The Human Pet

by RushyFiction

Chapter 4


You slowly open your eyes, disturbed from your sleep. For a moment, you're confused, finding yourself in an oversized pet cot, but as you look around the cottage and see the beautiful birdhouses everywhere, memories of the sweet pink-maned horse return and you smile to yourself briefly. Even in your thoughts, she is cute as a button.


Oh, yeah. That. "Alright, I'm coming!" You grumble, and stand up, flexing to get the sleep out of your bones before locating your pants from the floor. "Don't get your knickers in a twist..."

You pull the door open to find a little cross-eyed grey pegasus mare carrying a mailbag. She looks up to you and promptly drops the letter from her mouth in shock. You give her a friendly, unthreatening, non-evil monster from outer space smile. In other words, a terrifying, threatening, evil monster from outer space grin. "You know, you guys really are too adorable for your own good." You say, watching the slightly crazed-looking horse blink hard several times and rub her eyes to see if they were working properly.

As you move to pick up the letter, one of her golden eyes focuses on your fingers and she gasps, making you stop just as you got ahold of the letter. A slightly cold snout pokes against your digits, cautiously testing their flexibility. You respond by booping the curious horse right on the nose and throwing the letter on a small table next to a vase. She sneezes and rubs her hoof over her nose to get rid of the itchy sensation. Loving her childlike fascination with you, you wiggle your fingers in front of her and run them over her head, making her shiver and giggle. The mare pulls a muffin out of her pocket and, removing the wrapper, tosses it playfully at your mouth. To your immense satisfaction, you are able to catch it between your teeth. Taking a huge bite out of the delightful treat, you shout "HELL YEA!" to nobody in particular and thump your chest. It's goofy, but who cares, you fucking owned that muffin. In front of a horse lady, no less.

Still, she's got a job to do, so she waves you goodbye and flies off on a really skewed-looking trajectory. Desperately hoping that she won't crash into anything, you shrug and close the door before finishing off the muffin.

The first thing you notice, as you take in your surroundings, is the kitchen side of the house. It's stocked with the same kind of equipment you'd see at home, right down to the tools. It strikes you as quite peculiar that none of the tools are differently designed to fit horse hooves, but rather depend on magic so they could use them properly. Same goes for the knobs and dials that control the oven and stove.

To your delight, a single plate has been set on the kitchen table, with a delicious-looking slice of red, juicy salmon cooked to perfection. It's cold, of course, but you decide to gobble it up regardless. You're slightly worried that the plate isn't meant for you, but decide to put those thoughts aside as your hunger pains dissipate. Afterwards, you go through the extra effort of cleaning up the dishes. You're not usually very tidy, but you don't want to put your lovely host through any trouble on your part. There was a note left next to the plate, but like all the other 'text' in Horseville, it's just straight lines without any pattern that you can decipher.

As time passes by, boredom settles in. You'd love to spend some more time with Sweetheart, but she's out and about somewhere and you can't indulge in reading. You wander through the cottage and notice the incredible effort that went into making all the pet accessories around - even little stairs for mice to reach the upper floor. It seems that you were handed over to Horseville's equivalent of a cat lady to take care of. On the 2nd floor, you find Sweetheart's bedroom, which is as girly as one could imagine from seeing her - not exactly doused in pink, but still very frilly and hearts-y. You don't linger here for long, but notice several photographs of Sweetheart surrounded by five other mares, including the resident mad scientist Lavender Lady and your fruit-fetishising farmer friend Apple Buttocks. "What's the connection?" You ponder out loud. "Some kind of a club?"

Eventually, even playing with her incredibly well domesticated mice and birds grows wearisome and you decide it's best not to waste the sunlight and go out for a walk, maybe back to the forest where you woke up. After all, you'd been disoriented and confused when you first arrived - maybe you missed some clues? You grab your black jumper from the pet bed and leave it on a hanger attached to the door, hoping that if Sweetheart returns before you, she'll realise you've not vanished for good. As you pull the door open to go outside, however, you find that your feet are being restricted by a particularly angry-looking bunny rabbit, who emphatically points towards the interior of the house. Wait... he's not...

To test the creature's intelligence, you point to yourself and making a walking motion with your two fingers. And he shakes his head. Oh God, that thing can think! Is there anything that can't think?! Is the grass alive... as in alive alive? You shake your head and take another step out side, only for the rabbit to lose his temper and bite into you. "Ow! Goddammit, get off of me! I'm going to the forest, I'll be back later! Jesus!" You grumble and shake your foot to toss the bunny back into the house. He is a persistent foe, however, and grips back onto your foot with a death grip.

"Fine, you wanna come with me?" You snarl and extract him from your foot, trying to hold back a snort as the little thing tries to punch you in the face despite his limited reach. "Look pal, you and I both know you're not gonna stop me from leaving. So either you chill out or I'll leave you behind a closed door." For a moment, you feel as if you can actually see the gears turning in the bunny's head as he looks into the distance, but then he grabs ahold of one of his little ears and waves it around in an imitation of a white flag. "Right."

You close Sweetheart's door behind you and place the bunny on your right shoulder. "I'm glad we had this tal-OWWWWW!" You scream as the bunny bites down on your ear, hard, for just a second. You turn your head angrily and point a finger at the bunny. "You white-flagged me! White flag is sacred!" The bunny merely snorted and looked away in a huff, waving towards the forest with his paw. Get us moving already, if you must.

"Son of a-"