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I mostly just read stuff. Oh, and sometimes make ePubs.

Looking for my ePubs?


Having issues? I want to hear about it. I'm particularly interested in accessibility issues and usability issues with unusual/niche readers like tablet/phone apps or assistive readers.

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Thanks also for the fave on BINARY! I'm glad you're enjoying it as well.

2256161 Thanks for the praise! :pinkiegasp: After Relics, there's the Diamond Dog arc starting with Diamond Dog's Guide to Engineering, and ending with Daring Do and the Throne of Ouroboros.

Since you're coming from the Observations side of the story, you'll have a leg up on most people. Since DDGtE was the only one of my stories to hit the front page, most of my readers started there not realizing that it was part of a larger universe.

2255912 Hey Tolerance.

I first read Observations, followed by Observations and Motivations. I'm planning on starting on Observations and Preservations shortly, and from there on to Relics. Not sure what I'll follow that up with; any suggestions?

I gotta say, I'm a real sucker for some good world building, and you're delivering admirably. The fact that these stories aren't more widely read is a crime.

I appreciate the Fave! Have you read anything else in the Observations Universe, or was Observations and Motivations the first one you've read? :trixieshiftright:

I only ask because the order of the stories can change depending on whose story arc you are following. :raritywink:

Thanks for the fave on The Iron Horse! I'm glad you're enjoying it. :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 18 - 22 of 22
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