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Anon decides it's time to test out a theory of his. If the ponies can go around naked all day, then why can't he?

I mean, what's the worst that could happen, right?

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hehehehhehehe :facehoof: :rainbowlaugh: this is so dumb and funny

i always enjoyed story were it reversed the more clothing you got on the sexier it is since all use to being naked

This is pretty funny


Thank you for your kind comments! :3 Stay safe and keep away from pony Satan's hoof-wraps! Socks are a surefire way into Pony Heck! :heart:

Anon should have wore crocks too. I don't care what universe you're from, nobody can possibly find rocking crocks and socks sexy.


crocks and socks


:rainbowlaugh: The real questions we should be asking ourselves.

You know, I have some ideas for sketches of ponies in 20th century uniforms. May have to omit the puttees after this ... :twilightblush:

Those silky-smooth leg-covers do things to a mare, Mr. Otterton. Wild things. Uncivilized things. One can only wonder what the sight of rugged, combat-ready ankle-wraps might provoke... what base instincts they could awaken in a pony.

Take care, Mr. Otterton, and should you ever have need of a pair of socks, never allow the hem of your pants to ride above the collar of your boots.

Heaven knows we've lost enough brave Anons that way.

You'd be offended if you weren't so utterly confused and pants-shitting terrified.

Not that he's wearing any.

Convenient, ain't it? :moustache:

Wonder if he'd remove the socks if everypony would have instantly left him alone?

Hard to say! Who knows how muddled by lust their minds had already become?

Based on the thumbnail I thought Anon would be wearing the sock on his dong... Im not sure if I'm disappointed or not. 🤔

Man, that is one awesome concept. Like, what if the pones get worried naked anon's wiener is going to freeze during winter, and Rarity fucking makes him a penis cozy. There is so much raw potential in this omg.

You ponder the question. What about tights, indeed?


I don't even wanna question about thigh highs or knee highs

Full-body spandex suit. :rainbowwild:


penis cozy


Oh my god I imagined her like, embroidering a little happy face on it.

It has this little :O face at the tip, so he can pee without taking it off.

Humans are disgusting

I don't know, wearing protection isn't exactly considered raw...



Socks with Crocks may be a crime, but Cocks in Socks imply a good time!

Thank you

Damn bro these aliens do be reading FiMfiction

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