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This story is a sequel to The One Where Maud Gets Excited

Twilight Sparkle had been planning on making a trip over to the human world to spend time with her canterlot high friends and get caught up. She had been. Now she’s trying to figure out why the mirror portal malfunctioned, why she can’t seem to get it working again and why, dear sweet merciful Luna WHY there is a version of her named Twiggles running around her castle eating all of the carrots. Also Twiggles is a bunny.
It’s saturday, isn’t it?

Now with a reading by yours truly! [Click me]
Collab story written with Tom117z

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what the buck did i just read

I'm pretty sure you just read 'Twiggles the Bunny in Twilight's Castle," a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfiction written by Skijarama with assistance from tom117z. :derpytongue2:

Art, my friend. Or something, I don't really know. :pinkiecrazy:

Imagine how poor Twilight (the pony one) feels!

Is it art... or a mistake?

I got so lost reading this...

Maybe you should find a map?

Bucking Saturdays, man :rainbowlaugh:
Could have been worst, it could have been...Caturday! :rainbowwild:

Just imagine. Twilight Sparkle, Twiggles and Twicat Purrkle arriving in Canterlot. Discord dies from a Chaos overdose.

Speaking of Discord, what would the Twiggles version be? Part hamster, part rabit, part hyena, part umm something else?

Nah, he'd probably still be a draconnequiss or however the hell you spell his species name. He can change his physical appearance at will anyway and Discord is Discord, regardless of the dimension he comes from.

That was entertaining and funny.

It is a glorious thing to read a story, pause to think, and then rejoice that it has left no lasting scars upon you.


Gah dam that’s impossible to read. Why to authors do that.

One word, one:


I think you missed out big time with Fluffershy.

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