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But yeah it probably is. This is going to be my take in the Generic Anon in Equestria trope, freestyled from the beginning of Bridle Gossip at the request of the purchaser. Shennanigans shall most likely ensue. Contains excessive philosophical discussion, pseudoscientific worldbuilding mumbo jumbo, and a light dash of casual humor.

Cover art by Twitter artist Andaluce!

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Featured seven fucking days running since 2/13/2021 holy shit you guys this is insane :0

Check out a sweet audiobook reading of the first half of the first chapter here, by a wonderful fan ^^.

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Huh. Kinda in the same vein as the 'human in Equestria is mistreated' but nowhere near as extreme and with a comedic edge. Alright, you have my attention. Please continue...

If the money does flow, the words will show, my friend, this is a commish! Though You can certainly contribute to its continued existence by paying for an extension if the current commissioner decides to decline to request an additional chapter!

Not likely from me, but good luck on that! As for me, I'm currently busy writing Timelord!Harry Potter stories

Most interesting.

Feels like Anon’s gonna be Socratesed for corrupting the youth of Equestria.

If Anon makes a habit of asking Twilight the questions like the ones he asked Applebloom he will almost certainly drive her to insanity. Unless she learns to calm down and not be monomaniacal she would be stuck in a never ending loop of trying frantically to answer the philosophical questions he asks her, finding an answer she is happy with, only for Anon to either question her answer or ask a new question, thus starting the cycle all over again.

Oh I know that's what he's doing, I'm just pointing out that Twilight cannot currently deal with the psychological trauma that the Socratic Method would inflict on her without driving herself into insanity. I mean, look what she does when she realizes she hasn't written a Friendship Report in a while!


That is not the face of someone able to handle having their understanding of the world or even reality itself questioned.

Oh, that won't even be the biggest of her concerns >:3

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I don't know why but this really doesn't sit well with me. It rubs me the wrong way and I know that starting a story already with a negative feeling about it, is going to color my experience with it.

I hope other authors don't begin doing this.

It's on my "to read" list., so we shall see.

The Monk
“Heat? isn't that when... I took a whiff of air when I smelled a smelly smell that smells smelly.” -The Kitsune

it is so that
a: I can keep track of my commission progress at a glance and
b: so that people who are invested in stories that are commissioned can have an idea of how much content they can expect to be getting and weigh their expectations accordingly. I always personally feel like it sucks when I get super into a story premise but oop apparently the story is already over because the commission is finished.

Really like Zacora’s dialog, can’t wait for the next chapter!

HI, I'm new to Equestria, may I introduce you to the concept of philosophy and the existential question of what the meaning of life is? I can assure you that is is a very deep question... in fact you could say it is as deep as the abyss and you know what they say about staring into the abyss don't you? :pinkiecrazy:

I like the story, but I’ve gotta know. Why do you guys keep naming the guy anon? Why not bob or Jeff, or Tim?

she you can slot your name in there, as a type of self insert

In this particular case, for reasons pertaining to the terms of the commission anon was the correct choice ^^

Ah, well I can’t argue with that.

i believe it comes from the Olden Days of the fandom, where a large majority of it came from 4chan. since it's an anonymous message board, everyone refers to each other as "anons," hence the name.

Allow me to answer this one:
In days of yore, long before the great migration that would eventually turn into /mlp/, people would make greentexts. Short little stories pertaining to an Anonymous figure (aka Anon) based off a caricature of their own personality or a whole new personality set for this Anon. “Anon” became such a staple in the /mlp/ culture, that one person made a fic with Anon on an official site, we eventually adopted “Anon” as our own.

I'm intrigued, and hoping for more. You might want to do another pass on error checking though. I spotted a few.

Thanks! I'll do a pass later today before I start work on the next chapter.

they've finally caught up to me

This is pretty good, I just hope you don't go to far with the Racist Ponies thing. Never liked that.

You know it almost seems like you got this guy From Now on We Begin Ethics.

: 0

I have not read this before but that is a staggering coincidence! This does seem like something I would love though! I'll be bookmarking this for later ^^

Yup is dope good chapter or 2 dedicated to teaching kids with problems philosophy

Will it be funny?

I don't know but it will feature because it has anon in it.

The Customer truly is always right >:3

I swear, if the guards try to arrest the big scary human or Celestia is immediately aggressive for no reason, I'm out.

Pffft, nah, they know he's coming and he's clearly cooperating, so none of that.

The philosophy bit is great, I love little bits of world building, especially in how it paints the worldviews their societies instill in them through their interaction.

Glad to hear, that happens way too often in HiE fics.

Thanks! The commissioner requested that philosophy be a part of the ongoing themes of the commission so there will be more of that!

So, I'm really interested in this story, but it seems as if it's going to be over in just about 2k words. Feels like there's so much more being set up here lol

I know! it's more a matter of the commissioner wanted to get the ball rolling by paying for the first couple of chapters and then wanted me to take the wheel at my own leisure. I do intend to continue it at some point after I run through the word count and I already plan to go well over the commissioned cap to do the next chapter well. Thoughhhhh if you want to see more of this story sooner I do take commissions and will be happy to prioritize extending this story over my personal projects for a modest fee >:3

I respect people who truly wonder about the human condition, but attempting to get anyone that young to read Ayn Rand should be a crime. Least it wasn’t Atlas shrugged I suppose.

At least he didn't pass them anything from Evola

...tbh considering who's running that joint that might be more the right speed lol

Yeah Evola would be a trip. Machiavelli would result in the town being conquered at a minimum, and the Socratic method would likely drive AJ insane.

Aw sheet.

Twilight is going to go to Canterlot and be hit by the Poison Joke effect right as they are studying Anon.
They will misdiagnose and Stupid will start rolling.

it seems you have shown somepony the way.

“What in the world is that?” Rainbow Dash said, being the first to resume speaking. “Looks like some kind of monkey.

It always starts with 'he's a monkey'

It's really nice to see Zecora featured in a fic these days. Everything else looks good as well but that bit stood out to me.

This is legit, keep them pones on the fence. :pinkiehappy:

Good news all! The commissioner requested an extension! at least two more chapters coming within the next week ^^

Yay! I hope for a full five hundred thousand word arc!

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