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Sometimes we must play as "The Villain" to survive, and if you survive but they don't, who is to judge you? if you need help editing or proofreading email me! soul2split@gmail.com

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update on my story · 1:52am Feb 3rd, 2017

sorry about the cancel of the story, i got lost on where i should go with it.
I didn't like how i originally wrote it, there might be a rewrite coming out sooner or later.
any further questions can be asked here!

have a good day/night!

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the updated list, and the fact that it's a xenomorph story

Thank you for adding, The True Nightmare series, to your list of favorite stories! :twilightsmile: What brought your attention to this series that you put them into your bookshelf? (Don't worry. I tend to ask this question almost all the time). :raritywink:

thanks! i'll be waiting...

Thanks for adding the first instalment of The Armada Trilogy to your bookshelf! I hope you enjoy reading it! Just to say, I'm writing Chapter Thirteen right now and planning the sequel to The Lieutenant at this moment in time! Stay awesome, bro! Have a follow in return! :heart:

Yo! Waddap haha! (I am cringe)

Thanks for adding my fic! I hope you like it and um..... welp I got nothing else to say...... this is awkward...... ending it like this would make with even more awkward..... Oh wait!

Here's a cookie! But only half cause I'm hungry..... In all seriousness, thank for adding my fic!

  • Viewing 31 - 35 of 35
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