain. His appearance is a little too convenient, and it’s possible he might be trying to manipulate you. This time however, be it pony, foal, or changeling, you wouldn’t let yourself be tricked or manipulated.

After the game was over, you made your goodbyes as you left through a puddle spilled from the flask Lyra gave you, you waste no time in setting your door to Starlight’s town. You step through, and head towards Starlight’s home. It was getting dark, so you surmised Discord was probably done setting up by now. Really, he could have had it set up in a second, but he sure does love his theatrics, even when there is no one around to see it.

Not many ponies were out and about at this time. Shops were closing, foals had headed inside, and quiet had began to settle in. Well, quiet for everyone else, because as you neared Starlight’s door, you could hear heavy sobbing coming from the other side. That crying… That was Trixie. I-is she alright? You knock on the door, and make your presence known. “Hello? Trixie? Starlight? Is everything ok in there?”

“NOPONY IS HOME! IF YOU COME THROUGH THAT DOOR, I’LL… UH… TURN YOU INTO A TOAD!” Trixie screamed, near incoherently, before going back to her crying hysterics.

Well then “Trixie, it’s me, Anon! what’s wrong? Why are you cry- O-oh, hey, Starlight”. Your words are interrupted as an annoyed Starlight, with cotton in her ears, opens the door.

“Hey, Anon, Uhhh… You came at a really bad time.” Starlight said, her annoyance in her tone as visible as it is on her face.


“Trixie! Relax! It’s just Anon.” Starlight barked back at her, before turning back to you, pressing her hoof between her eyes as she groans.

“They? Find? What’s going on? What happened to Trixie?” This was worrying. The hell happened to her?

“She became mayor by default, since everypony else jumped ship. THEN she realized she had a ton of responsibilities. She’s been hiding here crying ever since. Wailing that she’d never be able to hang out with me or do another show again.” Starlight said with a tired groan.

Welp, seems she really had zero policies… or anything planned really. “Considering how small the town is, that’s not really true. Even then, can’t she just opt out like you did?”

“I have tried to tell her that, but then she keeps saying that everypony would get angry and run her out of town.” Starlight says


Well, that’s not exactly how it went, but still, if Starlight and, hell, everyone else can jump out of being mayor… “Huh, does she know others before her dropped the job too? I mean, like, without any repercussions?”

“Yeah, I told her WAGH!” Starlight is suddenly cut off as Trixie climbs up from behind her, and rests her head upon Starlight as she looks upon you with tear filled eyes.

“Are you saying, Anon, that nopony is going to get mad if I just quit?” Trixie sniffled as she clung upon Starlight. Starlight herself just stayed silent through her aggravation as it became apparent that Trixie was now actually listening.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m saying” Heh, you nearly smiled at this. It was cute looking at Trixie ontop of a standing Starlight like that, especially when you noticed the cute mayoral top hat on her head.

“What a relief, and here I thought I’d either have to leave.” Trixie slides off Starlight, quickly wipes her eyes, and tosses the mayor’s hat upwards. The way she tossed it though, caused it to turn inside out, revealing her usual wizard’s hat right before it plops on her head. “Or crush anypony foolish enough to tangle with the Great and Powerful Trixie”

“Yeah... “ Starlight, again, groans “Because that was going to happen. Well… Uh… Thank you, I guess?” Starlight then whispers sharply to herself “Even though I told you that like a million times” She then shifts her eyes to you, and steps aside “Anyway, come on in, Anon. I could use the extra company.”

“Actually, the reason I came here is to invite you guys to a short but most likely memorable little film.” You say as you hazard a grin. You reach into your saddlebag, and pull out two tickets. “I promise the both of you it’ll be worth it.”

“I… Really could use that right now.” Starlight says as she takes one of the tickets and inspects it. Nothing out of the ordinary, until she notices the title “Statue? That’s the title? Doesn’t sound like any movie I ever heard of.”

Trixie approaches you as well, taking a ticket to inspect for herself. “Obviously it’s an artsy type of a film. Not my forte, but Trixie is willing to come if it means Trixie is able to enjoy it with her friends… as long as snacks are bought for Trixie” She says with some snoot in her voice, trying to act above, what she thought, was a boring film.

“Well, it’s a film made by my Dad. The reason I thought of you two is because it deals with him totally humiliating Twilight. I mean, you guys wanna see that, right?” You ask, expecting a double yes.

“Uhhh, not really” Starlight replies, but at the same time, Trixie let’s out a…


“Wha? Trixie, come on. Don’t you think we’re above that? It’s not worth holding on to an old grudge.” Starlight found Trixie’s answer a little disdainful, she didn’t want to feel like she’d be betraying her reform by going back and hating Twilight.

“Starlight, Starlight, it has nothing to do with grudges. Twilight is still our friend, but you can’t deny that she has this air of pretentiousness and know-it-allery. Would it be so bad to perhaps enjoy watching her have a bad moment? I’m sure it’s nothing too terrible.” Trixie says as she hangs her hoof around Starlight’s neck, giving her a smug grin.

“I dunno… Don’t you both think it’s kind of mean?” Starlight says, hesitant still to take the tickets.

You shrug “I mean, Trixie is right. Besides, I heard Twilight say kite flying was dumb. Off topic, I know, but I was like ‘Man, there she goes, being judgemental again’.” This of course was a lie, but you knew Starlight did love to fly kites when she got the chance.

Starlight’s eyes narrowed as anger flickered on her face. “Hmmmnn, I guess Trixie does have a point. And I’m not just saying that because of what Twilight said. It’s just I’ve been in a bad mood and need a good laugh.”

“Then it’s settled! To the Ponyville theater!” Trixie points forward, until looking dumbfounded about what she just said “...Uh, how do we get there?”

“I doubt it’s even there, Trixie. I’ll go get a cup of water. Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve been to your house, Anon.” Starlight turns around to venture into her kitchen to fetch a glass of water.

“His home? In the Dimension of Chaos? How do we even get there?” Trixie asked, confused about the whole thing.

“Oh, you’ll see. Trust me, Trixie, it’s gonna be cool.” You say with a smirk.

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