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This story is a sequel to Anon’s Friendship Lessons

It’s been a wild few months for Anonymous. 6 months living in a magical wilderness, only to find himself in an alien world. It was a journey going from literal hermit to part of an equestrian community. But, all good things must come to an end. The portal is opened and home is just on the other side. Is Anon ready to leave it all behind?

Art credit to Me. Yes, I drew that. Point and laugh. Preferably, behind my back.

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Ngl. Nice drawing buckaroo

Edit: Loved the story by the way, mate.

FUCKING YES so glad there’s going to be more keep up the good work man

“So then Diomedes barged back into the classroom, right?” Anon recounted. “I’m talking like kicking in the door, like he just didn’t give a damn. He holds up this bird, plucked clean of all the feathers. He smirks in this raggedy ass tunic and goes, “Behold, a man!” Funniest shit they ever heard.” The group all chuckled as Anon held an unamused Scootaloo by her back leg. Before Scootaloo could start bucking her remaining leg in Anon’s general direction, he turned her over and held her comfortably in his arms. This managed to appease the filly, who accepted the immediate head pats afterwards.

did he turn himself into pickle rick?

three things: first, it's Diogenes
secondly, the way you're talking at the end implies another arc, is this more than just assumption?
third, that art is actually good

Stupid Greek names...why can’t they just be John?

Jk I’ll fix it. As to the other points, yes and thank you.

spikls #6 · June 5th · · ·


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Keep up the good work, it's lovely.

SRY #8 · June 6th · · ·

You mean like Ἰωάννης?:trollestia:

Good way to wrap this up. Of course more is needed.

But he forgot the next bit ...and then Plato goes "with broad flat nails, bitches!"

I almost cried reading this.

That’s high praise for a degenerate amateur fanfic writer but thank you.

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