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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 71 - And then shit hit the fan...

“Oh, Anon! I’ve missed you so so much! Oh, my trip? Well, my trip to the changeling hive went very well, they’re all so very nice already, they just needed help understanding a few things." Fluttershy then let out a soft little giggle "Their understanding of traditions is a little off, but they were so happy to celebrate them that I simply couldn't correct them, it just didn't seem right. As for the Breezies, they were a little tougher, but we got things worked out. How about you? How were things for you while I was gone?” Fluttershy asked, happily patting your head as she awaited your answer.

“Oh… Er…” Dammit Anon, why did you even hesitate?! “I’ve been alright, just jittery about the wedding is all. But hey, it went great and stuff!”

Suddenly, Number Three looked back on his seat, dumb as ever, and spouted “What about dat bug queen that attacked ya all smooth-like… With err, not my stuff I may or may have not accidentally given her to make me look bad all because I thought she was Number Five. I mean…” Suddenly he began to sweat “N-not like my fault I forgot he can’t talk, ain’t my fault at all.”

“It was his fault, ma’am. Instead of doing his job, he was trying to-” Number Two piped up, but was then immediately silenced as Discord grabbed both of them by the collar, his eyes suddenly flaring up. It seemed the mere mention of you in actual danger, or perhaps just the mention of Chrysalis, was enough to get to him… Oh wait, oh no… no, this is too soon. Did he just say what you think he said?

“What do you mean attacked?” Woah, Discord suddenly was super pissed and… WAIT!?! GODDAMMIT, THEY REALLY DID JUST SAID IT OUT LOUD IN FRONT OF HIM AND FLUTTERSHY! And if things get any louder, everyone in the room will know! Fuck! FUCK! THE HELL?! EVERYTHING WAS GOING OK! YOU HAD EVERYTHING PLANNED OUT! NOW SUDDENLY EVERYTHING WAS RUSHED FOR NO GOOD REASON OTHER THAN THE… Wait, so Chrysalis got the false evidence she was going to use from Three? Christ...

“A-attacked? W-when?! H-he’s just joking, r-right, Discord?” Fluttershy suddenly looked to you, suddenly shaking in fright “Anon… He’s joking, right?”

“U-umm…” You didn’t know what to say. Goddamnit, you were going to tell them, right? You were, you really were! But it couldn’t be here. Seriously, this was going too fast, even for you. Holy crap, you feel like you suddenly fast forwarded through a self told story for no reason other than the fact that someone had to be an idiot. You had no choice now but to try to play things cool and keep things private. “Please, c-can we talk in private? I… have some stuff to say.”

“Oh no…” Fluttershy nearly fell back as she began to turn white “Please tell me this isn’t happening.”

“Oh, I’m about to find out how ‘happening’ this all really is. I’ll come back for the rest later, but you two are coming back inside me.” Discord said in a low growl, preparing to snap his fingers.

“hehe, he said we were gonna come in-” Was all Three could say before his and Two’s existence were ended in an instant. Should you feel bad about that? Probably not, Two sucked for shocking you and Three was kind of annoying.

Discord’s eyes went a little wide when they disappeared as well, as if he suddenly remembered something. Indeed, something right then didn't sit well with him at all.

“Discord…? Are you alright?” Fluttershy asked, giving him a slight shake as he just stood there, silent for a moment.

“...Yes, just a tad annoyed… about a few things.” Discord looks back at Scootaloo and the gang as they happily spoke to Four and Five, already enjoying their company. “But before that, I’ll indulge Anon in making this a private matter between us.” Discord was being pretty serious about all this, as if possessed by a fatherly rage within him. Before anything more could be said, he raises his talons one more time, and snaps, causing everything to go dark around you.

Man, everything went to shit so fast. Thank you retarded and uninteresting Discord clones, for making your life a sudden scary hell. Practically plot devices if this was a written story.

When everything lit back up, you found yourself sitting in some sort of study, filled with books, a large portrait of Discord hanging on a wall, and a fireplace giving everything a comfy glow. Both you and Fluttershy were sitting on two huge red padded seats as Discord leaned against the side of the fireplace, smoking a bubble pipe. “Well, seems things really have escalated quickly, haven’t they?”

