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You wake up in a land where magic is real and sapient ponies have built a civilisation. Being from a different universe, you have no understanding of their language or laws, but you're happy to have found yourself in the friendliest town there is. Good luck building a new life as their favourite... monkey thing.

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You have my attention...:twilightsmile:

You had my attention but now you have my erection :pinkiecrazy:

Then, the red horse picked up the filly and trotted off towards the house. The orange one waved her hoof at you several times and headed out towards the road leading away from the farm. Follow me . Yes, ma'am. As you start following the orange horse down the road, you notice an apple tattooed on both sides of her flank. This is one hell of a circus.


Man, I was ready to say how your description needs work grammatically (because nobody wants spelling errors before they even start reading the first chapter), but turns out your just from a different country than me, so good luck with the story.

What was the spelling error?

There are some images showing something like actual writing: http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/File:Spike_writing_in_the_friendship_journal_S4E23.png

Of course, one might argue in this case that's just Spike's bad writing and good pony penmanship is just wavy lines. :derpyderp1:

Hooked, let's goooo!

I like the language barrier. I think for beginning/middle segments of the story it's a change of pace that means he author(you!) have to be more creative with the interactivity. Looking forward to more!

In the US, civilisation is spelled civilization, and favourite is spelled favorite.

Well, that's hardly a grammatical error. Both are valid. I've never really cared about which version I use.

I maybe want to read it, but I have a question, this has nothing to do with the your human and you universe where they are all pets/slaves right? Those stories have usually one or another adition/detail to them that I don't like in the end even if they are good till this or that happens.

Not sure about the name but I think that was the originial story.

No connection whatsoever. As far as this universe is concerned, the ponies know nothing about humans and there is no MLP in the human world.

No yeah, your description is fine. Sorry I didn't make that part clear.

You wake up in a land where magic is real and sentient ponies have built a civilisation.

magic is real and sentient ponies

sentient ponies

I can't count the amount of times I see this mistake. Every living creature, including our horses and ponies, are sentient. Humans are the only race on the planet we consider sapient, which comes from our scientific name homosapien.

I swear I knew this once

if I was in his situation I would have thought Spike was a Girl at least until corrected otherwise

At least you didn’t make a Barney reference Or a ugly telly tubby

Could use a bit of proofing on the first chapter for flow/grammar, but overall...I am intrigued. Do continue good sir. :moustache: (Or M'am)

Hehe, Vulcan greeting...

That same hand gesture was later (and still often is) interpreted as "peace" rather than "victory." Hippies and all that, y'all. I actually haven't seen it used to imply "victory" in quite awhile, now that I think about it. Anyways. Neat story so far, digging the chillness of the protagonist.

Stories where Anon turns out to be the personification of sleazy internet forums are kind of a pet peeve of mine.

Do we sound like monkeys to them and do monkeys also sound like monkey to them

Anon, king of monkeys!

In the worlds before Monkey, primal Chaos reigned. Heaven sought Order, but the Phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown...

OK Confucius drop in some wisdom on us

So flutters can semi communicate

They hear Anon talk in normal English, they just don't understand it.

She has an empathetic connection to all creatures, just like in the show. Meaning that she can easily read Anon's moods and understand what he needs the same way as with all of her animals.

I thought she could talk to,animals in the show

Maybe, I'm not an active viewer(only recently finished s3). I always assumed she just had a bit of a sixth sense when it came to animals.
But given that humans are aliens from another dimension, I think we can give Flutters a break lol.

Oh so to them it just sounds like a foreign language but to him they sound like animals Would they understand him If he made monkey noises

actually answered that question in an episode she said it’s more like she gets a feeling she doesn’t understand them completely thinking of it like she can instant look at them and what they do she gets in a complete understanding of what they meant but does not understand them But animals do completely understand them

Aww, how cute :yay:
Interesting story, more soon please? :pinkiehappy:

Our boi just got yeeted on by a little bunny

Interesting story so far :3
I always enjoy the “error 404: Communication not found” fimfic to be quite entertaining.
So I’ll definitely be looking forward to more chapters :twilightsmile: keep up the good work!

Oh Boy, if i was a pet of a pony i would complain if there was no ice cream

Angel is evil

9368676 To be fair, it's an easy mistake to make.

this fic reminds of this “your human and you” fic by MadMaxtheBlack but in a kid friend-lier atmosphere/setting!:twilightsmile:

me want moar!!!:moustache:

Wonder how long it's going to take someone to realize he can talk to Angel, and Angel can talk to Fluttershy...

It wouldn't change anything. Fluttershy can understand what animals are trying to say, but not the exact words. She basically already can tell what the main character wants or needs from that skill. Using Angel as a translator would be a marginal improvement at best. And of course the main character still can't understand either of them.

Love the take on a human in Equestria you're taking with this. Honestly, in concerns of communication and Twilight- All I could think of was that scene from the martian. Somehow figuring out how to indicate/write 'A' and so on.
But well done, and keep it up! :moustache:

The part with Scotaloo was just precious. He has no idea how much that means to her, but he did it anyway. And in a way so was the interaction with Rainbow, trying to give him a taste of what he gave scoots just because she saw him make the filly happy. Fluff, cuteness and heartwarming moments abound :yay:

His names for the ponies are also hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

You start with the character set.
From there, the easiest things are nouns. Write "apple" on a sheet of paper, put an apple right above the word, and point to both the word and the apple and say "apple" each time. Repeat with multiple other objects until they understand what you are doing.
Once you have the methodology clearly established, you can start to work in verbs. With nouns and verbs basic communication is possible.

This is all to establish written language, mind you. There may be no common audio processing systems which would allow for mutual (or even unidirectional!) verbal communication, but if they have written language then they have the advanced pattern recognition systems required for reading.
That doesn't mean you would be able to learn their written language, as that may rely on magic - something you can't perceive - but they would definitely be able to learn your written language.

In Germany civilisation is spelled Zivilisation, and favourite is spelled...well that one is actually complicated.

You grab the quill from mid-air and ponder for a moment whether to write in the clearer printscript or wavy cursive

Haha, I was wondering exactly that before I even read that line.

That's some great thinking. I'll have to remember that if I ever get teleported into an alien dimension. :pinkiesmile:

Good works so far. Must be aggravating not being able to communicate effectively.

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