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The Human Pet - RushyFiction

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Chapter 22

You smile softly and cover your exposed neck with a blanket as the rays of the morning sun shine down on it. You don't get out of bed. Today of all days, that can wait.

For unbeknownst to your little pony friends, you'd kept track of time since materialising in this land. And although you didn't exactly remember which months had 30 and 31 days, you are fairly sure it is close enough... for your birthday.

From the kitchen, you hear the perfect sizzling sound of frying bacon intermixed with Sweetheart's humming. Ever since the party a while back, meat had made a welcome comeback into your diet, the ponies having somehow tuned themselves better to your needs. Sure, the fish kept you going, but after a while, you had really started to itch for a leg or a steak. And the presence of Applebutt's farm animals hadn't helped.

You stretch under the covers and finally crawl out to put clothes on, your mind demanding stimulation in the absence of the internet. Following the siren call of crisping bacon, you wander into the kitchen and ruffle Sweetheart's pink locks for greeting. "That smells... awesome." you exhale after a deep breath.

Sweetheart peeks up at you with a satisfied smile and nickers something in return. Within a few minutes, the strips of bacon end up in your plate with a salad. Not feeling like crunching through lettuce this morning, you sneak it to the bunny when Sweetheart has her back turned, only for him to throw it onto his plate... where the yellow pegasus would obviously notice the double serving.

Mentally sending poisoned daggers in the bunny's direction, you quickly toss a piece of bacon on his plate, greasing up his meal. Infuriated, the bunny grabs a strawberry and with expert precision, aims and hits your glass of juice hard enough to topple it over onto your precious bacon.

You hiss at the pain you feel in your chest and lunge at the rabbit, who skitters up your neck and starts choking you with your own collar.

"Ahem." Sweetheart clears her throat.

The two of you pause mid-fight, looking at the unamused pegasus with wide-eyed stares before pointing accusingly at each other.

"He started it!"

The two of you glare at one another as you find yourselves sitting on the dirt road outside of Sweetheart's cottage. You get up at the same time, huff and pointedly go in separate directions.

Eager to put the unpleasant encounter out of your mind, you wander down the road to the gate leading into the Apple pony’s farm.

Through it, you spot your three favourite fillies playing a game of tag in the distance. You push the gate open and stroll into the orchard of apple trees, weighing heavy under the delightful red fruit.

Harvest must be close.

Seeing you approach, the trio break up their game of tag and trot over to you. With her stronger farming legs, Applebee is the fastest and gleefully runs through between your feet several times. You sit down instead and soon enough you have all three fillies surrounding you.

Somehow, you end up lying on the ground and watching the clouds, the trio using your elbows and stomach as a pillow. Ever the persnickety one, Snowy inches close to your hand and stares at you upside down, her hoovsies folded on her chest, clearly wanting you to run your fingers over her ears again.

Obliging, you gently pinch the velvety flap and scratch the underside of it, making the white filly kick a little with her small hind hooves out of enjoyment and even mewl as you switch to petting her furry scalp.

This of course caused a fair amount of snickering from the other two fillies as they watched your ministrations. Embarrassed and blushing, Snowy quickly pulls away and whinnies at the two. As the fiery horse sounds from all three get higher and higher in pitch, you roll your eyes and pull out your notepad to doodle as you wait for them to finish.

Now, what was it...? Two wings, one batlike, the other with feathers. That long elongated tail... kinda like Lavi's critter, but a lot slimmer. Claws and paws and...

The sound of rustling alerts you to the end of the ponies' conversation. However, only two fillies are standing behind you, and both stare up. You follow their gaze to discover that Snowy's climbing one of the bigger apple trees, with a sort of furious intensity. A good climber or not, you're no fan of seeing her quite so high up, especially since she's one of the ones without the wings. Ohhh no.

"Hey! Get down from there!" You shout uselessly. Should I climb up there? She'd probably not like that, could make things worse... what do I do?

Snowy grins victoriously from between the branches, and tosses a few apples at her friends before blowing a raspberry. You look around like an idiot, trying to decide the best course of action. Of course, no mature ponies nearby. Applebee and Scooter stare up with worried faces, obviously telling the silly filly up there to come down.

Maybe I can just dash to that house, get a big pony here, and fix it. You hold out your hands. "D-don't go anywhere!"

Just as you take your first few steps through the house, however, the branch breaks with a loud crack and you hear the whistling sound of something heavy falling. SHIT!

You swivel around on the spot and start running straight back, to move under the filly and catch her in your arms. To your dismay, however, you're just not fast enough and she thuds against the ground onto her hind hooves, which twist a little under her. You stop awkwardly.

Snowy bites her lip, trying to save face, but her green eyes well up in a mixture of pain and humiliation. A loud cry soon bursts out, and the poor pony turns beet red. To your surprise, the filly limps away from her friends and instead blindly makes her way towards you. Going with it, you sit down and let her sit on your lap, resting her hoof on your crossed knee as well as bury her snout in your shirt, muffling the bawling pony. As you cuddle her, her friends quietly neigh and run off. You hope they went to find help, and not home.

Eventually, your stroking and petting calms the distraught filly down to hiccuping and slight shivers. In the absence of an authority figure, you finally pick her up by her barrel. To the pony’s credit, she doesn't fight you and instead takes a hold of your neck, rubbing her wet, swollen face into its crook. You carry her to the house and kick the door open with your foot, but the only one you find inside is an ancient, frighteningly thin green mare whose sleep you dare not interrupt. So instead, you put the tired and hurting filly down onto a pink sofa. You move away to look for anything that could help, but as soon as you do, Snowy starts pounding against the sofa with her front hooves to get your attention, with a pleading look on her face.

You sit down next to her and she pulls your neck down into an iron grip, forcing you to lie down on the sofa with her, your face smushed against her fluffy white chest.

By the time you wake up, the lengthy shadows suggest it's the afternoon. Somehow, Snowy has curled up on top of you and having such a satisfied nap that it'd be unethical to budge. Her hurt hoof is bandaged and resting on top of a small pillow on your legs. Next to the sofa, you find a wooden stool with three balloons tied to it: one yellow and two blue. On the stool is a lone pink cupcake, birthday candle and all, and a glass of chocolate milk on the side.

Deciding to leave questions for another day, you pick up the burning candle, think a little and then look at the bundle of cuteness softly snoring on you. "I wish you get better soon." You whisper and ruffle her curly mane before blowing out the candle.

Author's Note:

Wrote this one for my own birthday. :raritywink:

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