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The unicorn sat with his little filly by the fireplace and opened the book once more. "Let's see what happens next!"

Who is this stallion?

This stallion understands suffering, and he understands loss. After losing the mare he loved to corruption via dark magic and betrayal, he fought for years to rescue his little filly from the forces of darkness and sorcery. She is now the only family he has.

One thing he has learned is that through great tragedy comes the chance to grow one's self as a mature, stronger pony who understands himself and is in a position to help others.

The Black Feather Project

Greetings, everyone!

I've been building a lengthy adventure project for some years now, and I am ready to begin sharing its progress with the public.

The story is called Black Feather, and it takes place in an elaborate universe I have designed with some friends. There will be multiple stories within this universe, some written by me and some written by others. Black Feather is the primary anchor story.

I'd like to direct your attention to this forum, which will be the interim home for Black Feather while it is being written. The plan is to wait until the story is finished before publishing to avoid the complications that come with publishing as you go.

Additionally, everyone is invited to join the Pony Tales Discord Server to see the actual development of the Harmony Universe and its stories.


Current goings-on April 2020 · 9:16am April 17th

This blog is for whoever is left of those who are following me. Things have been pretty active on the Discord server as we press forward in the overall project, which is far bigger now than just Black Feather.

At the moment, I'm working with DuvetofReason to polish off his 2nd story, which takes place some 1700 years in the future after Black Feather.

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