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Since Anonymous has arrived in Equestria, he’s made little effort in forming friendships in the land most representative of it. Through his abrasiveness and social isolation, he has actively avoided public gatherings, parties, and even simple conversations. Thus, Celestia decides to take on the teaching role once more and show Anonymous how magical friendship can be. 

Edit: Caught another feature. Nice.

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Yes, this is the kind of connection they needed to make. Count that as 2 friends now.

In hindsight why they failed to make friends with him before (and why he had good reason to not view them as such), was because they were trying to forcefully socialize him and push him into what they wanted as if that would fix him, rather than trying to find common ground.

Also there should be more of Anon and Spike hanging out.

So is Anon not able to read pony language, or just bad at it? I know Spike basically taught him to be fluent in another language, but reading comprehension is another thing.

Huh, so even magical horse gods suffer from imposter syndrome. I guess it's just a sapient thing, huh?

Looking good so far. SoL fluffiness is always welcome, especially these days.


Ah yes, this is the good shit. More good sir.

“An introvert is a shy, reticent individual.”

Sorry, but that's extremely insulting and pushes all the wrong buttons. Introversion is not some sort of mental hang-up or fear of social interaction; it's a personality trait-- a preference towards introspection, small groups of people and in some cases isolation, and should not under any circumstances be considered shyness or a problem that must be solved by some kind-hearted extrovert .

Introversion is often mistaken for shyness, but the two traits are distinct. Those who are shy may very much want to engage with others, but are fearful of doing so. They may be highly self-conscious and easily inhibited by others. Many introverts, on the other hand, socialize easily; they just strongly prefer to do so in very small groups or, at times, prefer not to interact with others at all.


Introversion: the state of or tendency toward being wholly or predominantly concerned with and interested in one's own mental life


Some introverted traits seem to be ingrained. Others are a result of the culture we live in. For example, many introverts have learned to cope with constant overstimulation by putting up a wall. This leads people to believe that introverts are cold, or standoffish, but this is not our true nature. The innate qualities that most introverts share are a love of introspection, a need for solitude, and a slower, more focused communication style.


Sorry for the wall of text and I understand that introversion was not Anon's "problem", but you again happened to push a button, perhaps completely by accident. Please, please take the above into mind as you continue writing your story.

You, my friend, have earned a place on my 'Tracking' list.

I would like the story but uh...its at 69, and it would be against my nature to ruin that...

“Conduct an interview with Twilight Sparkle...visit the spa with Rarity...?” He moved down the list and saw more and more tasks, all of which asking Anon to do mundane activities with various names, some of which he didn’t recognize. “I’m sorry, uh, the fuck is this?”

Interesting start so far. Keep it up.

As a textbook introvert, I am well aware of this, but I thank you for your response. Ironically enough, I didn’t mark this story with my usual spoiler. I’m terrible at articulating my thoughts and writing exactly what I want. The idea is that Anon suffers from depression, which in my experience, makes one introversion more detrimental to their health. The wall of text did Intimidate me, but I’m glad I read. I’ll try to be more careful. But, as always, I’m sorry.

Pretty fun. Looking forwarding to seeing where it goes.
Let's hope the author Anon doesn't procrastinate too much. :twilightsmile:

“An introvert is a shy, reticent individual.”

I'm sorry, but that is indeed accurate.

I AM an introvert, and I approve this message.

I should also add this view is from the perspective of an Equestrian, with their own set of values. Now if Anon were to express his feelings on the matter from a position of expertise, that is a story that can be written by someone else.

Anon story but Anon isn't green? My emersion is ruined and my disappointment immeasurable.

Why do you keep apologizing for being awesome?

Found a typo: “Yup. It’s why most people don’t care.” Raritybriefly frowned at that statement, only for it to be wiped moments later with further discovery.

Hey! Great chapter, also Fashion horse distracts everyone. It's normal that she gets 2 chapters.

We live in an era where, no matter your intentions, you’ll end up doing something wrong. Furthermore, I’m self-conscious and criticism-adverse. Thus, I apologize in advanced for any perceived slight, injustice, insensitivity, or plain incompetence. I can see it being annoying, so I spoiler it.

“and certainly none of that humming nonsense from earlier. You can be quite insightful and passionate when you simply talk.”

Seems a little insensitive to call his humming nonsense when she acknowledged it as his way of formulating his thoughts. I assume you meant for Rarity to mean that Anon doesn't need to bottle up his words.

I didn’t picture Anon as black, I pictured him as green and in a suit.

so, when's the next chapter?
it's good so far

All Anon’s in these stories are the same Anon, with Race Relations serving as the “origin”. And Anon is an actual title he calls himself, not an omission of name for one to insert themselves in. It’s...complicated. Symbolic, but partly stupid.

I try to upload as much as I can. If I put up a story, chances are I’m blitzing to finish it because I personally hate unfinished stories. I have a roadmap in mind, just not with clear dates.

It was meant as a playful jab. My mistake.

Wonderful story so far! Looking forward to the next chapter

Dude relax, you are getting triggered/round up by a fictional story ABOUT a fictional horse that is like 1000 years old and barely does shit in the show.


An anon story? God, this brings me back to the 2012 years. Miss this fandom sometimes, tbh. Even the cringy shit.

Am I the only one who thinks that the term Earth Pony is roughly the same as Black People? Why haven't they named them after some mythical equines like the other two races?

Don't worry about it man, it's a common mistake plenty of people make. And hey, if you'd said that the statement was simply Celestia's opinion and not the author's I would have accepted it as well.

We need more black characters in this community

Keep up the good work king✊🏿

That died with him on the day of the Storm King’s invasion.

i smell a backstory!~

I'll direct you to this story for the mentionned backstory moment, although I encourage you to read every story by the author to have the full background of this quite unusual Anon.

(Huh, it's nice to see this guy relaxing a bit. Interestingly, he is fantastically bad at letting himself get pampered, but seemed to relax when he did the pampering. Interesting, he might be the sort that relaxes best through action... just a thought at least. This is an entertaining story, I've been enjoying it.)

Ah, the inevitable "fingers do what hooves don't" bit. Never gets old.

This looks interesting, but PLEASE pick a tense and stick with it. It's mostly past tense, which is fine and expected, but slips into present tense multiple times which is very jarring.

Missed opportunity to have sun horse stay for dinner

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