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Dadonequus Discord (Book 2) - CrazedLaughter

With the exodus of Chrysalis, Anon's life finally starts to go back to normal. Or rather, as normal as it can be when being the adopted son of the spirit of chaos. But new problems await him. What they are? Who knows...

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Chapter 111 - The Visit with Chrysalis - Super Serious Time

That situation…

Twilight had apologized to you, whispering to you that it was necessary to see Chrysalis’s true stance on friendship or some nonsense like that. No shit, Twilight, it’s not like you're suspicious of everything every goddamn time! And Chrysalis? Yeah, of course she’s going to fall for it, she has nothing left, desperate, and would be afraid of losing someone she can still relate to. You just sat there, stunned, trying to put everything together. And most of all, you were pissed.

Chrysalis internally, wasn’t too pleased as well, but she knew she couldn’t just attack Twilight. No, instead she’d actually try to do what you wanted. She’d look past Twilight’s threat and just try her own version of ‘bonding’ with Twilight. Though, in truth, she really didn’t care for that either. Chrysalis is what Chrysalis always does, she schemes, even if is but a tiny scheme. She points to the screen, which has been paused with Lt. Jean and his team investigating the attacked outpost. “Now then, Princess, if you’ll look at the screen, I think you’ll notice something of great interest to you.”

Twilight looks over to the screen, it only shows the outpost, paused at what looked like a seemingly innocent moment. “What is that? It looks like some kind of camp or base in a canyon.” Twilight kept one eye on Chrysalis, while trying to remain friendly for your sake. "Looks rather elaborate too."

“You’d be correct! However, the reason as to why this would be of interest to you is because it contains a piece of actual human history. This is a very real documentation of Anon’s universe, the war against Klendathu.” Chrysalis said, preparing to play the events that are about to unfold. “I know you find violence rather abhorrent, but a scholar like you surely can’t resist the chance to see humans in any capacity. Namely, one who is a cowardly leader, and another willing to do whatever it takes, even if it costs his own life. Such contrast… Even if I have to admit that Jean's allegiance to good is rather unfortunate, but humans make it interesting enough for it not to matter.”

“Hmmm…” Twilight was indeed fascinated. She was wary, but looking at the strange high definition screen in front of her, she couldn’t help but feel this was too good an opportunity to waste when it came to learning about some of your ‘culture’. “Well, we should take this opportunity to relax, get to know each other more, and in this case, learn about each other. I admit, I had been wondering about what Earth was like for a very long time. Anon…” Twilight turns to you, ignorant of your anger towards her. "Is this really part of your old world? It’s not too violent, is it? Because I would like the chance to see what things were like. U-unless it offends you.”

“Oh no, Twilight, go ahead, take a look. It’ll be really interesting.” You tell her, trying your best to sound calm.

“Ok, u-uhm.” Twilight was trying, she was going to really try now, to be friendly with Chrysalis. Especially if she was willing to give her this chance. It could even increase the chances that Chrysalis’s evil plot could be less evil or even something trivial if she could actually make a bond with her. “Alright, Chrysalis, I’m ready to watch.” Twilight said as she planted her butt to the ground, eager to see what was going to happen.

“Alright then, let’s jus-hmm? Hmnnn…” Chrysalis muttered as she kept clicking on the remote, but nothing was happening, it wasn’t playing the movie or even responding to any of the button presses. “What is with this stupid thing?! It’s suddenly… Hmmm?” That’s when Chrysalis noticed it, she looked over to you to see you had your horn on. She then looked to the screen and saw it had just magically skipped to the part where Zander and Carmen are kneeling to the brain bug. She knew what was going to happen next, and she could sense your overwhelming anger from being used by Twilight. Chrysalis only took a moment to ponder. Yes, she could now tell that that it really was Twilight that angered you, and you were about to give her quite a spook. She felt it would be best not to interrupt.

“Oh? Are those humans? Amazing! Though, I sort of expected there to be some movement or even sound to this documentary. Why do they look so distressed? Is there going to be a call to arms?” Twilight said as she moved closer to the TV to examine Zander and Carmen. “Interesting… Almost like smaller minotaurs, but their heads aren’t bull like at all, nor does it have fur anywhere, there aren’t even any horns on their head. Frame, smaller than that of a minotaur too. And if I were to guess, the one on the right is a female, isn’t she?”

“Oh yes, that’s right, Twilight. That’s exactly right. As for the sound and movement, well, it should be on soon.” Chrysalis looked to you, trying to make a verbal signal for you to let it play. “Anon, you are focused on the screen as well, aren’t you?”