“D-Discord? What’s going on?” Fluttershy looked around, nervous, nearly frightened. “T-this is all so much, so fast. Please tell me I misheard things…” Fluttershy looked to you, with a heavy frown on her face “Anon, were you really attacked? You weren’t, right? That clone was just being silly… Right?”

Discord looked to you, and took a puff of his pipe as a large bubble inflated and then popped. “How about it, Anon. Was he being silly?”

Well, since the cat’s out of the bag for sure, what reason did you have to worry now? Discord seemed to be keeping it between the three of you, which meant you got to deal with everything else later. In that sense, your only worry is Fluttershy’s reaction. You take a breath, and nod. “Yeah, it’s true. I was planning to tell everypony individually, but… Well, here we are. Let me just say though, there’s more to the story than just that. Otherwise I’d be hurt, right?”

Fluttershy let out a small murmur to herself, worried even further as she tried to think of something to say to that. Yes, she could see you were ok, but she was trying to figure out as to why that is if only because she didn’t think Chrysalis would show any kind of mercy.

“Very true, which means two things. You either used your horn properly and squished her like the bug she is, or you both talked it out. Given what I already know, it can’t be the former. Which brings me to the most important part of this little chat.” Discord said as he stepped to the front of the fireplace, arms to his back as he looked at the both of you with a serious expression.

“And… What’s that?” You ask with caution.

“Simple… Why am I going to be friends with a filly? Seriously?! Were my clones so rushed and imperfect that they began to make friends on their own?! I already have you, Fluttershy, Spike, Smooze, Big Mac… Others… Why do I suddenly need more?” Discord complained as he threw his arms up in defiance.

“Discord…” Fluttershy said with a soft voice, smiling at him just a little “Why are you worried about that? There’s nothing wrong with… Wait.” Fluttershy realized, right then, that the actual important matter was derailed, causing her to enter a somewhat motherly rage as she flew up with a demanding demeanor. “Discord! That’s not important right now! What about the fact Anon was attacked! We still don’t know anything about it!”

“...I mean, he’s obviously fine an-Guh!” Discord steps back, suddenly in a state of worry as Fluttershy hovers right towards his face and stares him down.

“Stop right now, and worry about your son… Or I’m skipping tea. I mean it, I’ll skip it and spend my time with Twilight preparing for school tomorrow, do you understand?” Fluttershy threatened. Not a real threat really, but a heart sinker for a guy like Discord.

“Right, ok.” Discord gulped as he backed up, then looked to you more calmly, still nervous about her threat.”So then, Anon, elaborate on what happened… Please?”

Fluttershy landed beside Discord, took a breath, and suddenly went back to a worried state “Please be truthful, Anon. We can’t help if you lie to us. If she hurt you in anyway, we need to know.”

Ok, Anon… Go for it. “Well, Dad wasn’t wrong about the fact we talked. And uh, Three wasn’t wrong about her trying to end me. Look, let me just explain it…” And so you did, about everything. The talk, your plan, your foundation, everything. Well, everything but the getting shocked part. You could tell Fluttershy had a bunch of questions. But Discord? Well, if what Four said was true… “And that’s what happened. I know it sounds bad, but I think I got a hoofhold on it this time. C’mon Aunt Fluttershy, you understand, right? She’s suffering, she’s lonely, she even asked about Diamond, asking what she thought of her. I’m sure if I had mentioned you, she’d have something to say too. She’s close to being how she was in that other Equestria, I just need to find a way to get her to see that being evil is not the way. I have the situation under control, but I need help from everypony else to show her she can be forgiven. I mean, Stygian got that chance. Dad, you got that chance. Even Luna did… So why not her? We already know from her children that it’s possible. Look, if you’re worried I’ll fumble like before, then don’t. I won’t be ignorant about it, and I won’t let her control me. All I ask is an attempt, that’s all.”

