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Apple Bloom has a secret that she keeps from her friends and family. If caught, she will end up in prison. What could it be?
Part of a collection of unrelated stories:
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The cover art comes from the Twilight Time episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all related content is owned by Hasbro. CYA.

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This seems a good story, too bad it's a one shot

I'm really not sure how I would follow it up.


Dang, I haven't even been close to predicting one of your stories yet.

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?


No gore, violence or profanity. If I had to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the worst), I'd say 2. Let me know if you enjoy the story.


I'm curious... how did you think this story was going to turn out?


At first, because she was being all alchemist-y I thought she made drugs or medications on the side.

We haven’t been able to get along for almost a year now. After trying to work it out, she has decided she wants a divorce.

Oh, maybe she's a marriage counselor.

“Does she have any medical problems?”
“No, not that I know of,” admitted Filthy.


“What ’bout her parents?”

Wait just a minute! she's not a marriage counselor at all!

“Well, that might work,” mused Apple Bloom. After a long pause, she turned to Filthy, “Yes, Ah can help you. Come back in a week.”

Holy guacamole, Batman! she's a hitman/hitpony/hitphilly whatever.
So yeah, that's about how it went.

Well they wouldn't be secret lives if everyone knew about them.:pinkiehappy:


Did you ever get the chance to read the story?


This was unexpected. Then again most of your stories are. I like it!

Thanks. They wouldn't be much of twist endings if everyone could predict it.


Well. That's dark... though I'm not sad that it's Spoiled.

Yeah, there's one character I'm not going to shed any tears for.

This is a welcome surprise to be sure :rainbowlaugh:

I'm glad you enjoyed this story. I hope you can check out some of my other work.


I thought at first she was just gonna make a love potion/love poison and was checking for allergies

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