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This story is a sequel to The Talk

Big Mac and Rainbow Dash's weekend goes awry - horribly!

Third story in the series:
1) Rainbow Dash Comes Out of the Closet
2) The Talk

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Oh wow, I can't imagine how that could have been more awkward.


Hmm, the first part was very nice, but the second switched to a bit too ‘serious’ for me. Also, personally, I think that Bow’s personality was a bit off and too serious – in the show, he seems more of a laid-back kind of guy to me.

Still, a good read :twilightsmile:

"Honestly, we thought you were a lesbian.”

Well, that was a clusterfuck. Glad I wasn't there.

Awww. I like these! Hmmm who is AJ’s boyfriend?

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Thanks for the feedback!

That sentiment is exactly what I was going for!

I actually plan on revealing that crucial plot point in an upcoming sequel.:ajsmug:

Have you dropped any hints? Care to give any now?

They could have been in bed together.

Mac on top.

Rainbow screaming.

Bow bursting through the wall to "save" her.

My money is on Zephyr Breeze or that she's secretly dating DJ PON-3.

Is this through personal shipping preferences or do you have a clue leaning you in that direction?

More random silliness and trying to imagine what shapes Big Mac would fold Zephyr into.

Jeez, that exchange got pretty heated.

I know I'm way behind here, but damn if this wasn't a fun little story. I love how Bow was able to cow Mac. Mac may be a big huge farm pony, but Hell hath no fury like a father protecting his daughter.

Loved this!

Good to hear. I've actually been thinking of writing a sequel, so it's good to know people have enjoyed the series thus far.

Oh for sure there's nothing more scarier than a father protecting their daughter or son.

Surprised I never left a comment here. Absolutely love this story! Such a fun piece! Love how Mac and Bow thought Dash was pregnant!

So, who is AJ seeing?

Given how much I admire your work, I am really honored by your positive feedback to this story. In regards to whom Applejack is seeing, I plan to reveal it in a sequel. Once my military training is complete (hopefully by the end of the year), I plan on spending some serious time doing things I love - reading, writing and travelling. I'll be sure to let you know when I'm ready to post the sequel and other stories that I have in the works.



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