Fluttershy just sat there, silently, the only thing being heard was the calming crackle of the fire from the fireplace. She contemplated your words deeply. She was upset that you were attacked at, but also surprised Chrysalis could be easily swayed from an act of horrid vengeance. Given she just came from talking to the changelings, she knew first hand how kindly and loving they had become. It still filled her with some rage that you were attacked, but then that same rage could be applied as vengeance if you really were hurt, a vengeance that Chrysalis must have felt when it came to her children. She was so conflicted. Part of her just wanted to see Chrysalis gone, but her kindly side, her loving side, she remembered her sisterly form and how caring she seemed, and she compared it to the fact that Chrysalis did help you save another Equestria. If there was a chance to help her, she couldn’t go against her nature to not take that chance. But it was a chance about one of Equestria’s biggest enemies. So instead of thinking on it further, she looks to Discord. “Discord… Do you think there might be a chance to help her? I can’t imagine how horrible it must feel to lose your children like that. But if Anon has seen she could change, and her children can change, then do you think it might be possible?”

Discord turned his back on the both of you, looking into the flames as he spoke near ominously. “That’s the golden question, isn’t it? True, having her as my guest did have a profound effect on her if she was able to befriend Anon. But she’s still a bearer of a black heart. Can she reform? And even if she can, is Anon the right pony for the job? Who knows?” Discord said with a shrug before turning around with a swarmy smile “But hey, knowing the four princesses will be in the know will be worth a hearty chuckle out of me. Seeing Twilight’s face when she finds out about it will be spectacular! Not to mention getting to see Celestia have a spaz all her own.”

“Discord! This is serious! How could you even think of something so rotten at a time like this?!” Fluttershy blurted out, rather angrily.

“Ahrm…” Discord stepped back a tad, rather stunned from her outburst, becoming sheepish in his next set of words. “Erm… What I mean is, with the princesses in the know, and the few others Anon plans to tell, there'd be a circle of protection between all of us. Besides, he wouldn’t be looking for trouble this time, he’d merely be making his move when she reveals herself. I personally know the feeling of loneliness, or the realization of it anyway. And given she herself is a mother without her children, I’d wager it wouldn’t be long until she wished she had at least somepony to be friendly with, perhaps to even help her see what they see. That is what I think, Fluttershy. Of course, I won’t make the decision to allow it without your say so.”

Fluttershy’s ears folded down, her tail drooping as she tried to figure it out in her head. She was somewhat moved by the fact Discord seemed to have an understanding, but it still worried her so. “I really can’t imagine how lonely that really must feel… But looking at it like that, I think we’d be monsters ourselves if we didn’t try something. If what Anon really said is true, she’s hurting very very much. But it’s so scary still. There’s so many things that can happen, both good and bad. She could change, or she could just be lie about it to try to get something out of Anon… Like his horn.” Fluttershy slowly looked to you, near shaking in worry. “Anon, even if you’re from another world, you’re still a foal. This is a lot of responsibility, and the only reason I’m even considering it is because you plan to tell the princesses, and because it does seem rather awful to feel so alone. But before I make my decision, I have to ask… Do you really believe what you think?”

You did, the fact she backed off from murdering you or forcing you to give up the horn upon her exit proved that. You nod, and look at Fluttershy with determination in your heart. “I do, and I finally have the foundation to work off from. And if I can get everypony’s support, then I really think I can make it all work. Heck, if it’ll make you feel better, Aunt Fluttershy, I promise not to hesitate to defend myself in case anything goes wrong. But with all the princesses willing to help, how could Chrysalis not see that reforming would be helpful for her? Right? That makes sense… Right?”

Fluttershy grew silent once more, and contemplated for only a couple of moments before saying, mostly to herself. “Well, if it’ll really be that secure, and if she really does care. Mngh, I’m still so worried, but… If we didn’t even try to help her now that she needs it, then it’s very possible she’d never have another chance like this to see that evil is wrong.” Fluttershy grows silent once again after that, then finally looks to you with a worried nod “Ok, I guess we can try. But all the princesses have to know. Anon, I want you to follow through on that, and I want to know their ok with it, alright? I’ll stand behind you one hundred percent if I at least know you’ll have the maximum amount of safety and caution when it comes to helping her. Otherwise… Well, your safety is more important to me.”