Shut up, Chrysalis! Of course you were focused on the damn screen. You just wanted to make sure Twilight was too. “Yeah, just make sure you take this all in, Twilight. Human documentaries are very informational.”

“Got it! Alright, I’m focudsGFSDAsAHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHH! WHAT IS! GYAH! WHA! OHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH! DID THAT?! DID THAT GIANT JELLY THING JUST! HIS SKULL, IS IT! IS IT?!” Twilight grabbed onto her own head, feeling as if something truly vital to her was being sucked out, even though it wasn’t. “IS THAT THING SUCKING OUT HIS BRAIN?! IS HE?! OH MY GOSH! HE’S… HE’S!” Twilight practically flew back, her entire coat white from fright. She was actually on the ceiling, like a fucking insect herself, hopping around from the horror she saw until she realized she wasn’t a bug and fell back to the ground. Twilight quickly jumped back up and then turned her attention to Chrysalis, now angry as to what had just occurred. “Chrysalis! You-You did that on purpose! How could you!? T-That was the… Ngh.” Twilight began to hold on to her stomach as she began to go from white to near green “I feel like I’m going to be sick. That couldn’t have happened, that can’t be real.”

“Oh, suck it up, Princess. What happened happened and the realities of war within another universe just so happen to be nightmarish compared to our own. “ Chrysalis said, holding back a gigantic sinister giggle. She then pointed to you, rolling her eyes towards Twilight. “Besides, he’s the one who brought it to that scene.”

“Anon?” Twilight then turned to you, surprised and confused as her purple color began to return to her “Did you… Did you really do this? Why would you show me something that horrifying? What’s gotten into you?”

Your eye twitched at that. ‘What’s gotten into you?’ she says. Was she kidding? Did she think an apology would fix things?! Fuck that, you did not like being used in that way. ESPECIALLY when the last time she had done something like that, she had meant it. “Oh, what, Twilight? You didn’t find that interesting?”

“I found it deplorable. Anon, seriously, why did you do that?! That guy’s brain, it just…” Twilight gulped. She was still afraid, and she had also noticed you were looking at her rather angrily. Was it because...? “Are you mad at me? I-I said I was sorry, I thought we had an understanding.”

“You know, Twilight, sorry just doesn’t magically make the fact that your bluff was at my expense! The fact you just decided to use me? Just like Celestia does! Just like Luna does! Just like…” Does Cadance use you? Nah fuck that, just stick to your major points. “Whatever, the point is that you just decide to use whoever is convenient for whatever you’re about to do! Didn’t ask me, didn’t tell me, didn’t do anything to warn me! You just made the threat and there you go! Did you honestly think I’d just let that slide?! Really?!”

“A-Anon, I really didn’t mean to upset you that badly. But…” Twilight now tried to stay calm, collecting herself and thinking the situation through. “I think you’re exaggerating. We princesses don’t use others like that, that isn’t how it is. I can understand why you’re upset, but you don’t need to go that far with it. I’m sorry, alright? I promise not to let that happen again. I understand the situation is a little sensitive, but if we just stay c-” Nope, you weren’t going to let her finish that sentence, you didn’t even want to hear the word ‘calm’.

“No, you stay calm and listen to me! How are you going to tell me the princesses don’t use others?! They abuse their position, Twilight, and you do too!” You say as you angrily point your hoof at her.

“He’s right. As a ruler, I too enjoy using others to bring about my own ambitions.” Chrysalis said with a chuckle, enjoying the show.

“That isn’t how ponies do it!” Twilight snaps back before refocusing on you. “And what examples?! Anon, calm down, you don’t know what you’re saying, none of the princesses are like that! How could you even say that after all the good they’ve done!”

“Oh, I dunno, Twilight, maybe because I’m not wrong! But fine, you think I’m exaggerating? Then let’s go over just some examples of Celestia and Luna in particular doing things that are both manipulative and downright cruel. Now, mentioning the fact Celestia herself had you come to Ponyville for reasons you yourself had only assumed would be moot, as would the tickets to the gala. But the fact that she put the fate of the Crystal Empire on you over a test was kind of insane. Even further, she expected you to solve Starswirl’s spell at the possible cost of your friends being cutie swapped forever! And in between all that, despite me liking my Dad, she did drop him off in a prereformed state and risked all of Equestria on a notion that he could be made an ally. Y’know, now that I think about that, I really don’t see how ANYPONY can have a problem with me and Chrysalis when Celestia pulled the same crap! And don’t forget her putting Dad in charge of taking down Tirek without any supervision, because that went super ok! Like, geez Twilight, how could you tell me she hasn’t done anything when she has put Equestria in danger just based on a whim? She can’t even handle her own sister without there being an issue from time to time. So tell me, how does she not manipulate ponies, tell me how she doesn’t.” You explained, and then awaited Twilight’s answer.

