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Pinkie Pie has a secret that she keeps from her friends. If discovered, it could ruin her reputation. What could it be?
Not related to any other stories I've written.
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That ending was totally out of left field :rainbowlaugh:

I do like to write stories with twist endings. Here are some other examples:
Big Mac Speaks His Mind
Fluttershy's Prank Day
The Secret Life of... Rainbow Dash
The Secret Life of... Big Mac
Not Again!

Discord's First Prank Day has a twist, though somebody correctly predicted it.:facehoof:


I was totally taken in by the cover picture and thought Pinkie was going to be revealed to be secretly turning into a pie. Then, I thought she was going to have her last name actually be Pi - which would've actually gone nicely? But this was a fun twist!

Turning into a pie? Well, Maud does sometimes wish she was a rock! As in regards to Pi, that would be an interesting idea. Pi is an irrational number that never ends and never repeats. Sounds like something Discord would enjoy. If only I could come up with some math/Pinkie/Discord story!


You were right... I liked it! Now to check out some more stories... later, though.
it late here, and I need to sleep.

I love math so this story is perfect.

And can you please tell us what Dr. Pie has a Ph.D in?

Mathematics of course!


Reminds me of "Contraptionology" where Pinkie is a master inventor. I do enjoy these type of stories.

Pinkie, a maths PHD?! That would be fascinating if true

I love the concept of

Pinkie Pie the genius.

I think that's an interesting twist.

Riemann...now that's a name I haven't herd in a long, long time.

HOW COULD YOU? Now everypony knows about my secret!

scrumptous treats, and designs for her latest inspirations, the party bazooka and the party panzer. Momentarily pausing to examine her ingenous plans, she flipped it over to reveal a dry-erase board, with large complex equations scrawled across it.

Do you mean “scrumptious” and “ingenious?”

I’ve wondered the same thing you have; is Pinkie awesome at math? Thanks for putting my thoughts into words, because I know I would never have gotten around to doing it myself.

Nice story.

“Nope.” Looking around before leaning in, Pinkie explained in an exagerated whisper, “It’s a secret!”

Oh, no. Please don't make any Cupcakes.

A Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis

This... is her secret life?

Seriously, I understand how Pinkie could be a party pony math nerd. I am a nerd and I get that excited as well.

I like puzzles. I view a math problem as just another challenging puzzle. Hence, I like math.

Same. Math is awesome!

Come on, don't you think this is cool?

Aww man i really wanted to see one more chapter.

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