“Well, if Fluttershy is in, then I’m in for sure. But must you give the princesses so much credit? Really, Fluttershy…” Discord starts to flex increasingly enlarging muscles, posing to show off his artificial macho physique. “I’m more than enough protection for Anon. And even then, Chryssie lacks a home base and an army, she’s also without much of a food source. It’d be rather silly to even think she’s a credible threat at this point.”

“Discord, I know you’re very powerful, but I just want to make sure everything is as secure as it can be. Remember, we’re also going to be opening a school tomorrow, meaning students from all across Equestria can be at risk. Twilight and the other princesses need to be in the know to make sure not just Anon, but everypony is safe. Do you understand now? I’m not undermining you, I just really want everypony to be as safe as possible.” Fluttershy says, finally giving in to the plan. “It might even be hard to convince Twilight, but I’ll help convince her if I have to. But again, I want her ok before we do anything else. So if she says no… Then it’s no.”

“Understood, Aunt Fluttershy… Thanks for understanding, I promise to tell her right away after I wrap up everything at Town Hall. Which erm, Dad, that reminds me, you gotta let your fourth and fifth clone say goodbye to Scootaloo, alright?” You mention this now for one reason. You wanted to make sure Scootaloo got that goodbye, and you knew Fluttershy would assert herself on Discord if he resisted.

“Ugggggggggggh!” Discord grabbed onto his own head and shook it in disdain. “Soooo troublesome, why do I even need her as a friend?! It’s pointless!” Discord then began to wave his talon at Fluttershy “You understand, right, Fluttershy? And if not, can we go back to Chryssi then? I’d rather discuss her and how we should punish Anon for even having such an idea to help her, it's all so futile.”

Fluttershy at first, was rather confused. In truth, she was just trying to piece together Discord’s reluctance, and when she finally did, she just looked at him with a smile and waved her hoof back at him. “Sorry Discord, you already said you agreed to help before, you can't just flip it because you don't want to make friends. And besides, I know deep in my heart that if the changelings can be good, then she can be too, and that’s that. I m-mean…” Fluttershy suddenly began to feel conflicted and nervous again “It should work, right? I admit, part of me just wants it all to go away. I’m scared of somepony getting hurt. But...” Fluttershy puts a hoof to her heart, as if there was a sting to it “I know if I really lost my friends, you, or Anon… I… It really would be the worst feeling I could ever feel. I think it's that kind of feeling that might be hurting her too.”

“Yes, very very hurtful. And, oh no! Look at the time! Seems I need to be going to see my good friend Spike about tonight’s game of-” Discord, looking at his right arm that was suddenly covered in watches, tried to immediately vacate the study, but was too late when Fluttershy looked back up at him to continue what she was saying.

“And, Discord, you have to do something about Scootaloo. You know what I mean…” Fluttershy said, pointing at him again.

Wut? “What does she mean?”

“She means that I need to play it straight. We both know I can’t just suggest to keep the clones around forever, that simply won't work” Discord explained. He was right though. You remembered the time he had turned the X-Captain into a chair back when he was just a normal changeling, he just eventually changed back to normal. Chaotic constructs can’t remain in a harmonic world for too long without continual influence or a connection, such as the link between your own chaotic nature, the horn, and Discord. Not to mention Discord himself nearly killed himself when trying to be normal. In that sense, friendship, even if they wanted it, probably wouldn’t help a chaotic construct last long. So it made sense, he had to accept his fate. “But really, Scootaloo? I already know when it comes to any of them that having one as a friend means you get the whole package. I’m telling you, Fluttershy, it’s utterly beneath me! I refuse to make friends with foals. They are too young to understand and appreciate my exquisite and advanced way of thinking”

Fluttershy, this time, conjured up an adorably sly smile, and stared right at him. “And yet you’re friends with a baby dragon.”

Discord’s eye twitched when she said that, he was also quite silent upon that mention.

Fluttershy just let out a lighthearted giggle “You’ll be fine, Discord, it doesn’t hurt to have a few more friends. Just let her have her goodbyes first, alright? And please, be polite, I know you can if you really try.”

