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You have to read the story. Only there can you find the description. I believe nothing describes a story more than its content. Anything else would be a distortion of the truth, which I do not appreciate.

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I don't know what this was all about, but I'm happy it exists.

Oh no! Ponyville Town Hall’s been crushed!

Comment posted by RushyFiction deleted May 15th, 2019

I am pleased...

Read it in his voice all the way through.

I see Christopher Walken and MLP, and my mind goes to this:

Anyway, this was crackfic of the highest caliber. Or maybe Christopher was high. I can't tell.

P.S.: In the original video, Twinkle is a Marvel Horse.

and yet no planning to slide california into the ocean or build a reverse powerplant in this, for shame, for shame indeed

Innovation, Bojack... it's the secret of genius

That was somebody I loved. I loved him! But, I got the call and I put him in the ground like a sick animal.


Once, there were two mice. Then, the mice fell into a...bucket of cream. The first mouse...drowned. The second mouse...also drowned.

The moral of the story is...never fall...into a bucket of cream.


I don't need to be made to look...evil. I can...do that on my own.

Good story, it just needs more cowbell

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