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A Twilight Sparkle fanboy who also likes to write. The author of the Change series.


All good things must come to an end. That is a simple fact of life, however tragic. And now one story is ending, though the participants will never be forgotten.

But while one story must end, another shall begin. This is something Twilight Sparkle will discover for herself... at the close.

Featured on: 13/10/2019.

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Beautiful story. I needed that, thank you. The fandom shall live on!

This was excellently written

My heart hurts. . .

I have no words. I am in tears and I am smiling. Also, excellent choice of final song. :pinkiesmile:

Must come to an end...

I didn't cry when watching the finale twice and I shall not cry, sees the song days gone by at the end, damn it here comes the tears.

Featured on: 13/10/2019.

Darn Smarch!

FYI, as annoying and illogical as it might seem, Americans typically write dates in the MM/DD/YYYY format. But I agree DD/MM/YYYY is more logical. Also the metric system, but alas that's a conversation for another day....


I... am aware of how America handles dates. But I'm British, so I use our system.

A nice little book-end to the episode, pretty sweet of Discord to show all the other "Generations"

I'd insert a witty quote from the TNG episode but can't find any that fit.

Discord would be familiar with stories continuing long after they'd "officially" ended. He still needs to pay Picard a visit again.

It's in our hands and hooves and claws now, to continue this onwards.
See you out there, everyone.
Friendship Is Magic.

"This song is ending, but the story never ends."

Tis truly an end of an era, despite a few moments that could've been better for me. It's best to end sooner than decay to a shadow of its former self

That's my thoughts exactly, and I feel it was definitely already on that slope.

Goddammit I could hardly read through the tears :fluttercry:

I'm not crying, you're crying! :raritydespair:

My tears will dry eventually. Stories like this help me work through the pain, so its upvoted.

Very nice. This is the kind of story that everyone feeling down about the show ending should read.

Don't be sad that it ended. Be happy that it happened.

Ahhh... ok that was good.
Knew what I was getting into, or close enough, but some of that hit harder than I thought, especially that ending, and that the story is never truly over, not in our hearts.
Thank you

Beautiful. This is exactly what I needed after the finale. Thank you.

"Say not in grief 'they are gone', but live in joy that they were here."

Just as this chapter comes now to the close, does not mean that Equestria won't endure. Just as the North Star shines bright, and just as the Night always gives way to the Day, Equestria lives on in our hearts and minds, ever beautiful and full of adventure.

Let the Rainbow remind you that together we will always shine.

Funny story. Your story inspired me to write One Last Snap.

Why are all of you people trying so hard to make me even sadder?

Oh hey! I'm glad you got some inspiration out of this little thing. And maybe sorta-sorry it gave you enough feels to write that, but I'm glad you liked it! :twilightsmile:

*Inward squeels of joy as a PH/Homelands fan.*

Your system makes more sense. And the metric system. BTW, if it's okay to ask, what's the latest on Brexit? Our news is 100% Trump 100% of the time. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, etc. don't really seem to care about anything outside the United States.


Bittersweet, but a great story nonetheless.

I like how you made implications surrounding the coming Gen5 (if that's what you were going for). Even when G5 does start, it's gonna be strange and a bit depressing once G5 fics start showing up after it comes out. I'm still not entirely ready to say goodbye to Twilight and the others.

Sure, it may be Twilight in a new sense, but it won't be my Twilight. :fluttercry:

Brexit will happen. Or not. Or will. Or not. We will quit the UNION ON 31, NO IFS OR BUTS... but maybe not?!

Our government has schizophrenia.

Tldr; Boris must ask for an extension, he does not want to; parliament was prorogated, the supreme court ruled this decision to be unlawful and pressed the button "oh shit, go back", and it was prorogated again; EU is pissed, and nobody believes in the deal.

Wait for the 31st and see yourself.


A simple gif can sum up the entire process of Brexit.

Nine years... Nine goddamn years...

Where did it all go...?

Dammit Tom, now I'm getting emotional. This fandom will live on, and their adventures will continue on through us writers and other mediums

It went into a place called your heart, crystalizing into memories of the good, the bad, and the strange. Cherish it well, but do not forget it. Those nine years shaped you into who you are now, and it will be there for you to look back to even further on.

Perhaps there will be next time. Perhaps there will be a day when you rewatch it all to relive the memories within your heart and remember it all again.
It's been a good run, but despite this being the last episode to this story, this will not be the last brohoof you make amongst the friends you've made in this community.

“It should?”

It'd probably sound better if it was "Should it?"

But yeah great fic nonetheless.

Thought today was the day I was done getting emotional. I was wrong. It was worth it. Nicely done.


So that's how it ends, huh? Haven't kept up with the show in years, but this was a touching story regardless. I don't see this site dying down anytime soon. Too many people with too many ideas.

OH JESUS I CANT HANDLE IT YOU THE SONG. Ah fuck, you brought a tear to my eye. I particularly like the idea that Twilight might catch a glimpse of another time. If Bioshock can always have a Lighthouse and time can be a flat circle, then perhaps there can always be 6 friends going on adventure. Cheers to MLP FIM and Cheers to G5, whatever it may be!

I too don't think side die... with FF we work on different timelines, alternatives, crossword, story no related by nothing but a universe.
Problem with G4 official was no dead politic. They trow themselves in a corner. Culture of "Brony" will not die only change. And I don't think G4 FF will die after they release G5, simply it's too much too tell.

They sit down travel! I tell you a story. Story about friendship, trials... story about 5 youngs trow in gears of fate and come victorius!

Oh boy! I have 23y! I fell old...

I'll never be fully ready to say goodbye.

The main canon is complete. Long live B canon, long live fanfiction, and long live Pony!

I'll never be ready to say goodbye...

the canon is dead long live the canon

I watched the debate on Saturday from Westminster live - pretty interesting.


Please tell me that Ski Jarmaz is gonna do a reading of this! I would love to hear him read this!

Touching. This series is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. If g5 is half as good, We have a lot to look forward to.

Good way to say goodbye to the series. I did the same in my story Passing On Together. We'll just see what the future holds for the new Mane 6 in that Generation.

Nicely done. Many feels are shared here, thanks for writing. :twilightsmile:

Pretty good sendoff to the series, but it was the little nuggets of humor that stuck with me the most: Celestia and Luna adjusting their respective celestial bodies, Twilight throwing a cushion hard enough to impale it...

She always did this! Retirement never stopped her from putting the moon right where she wanted it on a nightly basis!

And yes. I can totally see Luna doing this. Same with Celestia and the sun. Just to screw with Twilight. When she gets to their age, then they'll probably stop doing it.

I am a stickler when it comes to fan fiction. That said, this was perfect. A perfect end to a beautiful story. It certainly does the show justice and then some. I read the Change series and was checking out more of your works and found this. I'm glad I did. God Bless.

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