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It’s a tale as old as time: a human finds himself landed in Equestria by mysterious means. But there’s a catch: he’s a snarky, socially awkward, black nerd. So, a slight race difference overall. Uh, anyway, after spending months living in the Everfree with only his wits and thievery, Anon finally finds himself as the mysterious new resident of Ponyville. Will Anon learn to make friends, defend himself against horse shenanigans, and discover why he was isekai’d in the first place?

I dunno. Read it, or your racist or something.

I mainly wrote this cause I thought it might be nice to have an Anon with a more melaninated background. Also, I want my own self-indulgent adventures.

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Interesting story. Really it is. I definitely think you have the potential to write an even better story with more thought out protagonist. I'm black as well.

This was a good story and the ending too


That was pretty good, especially for a first story. I wouldn't mind seeing more.

“Thank you, thank you!” Anon cheered, rubbing his head in Anon’s gut.

Methinks you named Spike Anon as well.:rainbowlaugh:

The story was funny, would love to read more of this Anon's travel through horse territory as it feels like many things were left hanging like with the two pegasi and Spike - he does owe an apology for being a git, after all.:trixieshiftright:

We all gotta start somewhere and sometime! :raritywink:

I wanna see Anon interact with the student six, but if this before the movie be Tempest Shadows best friend or something

Ooooo, you can see how he's trying to fight it. But for how long Anon? FOR HOW LONG!?:raritywink:

Loved it dude. For a first fic, that was really well written.

Nah, I don't think he'll get along well with Pinkie Pie at all.

So that's both Pinkie and Rarity that get a bad start with him. Hopefully at least some ponies manage to introduce themselves without offending him.

Yeah, hes right to be pissed off. RD crashes into him at high speed, refuses to apologize, blames hom, and begins bragging about how great she is. All that there says they'll never be friends, because that would require her not putting her ego first. Its rediculous to expect him to be friends with someone like that.

Fluttershy is okay though, even if she hasn't had much to say.

I'd say its not that he can't make friends, but only two people have acted like a friend so far, Spike and Applejack.

Very nice, read it all in one go. Ending with a dumb joke like that is just great.

It took me the entire fucking story to realize he was black.

Kinda realized it when Pinkie licked him because she thought he would taste like chocolate. He mentioned melatonin soon after that. Not the first story I read that had that happened.

Arguably my fault because as much as I wanted to write it, I was uncomfortable with fully stating it because I don’t know how such a character would be received. So, it’s very, very downplayed unless his colored perspective is required. Or I just think it’s funny.

Such a humanizing protagonist. And he doesn’t come off as a whiny bitch in this.

Damn, best chapter in this so far. Most don’t know what to do with spike or aj.

Really wish you had mentioned that you had a collection of this character in the summary of your other story.

Best parts of this entire thing have to be the short and sweet interactions with everyone.

My favorite had to be applejack.

Seems like his problem is he's putting the value of his life on something that doesn't matter anymore. When he was the only one in the world in the forest, he was capable and earned everything in the world, but it was only his world. When his horizons were expanded with a society that put value in harmony with each other, his self-image was destroyed. Now he views himself as worthless because all them skills and all that hardship doesn't mean anything anymore, and he's having difficulty understanding that this new society just prioritizes harmony and friendship as a core value instead. He doesn't need to be great at anything here, he just needs to be amiable and he'll get along just fine.

Thing is, I think he knows this is the case, that he needs to learn how to find value in this new society, but he makes excuses that the world will come down to hurt him if he trusts it. He's not entirely wrong, naivety can lead to bad things happening when kindness/trust are given to the wrong person, but he's smart enough to know that trust in the right places can exist and thrive. This seems more of a deflection to keep hold of his old idea of value, but I think he'll get over it going forward.

A nihilist through-and-through, and it's been great to read and think about it. good job so far!

Damn son. You read me like an open book. Or a fanfic in this case.

This is different, not many Anon stories have Spike as a main friend. But it does make the most sense with his track record. Good job!

That was a really good read! Fun, but with some serious feels!

And now Spike can officially say, "I have a black friend"!:moustache:

He then turned and looked through the city for any information on a pony named Rosie Palms.

fuck! :rainbowlaugh:

This was a fun story, and that last part was the cherry on the fucking top! Did not expect that! XD

I feel like I could relate to this version of anon.

I feel like there were some grammar mistakes and errors, and I feel like the words used and the character don’t really match, but I can care less about that. other than that it was good.

I would have said it didn’t work out of spite. Also, I don’t know what rock candy is.

He’s not wrong, aj is a real one.

So that’s why I liked this character so much, he’s black. Also, maybe there’s some hope for anon after all.

Nicely done man, loved reading it! Will there be a continuation? Don't mind if there isn't one planed, but I'd love to know if there is, you did a great job writing it, after all.:twilightsmile:

Every thing I’ve written thus far surrounds the antics of this character. I’m not a very creative man. If you’re looking fo a direct continuation, Race Relations: Conflicted (though I dislike it). Storm on Ponyville and Anon’s Friendship Lessons come afterwards. Again, this guy’s all I write.

My bad, I... somehow missed the continuation. I've had a.. day. Also, this feels more creative than you give yourself credit for. Have a great day. :)

No probs, my g. Glad to be of entertainment.

Rock Candy:
(1) a simple candy treat made by evaporating sugar water around a stick to produce sugar in a crystalline form.
(2) drugs.

There are a few episodes of MLP:FiM out there that someone has lovingly taken the time to make all characters anatomically accurate. Having seen the Dragonshy episode, I can confirm that a tail swish flash is disconcerting, but it quickly becomes part of the scenery...#IOnlyWatchItForThePlot

First, great vent-speach!


Then, I somehow ended up here. For the first time in my entire, I felt free. No one to help me, no one to guide me.

Na, Anon is green hehheh.

Good stuff yo.

Piccolo is green, and people count him as black.

I give this fic a like for the chapter titles

I’ve noticed that the word count gets lower and lower. Huh.

One thing I've noticed with many writers here, is that they want to write a particular scene. While the story may not center on it, it's pretty clear what the scene is because as soon as it's done, the story starts to unravel and peters out. It's then clear that they had no clue where to go from there.

I'm not saying that's what is happening here, because the story is still kinda coherent (though the protagonist is adapting much too quickly for my taste, after that rant). Just saying.

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