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This group is for the ones that thing fluttershy and big mac are the best in all the shipppings

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Fluttermac is one my favorite paring:twilightsmile:

Uh. For some reason I can't find the "add story" button today. Anyway, I've got a fic for the group, Midnight Harvest (my only story posted, you can't miss it lol). It's just a one-shot clopfic right now, but I'm working on a full shipfic to follow it. :3

345075 yay *starts to read them all* thanx

Put about 27 stories on here last night. Hope that helps. :twilightsheepish:

can anypony anypony at all please pose more stories:fluttershysad:

Well then! Looks like I have finally found my own People! Now then! Lets do some Shipping ponies! ... I mean uh... if that's ok with you....

You rock TheGentlecoltAlex

Of course I'm not going to leave this group hanging

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