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The Human Pet - RushyFiction

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Chapter 12

You try to put the ill feeling you have about all this out of your mind. After all, they're just some kids. What are they gonna do, slip a banana peel under you? You resolve to have fun instead. You quickly run through games they might like to play and focus on one: what kid doesn't love horsie? So, you kneel down, rest your hands against the grassy ground and nod towards your back with your head. Childish minds think alike, and Princess Toothpaste Hair claps her hooves together in obvious glee at the idea before grabbing a hold on your shoulders and dragging her form onto you. Damn, I should work out more... ohh oh oh, my poor bonessss. You feel the frog of her right hoof absent-mindedly rubbing your furless neck, clearly curious about your different physiology.

You push up from the ground and move around a bit on your hands and knees until Toothpaste becomes confident enough to release her front hooves(whilst stilll gripping onto your sides with her hind hooves) and wave to the other colts and fillies, all gawping at what must be a pretty wild sight. Time to up the ante. You push your back up and get on your feet, which Toothpaste clearly did not expect judging from her sudden death grip on your neck. You manage to calm her slightly by holding onto her hooves(also because you kinda need to breathe), helping her onto a sitting position on your shoulders before standing up to full height. At this point, the kids are utterly transfixed on the filly on your back, who takes advantage of the situation by hollering something victoriously in pony language, having regained her confidence. Happy for the attention, she nuzzles the back of your neck and pats you on the head.

From behind the fence of the playground, you catch your three favourite fillies trot by. As the trio open the gate and walk in, they notice you near the swings and then freeze, looking up at the pink filly on your head with astonished expression. Scooter's face quickly scrunches up into really cute absolute fury and she whinnies towards Toothpaste, who defiantly rests her hooves and chin on top of your head. Snowy runs up to you and snaps her jaws onto your hand, which was covered in bite marks at this point. Using it, she tried her best to pull you down, clearly eager to be the one on your back. You carefully prise your fingers free and reassuringly run your thumb over the side of her velvety muzzle and cheek. Your rejection only made her pout, however and she also shouted something up to Toothpaste.

An indignant neigh bursts out from near your ear and all three of the fillies' ears droop in unison. You felt bad, but at the same time, kids gotta wait for their turn. After all, nobody owns you! You feel the silver filly drape her hoof around your calf, probably in support of her friend. This action seems to hammer the point home, as all three fillies' eyes water up simultaneously. Shocked, you immediately try to pull Toothpaste off of your back so you could calm them with a hug or something, but the pink filly throws her own little temper tantrum and holds onto you as tight as possible. For crying' out loud, kids, gimme a break! you thought as the trio scamper, obviously upset.

Losing your patience, you growl as wolfishly as possible, scaring Toothpaste just enough to go limp and letting you grab ahold of her hooves and pull them away from your neck before letting her drop onto the ground. Unfortunately, the action(and probably your alienness) is enough to make you taboo to pretty much every other foal around and they all disappear in a grand stampede much to the chagrin of the parents who run after them.

You scratch the back of your head. "Ah, fuck." Sweetheart's just gonna love to hear about this...

Going home seems like the best option, but for some reason, both Toothpaste and her spoony friend insist you go someplace else, the former again latching onto your abused fingers whilst the latter butted against your legs with her head. The sun is still quite a bit away from setting, so you allow the fillies to lead you away from the playground and down a few streets, probably to one of their homes. It's a better idea anyway - a more controlled environment and less of a chance of random ponies freaking out over you. The thought cheers you up a bit and you move faster, eager to maybe play some quiet board games.

The fillies lead you past all the houses though, and towards a giant wall of hedges surrounding what could only be called a mansion... though it still had a thatched roof, you noticed with a little snicker. The pink filly opened the metal main gate non-chalantly and extended her hoof towards the large building, essentially inviting you in. You duck your head and pass through the gate, which Spoony closes behind you. Rich kids. You should've figured from the fancy jewelry. No wonder she asked Sweetheart to let her play with me... the rich love the exotic. And I'm as exotic as it gets around here.

A pair of butler ponies open the doors for the three of you, not blinking an eye at your... well, everything. You wiggle your fingers at them to try and incite a reaction, but not even a twitch. "Damn, you guys are good. Jeeves, eat your heart out. Hah! Ahhh..." you shake your head in amusement at the utterly bizarre circumstances you're in. The fillies run off and you chase after them through the labyrinthine and extremely overdecorated corridors in the mansion. God, this place! Ruby red rugs, various paintings of ponies in heroic positions, a fucking set of pony armor... eventually though, you do find yourself in the pink filly's bedroom, which you recognise by the masses of toys gathering dust everywhere. Chests of them. There's also a vanity mirror, the shelf in front overburdened with all sorts of complex make-up paraphernalia that you don't even begin to know how to use.