Twilight was stunned. She had never considered any of that, nor did she ever come to any realization that Celestia had ever used anypony ever. That couldn’t be true, could it? All those things happened, but was it under the intention of using others? “A-Anon, I d-don’t…” Oh, but you weren’t done yet.

“Hold on, Twilight, I didn’t even get to the ‘thought policing’ that is Princess Luna. Forget the fact that she keeps tabs on me whenever I freaking sleep, there’s the fact she keeps tabs on everypony too, regardless of if they're having a nightmare or not. Twilight, we’re talking about that she will cause a nightmare herself just to teach some sort of lesson. What gives her the right?! Not only are some of the lessons she wants to teach is something she could just explain to them verbally, but the way she teaches such lessons is just as horrifying as what I just did to you. Case in point, Scootaloo. There was a time she went camping with her friends and their sisters, also Rainbow Dash. Got told some story that spooked her, but she pretended it didn’t affect her at all. So what does Luna do? Give her ridiculous nightmares that make her lose sleep and causes her to nearly kill herself, every night, until she’s able to face her fear. And no, don’t tell me those nightmares were already there, I’ve seen how Luna operates. So don’t go acting as if what I just did was a grievous action, because it wasn’t. Ok, Twilight? Because you know, you just know, you’ve done that kind of crap too. Aunt Fluttershy could have been a batpony forever because of your spell, or heck, forget even that. You talk friendship, but you really didn’t seem like you wanted to give Starlight, Trixie, or Chrysalis here a chance. Oh, and don’t forget you were mostly against trying to reform my Dad in the first place. So, how can you tell me, after hearing all that, that you princesses don’t just use others to meet your own ends, hm? Tell me. Tell me none of that happened and that I’m wrong, do it! ”

Chrysalis just laid there on her bed, wide eyed, impressed. She was stunned. She had never seen you go on such a tirade before, enough of a tirade to actually blow away someone like Twilight. She found it interesting, she found the whole thing interesting actually. But it also made her wonder, and then it hit her. “Wait, are you telling me that I get all this disdain for what I do but the Princess of the Night gets to traumatize foals without anypony saying a word? And they call me wretched.”

“She doesn’t! Ngh… But it’s not… Princess Celestia isn’t…” Twilight didn’t know what to say, because hearing all that now, it was all things that actually happened. She could argue it was for the sake of good and friendship, but she couldn’t deny that some of them didn’t sound too good morally. She also couldn’t deny that on some of Celestia’s missions or tests, failure would have meant doom. And then there was herself. Despite being all about friendship, she did have a myriad of trust issues she hadn’t even considered. And finally, she had to admit, she used you for her own ends. “I…”

“C’mon, Twilight, spit it out! Or are you just going to justify everything? Like geez, Twilight, you say we’re friends, you want me to go to your school, and yet here I am being used as your freaking bluff against the changeling queen I’m trying to reform. Y’know, now I can see why Aunt Fluttershy at least gives me a chance without too much trouble, she was the one who reformed Dad. Meanwhile you and the princesses suddenly have a big problem when it comes to her!” You yell out, pointing at Chrysalis. “Makes me wonder if you don’t just use Spike sometimes as well.”

“I don’t! Don’t say that!” Twilight finally blurted out without hesitation. “Spike and I are a team! No, more than that, we’re like family! We are family! He’s always been there for me, not because he’s my assistant, but because he’s my friend. Anon…” And that’s when Twilight felt unsure again, unsure about a lot of things. But everything had a purpose, right? Everything always worked out. But even then, there was always the possibility that it didn’t. Even worse, there really was no way to justify a lot of what you said at all without it sounding tyrannical. Tyrannical, that word. She shifted her focus to Chrysalis. “Chrysalis, can I ask you a question?”

“Oh, are we ACTUALLY going to be friendly to one another? Because I have to admit, your suffering would be fattening if I could feast on it properly. But, ah, I suppose I’m being a bad host now. Go ahead, Princess, ask your useless question.” Chrysalis couldn’t pass up taunting her, the moment was too good, she could see Twilight couldn’t logic her way out of this one.

