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This story is a sequel to Double-Jointed

Anonymous attends a magic show performed by none other than the "Great" and "Powerful" Trixie. It goes somewhat how you expect, depending on what you expect.

A spiritual successor to Double-Jointed, I wanted to make another oneshot with my favorite duo, Stixie.

Chapters (2)
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Comment posted by EnderHooves deleted May 19th, 2020

I haven't read this yet (I'm about to read the prequel), but is this completed?

Was this all just a set up so you could do that?

Whoops! Spit, I cucked up. I fixed it now.

Okay, thank you. That was what was confusing me.

Gonna be honest. It should have been the turn around and he sees it, shia labeouf clip

imagine trixie watching the masked magician mind blown


Huh. :rainbowhuh: I never realized before that Glimmer was a Jewish surname.

That was my attempt at suggesting that Starlight’s last name was an afterthought to the afterthought of adding her to the title. It could’ve been better.

And that's how Anon became a tea cup.

Anon being green, I'm just going to assume he did black face

Well ... at least it wasn't the disappearing pencil trick that requires a volunteer.

Joke out of the way, it was a funny chapter. Thanks for the release! :D

Pretty sure it was a joke; echoes are 3 parens. Don't change it, it's great.

I was originally gonna say something like “You forgot a pair. Luckily I’ve got some spares. Here: () ” but thought it might be a bit on the nose. :ajsleepy: …oh for fuck’s sake, that wasn’t even intentional but I’m leaving it in anyway.
On a related note: I tried to think of a ponification of Jewish before I made that comment, couldn’t think of one, and only thought‐of/remembered the painfully obvious Eweish after the author already replied. :fluttershysad:

Well at least he didn't break his arm this time! I've liked these two one shots. I sure hope you continue on with this series because while short, they are packed full of entertainment and I like your version of "Anon."

Oh man, saw this, saw it was a sequel to something, read that, LOVED it, then came back to read this.

Also loved it. :twilightsmile:

Eh. The first chapter was good but the ending of the second chapter flattened the story for me.

I always enjoy watching the arrogant get taken down a peg. Particularly when it's Trixie.

Can’t blame ya. It’s purely a joke.

Trixie stuttered in Anger

Ooh, that's a capital "A" anger - that's more serious than a lowercase "a" one! :pinkiegasp:

My only complaint about this story is that the tenses are mixed up two or three times.

Honestly that last bit would have scared me .
Just a face appearing from the shadows laughing at me
Great stuff Zig

I love it when someone checks trixie sometimes.

Not gonna lie that creeped me out a little bit.

I wanted to make another oneshot with my favorite duo, Stixie.

That's how this ship is called? Sounds like a little version of river Styx.

Although, something like Trixsta would fit as well. Trixsta, trickster, you get.. ehh, nevermind. I already know where the door is, I'll show myself out.

The kind of anger that makes one looks back

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