The bed(which is a twopony one with bedposts and curtains, of course) is littered with various teddy bears and other plushes. Toothpaste and Spoony happily jump onto it and you awkwardly sit down at the edge. You're not allowed to mope for long though, as the pink filly happily jumps on your lap and pushes you down onto the bed, snuggling onto your chest while Spoony very tenderly strokes your hair. Even with Sweetheart's perpetual kindness, you're not used to that level of care and kind of melt into the bed, scratching the pink filly's back.

You wake up to find yourself confused and alone in the dark, still lying on the bed. Rubbing your face, you get up and open the door, blinking from the bright light coming from the lamps. That shit looks electric... or maybe it's just magic.

Noticing your own reflection on the windows, you wince. Sweetheart's so freaking out right now... damn it! Never be led astray by filly cuteness again, it's just not healthy! Kinda like Coke, oh GOD I'd give give anything for a can of caffeine right about now, I should look into more of their stores, maybe they've got something like that.

A butler pony passes you by as you wander around. You give a curt nod, only for the pony snap onto your goddamn fingers again! and lead you rather roughly down to a fancy dining room. It's got all the fancy - marble floors, crystal chandelier, a long-ass table that'd make Citizen Kane jealous and a quiet family of probably really unsatisfied ponies sipping soup. There were three of them - an adult pony with a slicked mane and a holy-shit-is-that-really-a-dollar-sign-on-a-tie, an immensely tired-looking mare with a diamond ring tattoo and your friend Toothpaste. Her mansion, got it.

The miserable atmosphere is livened up a bit as she notices you approach and jumps off her chair squeeing, much to the displeasure of her parents. The filly shouts an order to the butler pony who brought you in and then nuzzles your knee. Feeling very awkward, you pat her on the head and stand around, waiting for the butler to return with a chair and hopefully some grub.

After about a minute, he does, but not with a chair. Instead, there's a silver platter on his back and on it, ... a...

Your eyes bulge.







You don't even know what to say, so you glare down at the pink filly as hard as humanly possible, with your jaw still slack. She either doesn't receive the message, or completely ignores it, smiling blandly back at you and then running along back to her parents as the butler gently sets the generic blue dog bowl down on the floor, bows and leaves, closing the doors behind him.

"Okay, fuck this, I'm out." You grumble and head for the doors. You hear the rich stallion behind you shout something and soft clops behind you as Toothpaste runs after you. In a swift moment, you turn around, leaving her teeth to snap down on no fingers at all. "No!" you say, pointing at her. "Sit!"

The filly blinks, and you roll your eyes. "Worth a try. Anyway..." you mimic the motion of holding a knife and fork and cutting a slice of something. Finally, the filly seems to realise the point, but to your extreme surprise, she shakes her head angrily and points back to the dog bowl. Damn, that is a filet mignon in there. Could just- what the fuck brain, shut up!

Seeing the confrontation, the parents trot into the corridor and dispense some sharp whinnies at Toothpaste, who immediately cowers and hugs onto your leg. "Yeah, that's right. Not your pet. Now let me go, please." You throw your leg about a bit, but the filly holds onto it as if her life depended on it. Jesus. Fortunately, a pair of butler ponies arrive and somehow effortlessly pull the now crying and thrashing filly away. One of them, holding her under one hoof, limps away towards her room. "Thanks, I'll just-whoa!"

The other butler pony knocks his butt into you, taking your breath away and landing you on his back. You're forced to hold on as he downright gallops through the corridors and through a kitchen until finally arriving at a large window, which he kicks open with a hind hoof before arching his back so suddenly that you tumble off the pony's back, through the window and down a floor before crashing into a huge, open trash bin filled with black plastic bags. You lay there for a moment, taking the whole thing in when another stuffed bag lands on your back, effectively pinning you into the bin upside-down.


Author's Note:

Experimenting with style here slightly with that picture. Say, is there any way you can upload your own photos directly from the computer? Because I really would have wanted to make that pic a bit smaller(and no, I wasn't gonna bother with doctoring it and then uploading it someplace else).

I really wish I could've come up with a better nickname for Silver Spoon than Spoony.

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