“I… Suppose. Can we at least have some tea first? It’ll help settle my nerves.” Discord asked, with pleading eyes.

“Ok, I wouldn’t mind a little tea myself. I’m still trying to get the jitters out, and I’m still tired from the trip. Mmmm, Anon, would you like to join us?” Fluttershy asked you.

You’d really love to, but you do have some shit to do, really important shit. You still have to deal with Starlight after all, and you couldn’t leave Diamond hanging. “Nah, I got some stuff to do right now. Can’t leave Diamond hanging, I got tickets for us to go to a resort for a couple days. I mean, that’s alright with you if I go, right, Aunt Fluttershy?”

“Oh my, now that just sounds adorable and most of all, safe, since there will be so many ponies around. It’s like a little honeymoon. Isn’t that adorable, Discord?” Fluttershy looked to him to see his approval.

But Discord didn’t seem approving, he seemed stunned for a moment, and already looked like he was scheming before suddenly smiling towards Fluttershy and saying “It sounds very pleasant. A shame though. With both you and Big Mac away, Spike and I will have nopony to play O&O with.” And that's all he really said, he didn't follow it up with anything else.

It was odd that he didn’t try to go further with that, or try to pull some sort of sympathy his way. He simply just stated a fact, and it made you only somewhat suspicious. “Well, y’know, I’m not super big on the game anyway. Maybe Scootaloo will take my place. You don’t mind asking her, right?”

“Nope, in fact, I now plan to do that after tea.” Discord snaps his talons, as a table with a tea set suddenly appears between him and Fluttershy. “Which, if Fluttershy doesn’t mind, I wish to have in this study. It calms me so…”

“Oh, I don’t mind. I think the light from the fireplace makes the whole place feel homey. But Anon is right, you should ask Scootaloo, it’d be a good way to ease into the friendship.” Fluttershy said as she began to gently pet the now living tea pot. “So cute.”

“Yes…” Discord then looked to you and waved “As for you, Anon. Take care, and may I ask, make sure Scootaloo nor the clones leave town hall. I won’t be long and I’d just like everypony to be in one place when I do my thing.”

“Right, I guess I can do that. Anyway, bye Dad, bye Aunt Fluttershy. Enjoy your tea time! And… Well…” Your ears began to fold as you began to feel some guilt over Fluttershy feeling upset “I hope I didn’t worry you too much. I know what I’m asking is a lot, and considering what happened last time, why you’d doubt me.”

Fluttershy’s cheery mood waned to those words. She got off her chair and walked over to you, giving you a gentle hug as she gave you very soft headpats. “It’s alright, you didn’t worry me. I’m just a little scared, that’s all. But I don’t doubt you. Everything you said sounds like she’s just a hurt mother who only wants her children back. And I feel we can help her and reform her to be a better changeling. But just remember Anon, you need to tell the truth too. No lies, ok? It's the only way to make things work, we all need to be honest with each other.” Well, that was sudden. Then again, she probably just thought of it just now, and wanted to say it to you. You only guessed it could be true, anyone hiding their feelings or lying during a time like this could cause issues.

“No lies, I promise Aunt Fluttershy.” You say, hugging onto her tightly “I love you.”

“I love you too, and I hope you have a good time with your little vacation. I’ll be waiting to hear about it when you get back, ok?” She said

“Ok.” You say back.

“...And don’t do anything naughty.” Discord looks to you, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Naughty? What do you mean by that, Discord?” Fluttershy looked back at him, confused. “Anon is a good colt, you know that.”

GODDAMMIT, YOU KNEW WHAT HE MEANT. “U-uh, yep, I am. And I will continue to be. I… Uh, can I go now?” Dammit, please, let him just poof you back, you didn’t need to be teased in this way.

“Yes, yes, if you insist. See you soon, Anon.” Discord said with a snap of his talons, teleporting you away in an instant.

Anon, you lucky fuck. If it wasn't for Fluttershy interacting with changelings, and the fact she had developed a motherly empathy in such a way, she would have said no. Only problem now was the princesses. In truth, they could be more trouble than helpful, but you needed them to accept it so other ponies would follow suit.

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