The Human Pet

by RushyFiction

Chapter 17

Your mind feels like a little puddle of oil floating on an immense, blue-and-black sea. The waves flow in from every direction against nature, forcing you to stick together, keeping your mind from being dissolved in her immortal existence. But though you may not disappear entirely, you are, right now, a part of her.

You are Luna, Princess of the Night and co-ruler of Equestria. You find yourself standing on four pony hooves in a wet, cold cave with only the horns of the unicorns illuminating the place and revealing the decayed webbing and chunks of biological glue strung about, indicating it to be the former home of a large insect race. You see her... your(?) little ponies huddling closely to one another, reverting to their herd mentality when faced with a situation they struggle to adapt to.

Understanding starts to drip into the oil puddle that makes up the tiny human mind swimming in Luna's immortality. Information. Every single thing you learn hurts and takes the puddle one step closer to disintegration, but you know that imbuing that puddle with this knowledge is of the utmost importance, for that puddle is your one chance of escape, the variable that your enemy could never have predicted.

The Changelings are an insectoid branch of the equine race.
They are protected by a nigh impenetrable chitin armor.

They feed on other ponies' love without consent.
They need love as fire needs wood.

They are shapeshifters, and expert liars.
They are most likely to take the appearance of someone with a devoted partner or followers.

You see images flashing through your mind - the ferocious Changelings descending on Canterlot like angry wasps, a white stallion with a mane of various shades of blue, familiar lime green eyes and a dopey grin on his face.

The Queen with the crooked horn, standing over you with a victorious smirk, her seaweed-like mane flowing down her face and covering her right eye. Her hoof, riddled with holes, rises to strike down on you…


At the last second, you roll out from under Chrysalis' hoof, which rams into the ground, leaving a noticeable dent in the earth. You gasp as you can suddenly sense the bizarrely hot rain pouring down on the two of you, the grass underneath your feet and the stifling lack of air. You're back in your own human body, and not a moment too soon.

Chrysalis' horn lights up and your throat glows green, but is unharmed. Visibly confounded, she speaks, and her voice sounds completely different to the high-pitched horse-like sounds made by your friends. Instead, clicking and sawing sounds emerge from the Changeling Queen's throat, bringing to mind gross, overgrown crickets and spiders. You back away and desperately look around for anything resembling a weapon, but can see nothing apart from giant trees and feeble bushes. Meanwhile, the Queen lowers her head and charges at you like a fierce bull.

You barely dodge her and grab ahold of her horn, which starts flickering erratically with green energy. Chrysalis flails around on her hind hooves, trying to turn around and gut punch you, but you grip onto her horn, inadvertently pulling you onto the Changeling Queen's back. You force your knees against her sides as tight as possible to not be thrown off as Chrysalis bolts.

"Whoa-hoa! Whoa!"

And there you are, riding your first pony through the countryside.

For about 10 seconds.

Chrysalis throws her head back, knocking you on the nose, and causing you to slip off and fall onto the sharp pebbles on what used to be the town centre. "Aooowww... pretty sure I'm never having kids now..." you groan, holding your tortured balls. Before she can poke some holes in you as well, however, you thrust up your foot and slam it straight into her jaw, which makes her howl in pain and gives you the time to get up and run, dodging the eggs as best you can. As you run past them, you can feel the sweltering heat that they emanate even in what feels like molten lava pouring down incessantly from the clouds.

Must be close to hatching.

Chrysalis spits out a tooth and pursues you. Using her magic, she piles the eggs around to form a barrier preventing you from getting past the town line. You turn around to see her walking towards you slowly and chuckling, clearly eager to take as much pleasure from killing you as possible.
"Okay... alright..." you growl at her. "Fuck, this is gonna hurt."

Giving up any notion of holding back, you lunge at the bugpony, whose thin, malnourished form collapses under the sudden pressure. The two of you roll on the muddy ground, your arms clamped around the wriggling Changeling and your teeth biting into her exposed, soft neck as hard as you can. Chrysalis screeches in pain and bucks you in the stomach with her hind hooves. While you gasp for air on the ground, she gallops off and you're left lying in the middle of the town square, the near-boiling hot rain splattering uncomfortably on you.

Oh, it hurt.

You throw up, cleaning your mouth of a glob of slimy Changeling blood as well as all the treats you enjoyed this morning. Rubbing your mouth clean, you peel off a chunk of dried blood from your upper lip. That mental contact must've done quite a number on me. Shit, I'm not gonna have an aneurysm, am I? "Fucking hell..."

You get to your feet, feeling the ugly bruise swelling up on your chest. "Owwwww... ow, fuck. Fuck-fuck-fuck..."

As you slowly stagger towards the sweets shop through all the eggs, you see that that all the windows are strangely covered up with curtains and there's no sign of life to be seen. How long was I out anyway?

You make your way to the backdoor, only to find it locked up so you start rapping on the door. "Hey! Let me in! HEY!" Becoming increasingly upset, you start pounding. "HEY! OPEN THIS DAMN DOOR! COME ON!"

No response. You plod to the front door, only to find the same result. The door was shut and when you pressed your ear against it, you could hear no sounds coming from within the shop.

You eye a loose brick on the stairs leading up to the main door and after a bit of a struggle, dislodge it. "OPEN THE DAMN DOOR OR I'LL... oh yeah, no English." You shake your head and, praying that the shield only works one-way, toss the brick at the window right of the door. Thankfully, it smashes right through and you're able to snake your arm in-between the broken glass and unlatch the window. When you pull your arm back, however, your victory makes you just careless enough to scrape it against the still-hanging shards, leaving an ugly red gash bleeding out like nobody's business.


You pull the window open and carefully step in, but no care in the world could account for all the minuscule bits of glass that tear little scratches all over your leg on your first step alone, or the rather larger shard that digs into your right sole. "Shit!" you whine and cry a little involuntarily. Limping heavily into the shop and dripping rainwater, blood and sweat everywhere, you find most of the ponies asleep, no doubt from the absolutely stifling atmosphere.

The fillies were resting on a mattress in front of the counter, and the apple farmer's girlfriend was with them. Behind the counter, Cupcake and Other Cake are snoring too, with the pudgy blue mare's head resting comfortably on the orange stallion's shoulder. Minty Fresh and Curly are still sitting behind tables, their chins on their hooves and their others hooves touching together. It would've been a sweet sight, had it not been for the fact that all eight ponies were glowing green and, judging from the fact that they couldn't hear you smash in, in a magically induced sleep.

But where's the-?

Sharply, your mind is disconnected from your body. Vaguely, you realise that you're collapsing onto the floor and a blurry, giant red shape hangs over you. Are you moving now? It's almost like sleep paralysis. You try to talk, but you're not sure if anything's coming out of your mouth or not. It occurs to you that the scenery has changed. You're moving now... are those stairs? Why does my head hurt?

Even that semblance of vision is lost as you're sent rolling down the stairs, turning your vision into a whirlpool until you finally hit your nose against a painfully hard, but blissfully cool concrete floor and black out completely.