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When a family of thestrals move to Ponyville, a filly named Redheart becomes best friends with a clumsy, but kind bat pony colt called Shaggy. Fluff ensues.

NOTE: Crimson Star/"Shaggy" is my OC from The Human Pet, but this is not canon to that story.

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I wanna see more! They’re very cute together.

I second the notion that this should be cannon, or at least a version of it, thrown into The Human Pet. This was adorable, and Redheart needs more love.

Oh my goodness, this is so touching, so good!!! This is the most unique pairing with Redheart I think I've ever seen!

I'm interested in seeing where this goes

This is too precious for words, thank you!!!

Shaggy has a heart of gold.

Please tell me there is a part 2 for this part

Not right now. What would you like to see in a 2nd part?

Luna dealing with Dawn and Red finding out, maybe even officially going steady with him?

i got diabetes from this daawwsome chapter alone ^^

what a shameless batmare -.- i guess batpony's are predatory even with love and sex xD

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