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Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown *Spoilers* · 7:26am March 31st

So, I finally got a moment to sit down and enjoy the latest Equestria Girls mini-movie, Spring Breakdown. Now, like my previous posts on the EQ mini-movies, I will be breaking down the pros and cons of the movie before giving my final opinions on it.

Also, if you haven’t seen the mini-movie yet, then this is an obvious *Spoiler* warning right here. If you haven’t watched this mini-movie yet, then you may want to pass this review up until you have. You have been forewarned.

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Thank you for adding A Tale of Two Suns Book 1 and Swimming Lessons to one of your bookshelves. I'm flattered they got a shelf all to themselves.

EDIT: And Book 2.

Thanks for adding Cards Against Starlight to your library!

Thanks for taking an interest in Many Happy Reunions! The next chapter is coming in a few weeks!

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