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Cackling Moron

"Fluff" in the same way what collects under the sofa is fluff.


Barry, local human, is even more local now having finally finished moving in with Twilight.

He also brought his books, much to her delight, even if some of them leave much to be desired.

She rectifies this.


Straight To The Point Studios gets straight to the point.

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Some of those books had endings that were actually pretty scary for a kid.

And thus snuggles were had, the proper reward for a good bit of work.

“It’s only, like, eight boxes,” he said, shrugging.

I now feel inadequate.

A weird thing to feel inadequate about, but now having read this, I feel books would be very conducive for optimal bookpone relationship.

Eh, at least I have a decent collection for a young person.

“That you’d say so says a lot about you, I think, and a lot about why I love you so much. Ah, you’re a wonder, you. Never change. Just be you forever,” he said.

Hear hear! This one speaks the Truth! :pinkiehappy:

i like to see her deal with the ones with dice throws added for extra chance to die

You're good at these.
I particularly liked this one.
Thanks for sharing it.


Ahem. Mean, never did me any harm.

With Twilight I'd imagine the real trick would be not snuggling.

But I would say that.

I moved not too long ago and I had an...amount of boxes of books. Can't remember exactly, but it was a number.

And I have that book about Ecclesiastical clothing, too, Write what you know.

That'd be version 2.0.

Well I try. And I figured even if I didn't think it was much cop someone else might and might get a kick out of it.

And you apparently did! So hurrah!

The kind of story thats like a sweet snack between lunch and dinner. It might not introduce grand philosophical thinking, but it was certainly tasty and worth eating.

That was precious.

Avoiding thinking is my bag.

SRY #14 · April 6th · · ·

Having moved several times when younger with a relatively large personal library at the time, you never realize how many books you have until you move. At which point each box of box weighs approximately twice as heavy as it really should, packing in small boxes being the key to success I've found.

I will say that with the rise of the digital age (I'm old but not that old) the ability to pack a mind boggling amount of books in a manner that fits on a phone/computer has helped greatly. I've found which books I still keep in a physical format are those which are first edition, signed, or otherwise rare or hard to find and mostly non-fiction, technical, or obscure reference books (still numbering in the several hundreds though).

I loved reading choose your own adventure books as a kid. Read every one my local library had.
Aside from the fact that the very concept is childish in nature, I've Always wondered why they don't write them for adults. Thanks Twilight now I know why they don't write them for adults.

*Unexpected flashbacks*

This was amazing

Story about best pone. Thakyou kindly:twilightsmile:

Wait till she gets to Inside UFO 54-50, with the unreachable good ending.

Hmm, surprised to see it's Twilight and not your usual target Celestia. That's okay though, you write a good Twilight!
HumanXcelestia was getting just a tad stale anyway.
That reminds me, have you ever had Luna be the lucky one? I can't recall. She deserves some love I reckon.


HumanXcelestia was getting just a tad stale anyway.


Ahem. Not sure what came over me there. Cough.

While I've said before that they're all my favourite, if the singular, stage-like podium onto which I set them all had a slant then Celestia would be on the fractionally steeper bit, and Twilight would be right next to her.

Should do something with Luna though, really. She's lovely too! Don't know why I haven't, really. Just use her as a straight man, hah. For shame!

Dan #22 · April 6th · · ·

Good thing it wasn't Encyclopedia Brown. She'd have a fit over the ludicrous leaps of logic and occasional outright factual errors.

Is it by Cackling Moron?
Is it about Celestia or Twilight?
Is it therefore going in my Favorites and getting an upvote once I finish reading it?
Most likely.

*One read later*

The flowchart never lies!

... that being said some Luna would be nice... maybe some more Chryssi?

ITS TOO FRICKIN SWEET!!!!:flutterrage:

i like it!:moustache:

I'm working on that. Requires me to actually watch the show, given what I have in mind, and I've already got dozens of heaps of nonsense going on.

Mother always said my consistency was my most attractive feature.

Mystery of Chimney Rock was the WORST.

Is cute. Me like.

This made me happy

Now I want to see Twilight getting her hands, eerr hooves, on the JW guidebook. (Hmm...)

rats and plastic tubing

Oh God...



Some of those books had endings that were actually pretty scary

My most memorable one was when the ninja demon sword possessed you turning you into the ultimate bad-arse swords-woman, then made you run your best friend through, and then left you to deal with the consequences when the police arrived

So, Twilight was broken... over randomness.

Makes sense.

Goodness, you really do have a way with making these short, sweet slices of life. Especially when they have wholesome relationships like this one does

The way through wasn’t big enough to take a lorry for one thing.

What's a lorry?

I think I've just had a run of good luck, really.

The difference between luck and skill is consistency, which you have in spades

ha, I'm not even going to deny I'm jealous of Barry. But seriously though this was a lovely little one-shot, filled to the brim with warm fuzzy feelings. Wonder what Twilight would say to fanfiction about herself and her friends?

I'm very VERY late to the party, but I had to make an audio thingy of this beautiful work of art ya did here! Hope ya didn't mind! Oh, you and your awesome stories! Always gets me everytime! :D

Audio Linkyo: https://youtu.be/SZnrDBuX9aE

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)

Man, you never have a day off, do you? Boundless energy!

Last time we moved, we packed the books up into small boxes, so they wouldn't be too heavy to carry. I think it came to 48 boxes, all stacking up to be about 1.5 meters cubed.

Apparently reading about someone moving their books gives me flashbacks.


BLASSSSPHEMER i.imgur.com/I3cUhHg.png

“That’s pretty self-explanatory,” she admitted afterwards.

Pretty redundant..

AH~ *enlightened*

It probably wouldn’t take to much to improve some of the old choose books. Really they would have benefited from a lot less you turn the corner and die moments.

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