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This story is a sequel to Rainbow Dash Comes Out of the Closet

After Rainbow Dash's relationship with Big Mac is revealed, Applejack wants to have a talk with her friend.
Featured 7 - 8 November 2018!

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Wuh oh. I'm almost afraid to find out who's going to come through that door.

You'll just have to wait and see!:raritywink:

Well written. My bedroom has hinges like that barn.

“Yeah, no kidding. You’re tighter than....”

.... an Asian family.


I say it is rarity at the door

Hmmmm....I am rather curious to see who comes in through that door!

I was nothing but smiles the whole way through.

Hoping for Rarity at the door... :ajsmug::raritywink:

...but then again, AJ could maintain a relationship with most anyone, if she wished. :trollestia:

(And, true to form, Mac has already made up his mind. He’s just waiting for Dash to make up hers. :rainbowderp:)


but then again, AJ could maintain a relationship with most anyone, if she wished.

Really? :moustache: In that case I hope it is Fancy Pants at the door. Bet that would blow Rarities mind.

I'm glad you liked that.:ajsmug:

Applejack sighed and looked deep into the magenta eyes of her friend. “Why exactly do you like mah brother?”
Cocking her head, Rainbow Dash asked, “Is it that surprising?”

According to fanon he is the most-desired stallion of Ponyville.

“Yeah, I need a nap." Rainbow's eyes twinkled and a grin spread across her face. "Because tonight Big Mac and I won't be gettin' any sleep!”
“Would you get your mind out of the gutter already!” yelled Applejack as she glared at Rainbow Dash.

:rainbowwild:: "You are asking a lot here..."

Good story!
Now I have to wonder who is at the door...
(Maybe Applejack's secret stallionfriend?)

Suggestion: Use marefriend instead of fillyfriend. Rainbow is certainly not a filly anymore.
Same with coltfriend.

Thanks for the feedback. It certainly sounds like you enjoyed the story. As for fillyfriend and coltfriend, I saw that as analogous to girlfriend and boyfriend. Saying that you're someone's manfriend/womanfriend doesn't sound right. Maybe there's a standard on fimfiction though.

Applejack could have sworn she heard a percussion sting coming from Sugarcube Corner. Chuckling, she said, “Ah guess Ah set you up fer that one.”

Pinkie heard a bomb ass joke, and had to pull out the drums.

I was about to say she actully heard percussion.

Interesting story. Kinda makes me think of how things might go if they broke up. Might make it a bit awkward when a friend is also an ex of your brother. But as much as Rainbow can make a mess of things, I think she'd do her best to let him down easy. Or if there's a bad falling out, she'd make amends somehow. Rainbow isn't one to put her own interests above the well-being of another. I know she'd make it right.

It's nice to see a story where she doesn't threaten her incessantly. Good read.
Although... who's coming through that door?

If I can find the time to write it, there will be a fourth installment of the series.

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