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A Twilight Sparkle fanboy who also likes to write. The author of the Change series.


Everything dies. Sometimes, a life is left unfulfilled and with many regrets. The problem is, there are no do-overs. No second chances.

Not usually, anyway.

Sometimes, cosmic beings of unknown power just like to provide people with those second chances one such person thought impossible. Why? Who knows? All she does know is that she's now a small blue pony with wings.

A very young blue filly at that, and one who has to deal with the scars of her secret old life while living under the shadow of an older sister who doesn't know what to make of her.

Life is never simple, is it?

Inspired by: Gilded Sister by Kind of Brony.
Cover art made by Skijarama!
Reading can be found here.
Featured on 13/07/2017.

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Good start definitely gonna follow this (fan of Gilded Sister as well). Also I feel I should point out that the name of Rainbow's father is Bow Hothoof not Moe.

There she had laid, head burning and vision blurring. Her mother had been in the room, and the girl had asked for some water. Her mother told her to be quiet and watch the television, not wanting to have her phone call interrupted.

She had told her mother that she was feeling worse than ever, and she told her it was nothing and she would be better soon. It wasn’t worth the medical expenses.

Her father wasn’t much help either, he was at work. But sometimes, or a lot of the time, he would come home wobbly and with a foul stench on his breath. Her mother and father would then shout and scream while the girl could only watch. This was how it had been for all thirteen years of her life. Thirteen years in that small little house, barely leaving it, not even for things like school. So it had always been, and now she was sick and nobody even seemed to care.

Me To Girl's Parents:

Whoops, gonna go fix that XD

Yeah, I figured as much myself, though I didn't point it out as my hearing is about as crappy as it can get while still being functional and not need hearing aids. I figured I may have misheard it in the episode.

You should also fix Little Wing's name as you at one point called her Little Hoof. But yes I believe this story to have potential.

Fixed that too.

"Pegasus" doesn't need to be capitalized in the middle of sentences, the only reason spellcheck does that is because of Pegasus, and you're not using the word that way.

Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles

oh dear god no. I liked the old parents better! :pinkiegasp:

“It’s not like we have any bottles lying around the house.

noooOOOOOO :raritydespair:


Cute story. :rainbowkiss:

That is a correct spelling, at least in the UK.

Liking it so far, only two problems so far. One would the pacing is somewhat fast, pacing is a major point in a story to fast and people get confused to slow people get bored but your the author write the pacing as you please I just think a couple of things could be flushed out a little more. Second is simplification, I feel a few things are over explained, isn't really a problem per se I just think some things don't really need to be explained to much. Either way I will most likely still read this it's a interesting start and Im interested in whats gonna happen next.

Please don't let this die like so many other human turned foal stories.

These chapters were supposed to be fast and sudden, because that's literally how it was for the characters. All that happened in one day. But worry not, I'm not going to skip through her foalhood or anything, we'll be here a while. Things slow down starting with the meeting of Little Wing and Rainbow Dash, with the return of normality for the family.

And this isn't my first rodeo on this site:

Please keep going this is amazing

This is a good story so far keep it up!

Rainbow's Thought Process This Chapter


(I would have used a version of this next one that had rainbow dash, but I couldn't find one...)

Can you do more please

“So, what did your parents want to see us for anyway?” Scootaloo asked her idol, sitting on said idol’s back as she flew them both up to the floating city above.

“Heck if I know,” Rainbow Dash responded. “They didn’t really say in their letter. Only that it was urgent and that we should be there as soon as possible.”

“You don’t think there’s trouble, do you?”

“Nah, I doubt it,” Rainbow Dash responded. “Honestly, it seemed more… happy.”

“How could you tell?”

Rainbow chuckled. “Trust me, if you grow up around them, you can tell.”

“They literally said they were happy in the letter, didn’t they?”

“Yes. Yes they did.”

Okay, that was funny.

“Oh, my little Dashie!”

There it is! She said it! She said it!

Pony names are a bit prophetic, so I wonder what the future holds for somepony who is named "Little Wings" :rainbowwild:

Well, that's not true. We learnt in 'The Perfect Pear' that some ponies change their names to suit their cutie marks, like Mrs Cake for instance.

I'll take your word for it, since I haven't seen that one yet. Though I guess it's nice to know our protagonist won't necessarily be stuck on the ground :rainbowdetermined2:

You wandered into cliche territory here, which tends to be a big no no for a good story, unless you absolutely kill it.

And you, so far, have absolutely killed it. I'm very impressed. Keep it up.

Thanks. :twilightsmile:

It just seemed like a natural reaction for Rainbow Dash to have, seeing as she was completely blindsided by this revelation.

She'll get over it soon enough.

It's new and interesting. I like it.





Aww this chapter is all fuzzy and warm :heart:

Certainly makes a change to the death and destruction I usually write. :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowkiss:

Also, I think your emoji failed. (Annnd it's fixed!)

daww this is adorable

oh- fancy seeing you here xD

finally, only the second good story of a human in equestria where they are newborn foals. there was ONE but they weren't newborn. the other good one is the human being born 'literallly' as celestias baby colt.

We've co-written three fics and a chapter of Change: Queen of the Hive/Bug in the Herd, why wouldn't he be here?

seen that around lately. also, i merely meant that i've been seeing him more often lately.


seen that around lately.

You should read it, it's a very good human in equestria story where the human comes back as a newborn. One of the few I've actually enjoyed. (And the only HIE that made it to my personal favourite list).

I'll add it to the (long) list of stories I need to read.

A curious expression on her face, she gave her wings another flap and once more found herself shooting off into the air. After a few moments of panicking a knocking over a thing or two, Little Wing finally figured out to flap her wings in sync with one another, almost instinctively pulling up and coming to a gentle hover in the middle of the room.


you too? lol now and then i go thru my list, and wonder why i added some of them. so i start cleaning up a bit e.o

My memory is shite: Where have we spoken before?

i forget too. i get around a bit on here, but i have seen you about some in other stories comment section

Ah. Well, let us sit and be ignorant together. Huurrr duuuurrrrr. :derpytongue2:

but it quickly became obvious that their older daughter had done similar things with the toys when she had been Little Wing’s age.

At roughly ten days old, you mean? I'm of course of the mind that, yes, ponies mature faster then humans, but this behavior might still be abnormal for the age simply since having the action figures battle the hydra doll implies an understanding of conflict, of ponies battling monsters, which requires experience to know about. Something a ten-day old would not have... Well, unless a foal sees it from a fairy tale book, then it might be possible.
Anyway, I haven't seen the episode with Dash's parents, yet, are they vaguely British in it, or is that the author's nationality seeping through in words such as 'nappy' and 'shattered' to imply exhaustion?

I'm very much British, yes.

And going off the cake twins, they'd be able to figure it out or at least play with them in such a way without fully understanding the whys nor caring. Little Wing, of course, understands perfectly.

Love Gilded Sister by the way. :twilightsmile:

After reading through all of the published chapters. I have to say that this is a fantastic story and can't wait to see where it goes from here on out.

Well, that was adorable.

When Scootaloo finds out that Little Wing can fly, I have a feeling she'll be a little bit ticked off.

Why? There's no reasons Little Wing wouldn't be able to.

Because Scootaloo still can't fly, but a newborn foal can.

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