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When Trixie makes a lewd remark to Starlight Glimmer during their 'medal of honor' celebration, Starlight blasts the showmare into the next room in an effort to shut her up. Sadly, her efforts send not only Trixie to the next dimension, but also Princess Luna.

While Starlight is panicking back in Equestria, Trixie and Luna discover that they did not turn into humans upon passing through the mirror portal. Instead, they are now fillies.

Saturdays suck.

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:yay: tries to run through the portal to pony equestria so I can hug and cuddle all the ponies and tell them how cute they are.

is holding Fluttershy back as long as I can...................Please for the Love of Faust make a sequel, I don't know how LONG I can hold Fluttershy back.

Sadly, her efforts send not only Trixie to the next dimension, but also Princess Luna.

No sequels, sadly. At least, not right now. XD


Well, that was just the right amount of stupidity I was hoping for. Another job well done, and I look forward to whatever's next in the Idiocyverse.

I'm not sure if I should laugh or concern at Fluttershy's insane behavior...

After reading this story:

*Little child voice* Mommy, Fluttershy is scaring me.:twilightoops:

I could've done without the authorial commentary, but all told, this was an abusrd delight. Thank you for it.

View 1000 I have become

And then a loud crash and the barking of untold numbers of dogs filled the ears of all those within a hundred miles, accompanied by a blaring alarm. As Sunset turned, all the animals contained within the pound began to scamper out of the building at high speeds. And as they ran, a manically laughing Fluttershy exited with them, proclaiming her victory and contempt for the recently fled staff of the pound.

Favorited just for that passage alone there!

Starlight’s latest magical bullshitery

Best line right there, and it was a high bar.

Oops, late to the party. :rainbowderp: Still rofl... :rainbowlaugh:

Cute. BTW, "A&E" probably isn't a reference that would make sense to most American readers.

Derpy squeed happily. “Yay! I always have time for dogs and muffins!”

Were they chocolate muffins? You know, because dogs and chocolate...


“My name is Derpy,” Derpy informed them. “Silly doggies!”

Wait, I thought you just said it was a person.

Someday...I'd like to see a crossover with the Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension. Don't know why this made me think that, though. :trixieshiftright:

The insane abound
Stormy in a straight jacket
Urinating beer

“I created it, you devolved it.”


“I think the word is ‘evolved’ my friend. There is an unneeded ‘de’ in there.”


Ah yes, my favorite word, volved

There was definitely some volving going on when we wrote this thing.

*sips liquefied story*

Could use just a tad more volution

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