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I'm no longer dead. · 4:14am Mar 11th, 2021

I might be shambling around, but I am not dead. Life has just been hectic the last couple of years, and I haven't had the energy to do anything.

To make matters worse, I've found myself second guessing everything I write. Still, I had a story idea from quite some time ago, that I've got a first draft of, that I'm hoping to push to completion...

It might not be comparible to great writers, or even good writers... But, I'm still proud of it, as it is.

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I'm not sure, to be honest.

If you'd like, I could mull over the idea, and see if I can give it a shot after I work through my current story.

I just cannot make any promises.

Ok, when will you have time to do request stories?.

I'm afraid not. Sorry.

My muse is not very reliable, and I'm pretty busy at work.

Hello. I want to asked you a questions?, do you do requests stories by any chance?.

You're welcome. I noticed that you're a member of SpikeBelle, Spikebloom, and Spikealoo. Guess what, I have joined those group.

  • Viewing 133 - 137 of 137
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