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In the aftermath of Maud moving to Ponyville (or close enough anyway) Pinkie Pie couldn't be happier! Not only does she live near the best friends ever, she lives near the best sister ever! It's like, the best thing ever!

Of course there is Maud's new friend, Starlight. She is super into magic, like so into it she experiments with all sorts of weird spells. And sometimes, just sometimes, somepony gets a little too close to one of those spells...

I mean, what could go wrong with two enchanted rocks meant to connect the sisters on a spiritual level?

Co-written by Skijarama
Link to reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axgwcv9BfeU
Featured 01/05/2017

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Will read later, but where did the picture come from? One of the authors?

Great concept if nothing else.

8130781 I put the picture together, yes.

This seems like something that would happen in canon.

Not to my tastes, but not bad. It does deliver on what it promises.

As for the ice cream... well, a key ingredient is cream, which is a milk product. Milk contains calcium, which is a mineral, and minerals are what makes rocks. As such, all ice cream could be seen as rock flavored ice cream. Similarly, salt is a mineral and even comes in a rock form. Plus, rocks often have a salty taste. As such, an ice cream that uses salt in it -- like sea salt ice cream -- would be rock flavored. Double so because of the calcium. So if Maud wanted a rock flavored ice cream, there you go: sea salt.

8130837 Well it did start off as an episode idea I pitched while we were talking about yesterday's Pinkie Pie + Maud + Starlight episode. We kinda just rolled with it after that. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh boi. Skijarama warned me about this on Skype. Can't wait to see where this goes :pinkiecrazy:

8130921 Not sure if deliberate Kingdom Hearts ref but it's what I thought of.

So many meta jokes! :rainbowlaugh:

8131251 I have never played in of the Kingdom Hearts games, and was not aware that sea salt ice cream existed in it until I just looked it up.

8131271 And I only just found out it predates KH. Apparently, it was (and maybe still is) a novelty flavor in Disneyland Tokyo. I'm not sure if that's the origin point or not.

Gummy urged on the great energy pony, standing still and flicking his tail in excitement. Finally, he could enjoy something else’s pain instead of being alone with his own existential dread plaguing his mind.

We got a winner right here.

Bolder and Gummy taking over the world? That would be funny :rainbowlaugh:

Huh, this is actually good episode material.

Just like an canon episode. Pretty good!

Also, nice PS picture.

I have absolutely no idea what just happened. If my character Infinitron was in Starlight's place, he would have probably obliterated Pinkie and Maud. In every universe they exist in.

Fun little story...now if only I could remember the real title of the "Sunset hits Starlight with a rolled up newspaper" story...


Thanks. I coincidentally found it as the third story I read, actually. Turns out? The OTHER fun humor fic was done by the same author.

Perfectly acceptable read, though a teensy bit of spellchecking is in order.

Also, they're Gummy, they're Gummy and the Rock, Rock, Rock...

Yo, this was great. Very random, but I guess that's what happens when you have Pinkie's personhorse-ality in anypony.
A few edits...

She’l just like me but recoloured, and a pegasus, oh the party we through!

*She's and *threw (?)

“How would protecting her flank only help with a lack of guards?” Maud asked bluntly.

This kinda sounds weird... maybe something like
"How would only protecting her flank help with a lack of guards?"

Do it again, encor encor!”


Derpy decided it was saturday and started trotting

Capitalize "Saturday".

barely holding it together. Alright, where would she go next?”

Add a quotation mark before "Alright".

Maud said in fascination, putting on a chefs hat from behind the counter.

*chef's (apostrophe)

8133352 Fixed em'.

I didn't get the impression that starlight actually quit being twilight's student.
Starlight said she wasn't ready yet and twilight went "good because I am not ready either and i'm going to completely go back on what I just said" making the episode kinda end where it started.
That is how I saw it at least.

8133424 She graduated, but she still lives in the castle. Room mates. :D

8133424 I agree, but Skijarama saw it as her staying while not 'technically' being her student. I let him have that one.

I don't need to read this! That picture tells me everything I need to know to laugh every time I think of it!:rainbowlaugh:

You have a point.
Guess it is up to each person's interpretation as I can see both cases be true.
We will see what it is in the rest of the episodes this season.
If that rumor about episode 10 that I saw EQD post about is true I would say she is still a student.

If Twilight says to knock off any project that involves Pinkie Pie, best you not, uh, brush it off.

Judging by the curly mane on the cover image, I'm going to assume that Maud and Tarnish just got finished with some sexy times?

Comment posted by JackRipper deleted May 2nd, 2017

Was this also inspired by Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)?

I mean, we all know Maud would be a huge fan of comet Tiamat? :pinkiehappy:

8134577 The author is british. They format their dates differently, yes.


Yes, I realized that only after I posted the comment. I didn't mean to jump to a conclusion like that.

I could easily see this being an actual episode.
And all the little jokes and references were fantastic!

This is awesome. I love it when fanfics are written in such a way that they feel like episodes of the show

We need Maud and Pinkie together, and we need to reverse the polarity of the spell

My dear Twilight, have you been hanging around our resident Doctor?

8135502 I have no idea what you're talking about... :scootangel: :trollestia:

A pure art of literature that shall be passed down to the ages ; 3 ;

This was pretty hilarious.

I don't know what you are complaining about! This piece was FANTASTIC! <3

Knowing how bubbly Maud's voice actress is IRL...this fits.

I think I busted a gut reading this... Maybe two guts.. Five... Four dozen..



Reading this in the middle of a very quiet class is hard, I wanted to laugh so hard but couldn't. Love your story dude!:pinkiehappy:

8136441 well hello mr/ms story approver! Don't see many story approvers usually!

sad horse noises

Horsewife reference?

I haven't seen the episode for this as I've stopped watching the show out of sheer boredom, but thankfully, THIS was not boring to read in the least.

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