“I want you to be honest with me. If I really let you have your chance at destroying me, and you fail, will you give reformation a chance? For Anon’s sake, I just want to know the truth.” Twilight asked, her tone was unsettled, weak.

“What kind of question is that? I said I’d do it, didn’t I?” Chrysalis said, feeling rather insulted.

“I mean it! Because I know, it’s not just us princesses, but you too have used him to meet your own ends. I’m asking you, one potential friend to another, to tell me the truth. Tell me this isn’t just a ruse to try to destroy me with you hiding back into the Everfree Forest if you fail. If you win, then it’s all on me for failing. But if you lose, you can’t just come back here. Otherwise…” Twilight’s lower lips quivered before she said her next words. “You’ll be no better than us.”

Chrysalis’s eyes narrowed towards Twilight “Are you implying I can’t keep my word, and that failing to do so would make me the equivalent to you princesses? You listen to me, fool, I don’t use others to teach some silly lesson about love and friendship, I just use them. That will always be a step above what you’re capable of doing. As for keeping my word, I think I can do it. Listening to Anon, I think it’d give me the perfect opportunity to show you that I can even outclass you do gooding ponies at your own game as well. That is, if you succeed in stopping me.” Chrysalis said with a cold grin.

“Good, then I should make a promise I intend to keep as well.” Twilight said with a nod as she turned to you. “Anon, I promise, I really promise. I’ll watch myself from now on, and I won’t use you or anypony else for any kind of plan. If I have to, I’ll ask first, as I should. Nopony has a right to use others like that. I’ll even have a counsel with the other princesses, we’ll get this all sorted out, promise. I promise all of these things. I also apologize, I mean it, Anon. We’re supposed to be a team too, and I just did that without thinking about your feelings at all, and that’s wrong. I can really see that now.”

“Tch, Anon, are you really going to fall for something so sappy after making such a power move?” Chrysalis asked, finding Twilight’s apology disgustingly wimpy.

You nod, but you aren’t truly content. “I am, and that’s because, as friends, I need this all to work. Considering all the crap you’ve pulled that I’ve forgiven, Chrysalis, I think I can let this slide too.” You then look to Twilight. “I’m telling you Twilight, don’t do that again. I’m not Pinkie, or Aunt Fluttershy, or anypony else that will just look over stuff like this over and over. That was really screwed up, you get me?” No, like seriously, you were not going to hug this shit out like her friends would. “And please, try not to lose sleep over it either? What’s done is done. Egh…” You got what you wanted to say out, you would hope that it would serve as a reminder for Twilight not to pull this shit.

“I understand.” Twilight nods to you. She wanted to give you a reassuring hug, but she didn’t want to become overbearing when you seemed sensitive on the subject. “And Chrysalis? I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have tested you like that and-” But Chrysalis cuts her off.

“Save it, I don’t want to hear it nor do I need an apology from you. In retrospect, it was a well played and underhooved move, and let us leave it at that. I’d rather be moody from being tricked than be forgiven in such a pathetic manner. Either way, watching you writhe to such truths was entertaining, that more than makes up for your trick.” Chrysalis said

“Good.” Twilight said with a nod, smiling at her.

“Good? As in, what just happened to you was good? Or the fact that I won’t let you apologize is good?” Chrysalis was confused now, what did Twilight mean?

“I mean the former. I deserved it, and if that entertained you, then alright, I should have expected that it would. I think I’m beginning to understand you more, Chrysalis. I think, despite your scheming, we can become closer before we leave today.” Twilight said to her, feeling confident.

“Oooooooooogh, even when she’s torn down she’s insufferable.” Chrysalis groaned as she let her head plop onto her bed. “Maybe I really should have focused on Celestia, she wouldn’t have even tried to make friends with me with such disgusting attempts.”

Well, that was at least something. Twilight seemed to finally be on the ball, and Chrysalis was being less threatening as time went on. You looked down, then back at them. Was this it? Could you accomplish your goal? Hopefully, and hopefully at the same time, Chrysalis and Twilight would stop their shit. “Well, I’m just going to rewind this to the beginning then, and maybe we can see how that works out.” Well, Twilight had already seen the scariest thing the movie had to offer in terms of what a brainy pony she is. And if it let you get closer to Chrysalis, then Chrysalis should be able to get closer to Twilight if Twilight too enjoys what she is seeing. God, let her enjoy it.

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