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You know, I'm more than positive I've already written this before, but I can't for the life of me find that original transcript of what I had been writing. Probably got stolen or something. Shame. Then again, I might have just burnt it to kink shame Twilight and her book fetish.

Knowing me, that's probably exactly what I did.

Love you Sparky, don't try to geld me in my sleep please and thank you.

(It's literally your average HiE fic, except the guy is British, swears like there's no tomorrow and will most definitely be the grandest sarcastic arsehole that ever graced the land at the best of times. )


Buckle up kiddos, we're doing the fucking time warp. Re-rewrite of the original with new and old shit happening. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

In case anyone remembers this story and thinks that I went through the trash to steal this story from the original author?

I am the original author. Give me your credit card details.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 52 )

After the shit day I've had today, you've made it better with the return of this classic.

I knew I remembered that story picture, I never read the original story, but I do remember the image it used, and something about a wheelchair.

Thought this was going to be some kinda reboot by someone else, either with or without the original author's permission.
But the original author? Neato that they're coming back.

Don't know what happened to them, but judging by their bio,
it was a whole lot o' drama.

Oh this is a fucking gem please continue

Is this the like the original or is it going to be very different?

*opens bag of chips* This should be entertaining.

Oh s*** it him. This will be fun

Edit: the way this started almost had me thinking this was a f***ing sequel. Had my hopes up too high.

You've brought back on of me favorite stories:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

I read the original and was quite saddened when I learned that it got deleted by some thieving ass, glad to see it returned.
Keep it up Greyson, It was once an amazing story and it can be again!
Edit: Glad to see that instead of trying to recreate what was lost, you decided to start anew by having the character appear in season 3 instead of the first.

the return of the mighty meme-lord Greyson, yus this is a glorious night.

Hmmm yes I can confirm this fic is made of fic

Ahhh, I'm so glad to see this back. Enjoyed the first and I'm all for seeing where this one goes. A fine vintage of tomfuckery this will be. Cheers mate!

You son of a bitch, I remember you and this story. What happened? You disappeared one day.


1003 4002 4032 3280

There ya go pal. Don't know why you need it, but there it is.

It fucking returns!!

not gonna lie, i've missed this train wreck

I can sense the Britishness coming of my screen already, it smells of tea, well done my good sir!

No clue who ya are, chap.
But according to the comments you're awesome.
Nice story!

That picture is now my desktop background. Because that's probably how I am going to die in real life.

I do love me a sarcastic protagonist. Never heard of the original, but this one I will be following.

Gold my good boy that's what you've brought back. GOLD

You can have my card numbers.

From my cancelled card.

Anyway I will be excited to see what you change with the story, was thinking you had copied it, when I saw it on the feed, and then saw your name and got excited.

You basterd, you BLOODY BASTERD! Do you have any idea how I looked for this story, thinking that I lost it? Fuck it mate if you ever go to Iran I will first slap your knickers off, then buy you a beer, although it’s illegal there. Nah fuck it! My dad makes them.Anyway I’m glad to see this awesome of a story again! Can’t wait!

PS. I live in LA now, but that means I have a credit card, DM me for the credit card my friend, although you might pay for my car too.

I have to be honest when it sead he got there vie wardrobe i sead out loud and I quote " what is this the mlp version of Narnia" scrolls down and sees(what is this Narnia ) and I loled

interesting start but i say them dragging him along to canterlot was very weak doesn't make sense, from the ponies POV he some tourist from out of equestria strange but not unheard of, they dont realize he a alien or anything so why drag a stranger with them for their drama

I fucking knew this existed. And here i've begun thinking it was lost in the drunken haze of my university times.

this... i need more of this.

my grandpa once told me a story of how a old British navy fleet ( the wooden ships(like 1600-1700s) ) once retreated from a battle they had almost won because they ran out of beer . . . I was in a book riten with true events

ah yes. Uno. The best method of peace keeping

Yep, and I have chapters 1-27 as an audio book.

Three MP3's at a total of 13 hours.

The Monk
"Knowledge is power and power corrupts, so study hard and be evil." - Reykan

So is this a re upload or a rewrite?

The Monk
“Heat? isn't that when... I took a whiff of air when I smelled a smelly smell that smells smelly.” -The Kitsune

Oh shit! He’s back! Yes mate!

Unless your name is Mark, Bob or Wade.

I'm digging this modern adaptation.

"For He gave me two hands; The Lords work must be done." ' Amen.'

I'm pretty much despise most religions but for this? Amen my brother. *Claps twice then snaps fingers*

Somehow, this led to me rustling around my blazer pockets and pulling out a pack of cards.

For I have become UNO, Destroyer of worlds.

Hmm, I am tempted to make a habit out of carrying a pack of Uno cards wherever I go now

twilight's gonna be hating him with a PASSION by the end of that UNO session

Uno is one of those games where if you can't handle it, you probably will fail at dealing with the human race.

The pink pony princess is successful, however.

oh shit, you're rewriting this? Fuck I'm gonna enjoy it.

”It was like a Mongol's wet dream.” you make it sound like we worship horses

Just found this and Holy hell I'm loving this.

I generally always have a deck of face cards

Love it
Need it
More it.
Worship it

Oh boy! A few changes to this since the first run. And some updated memes too. Very nice.

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